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  1. Hi, Can't believe I have only just stumbled across most of the replies on this... definitely need to update my Cafe settings Thanks again to all who have replied. I have read all of them and they are super insightful and useful! Since writing my initial post I have actually left my job and ventured into the freelance world. Funnily enough it seems that is what a lot of you had suggested to do Definitely feel nervous about the whole thing but also excited at having flexibly and being able to work on different projects. LECHUCK
  2. Thanks for your feedback SREK. I 100% agree with you, together they cost about £350 so not exactly high quality but they will have to do for now. I actually went ahead with the X-Rite i1 Display Pro and have calibrated my 27in monitor and it hasn't done a bad job. It is obviously not as good as my MacBook screen but it is certainly a hell of a lot better than it was out of the box. I am hoping over the next year to invest in some better monitors such as the EIZO Coloredge for which the i1 Display Pro will I'm sure be able to do a more accurate job. Thanks ag
  3. Hi, Sorry if this is off-topic but I feel it is related to C4D i.e. the render compositing stage. I have a situation where I am trying to colour match three monitors. Set up 1: a MacBook 2017 13-inch and a 27in iiyama ProLite XUB2792HSU monitor. Set up 2: a PC with Nvidia graphic card connected to the 27in iiyama ProLite XUB2792HSU and a smaller iiyama 24-inch ProLite X2481HS. So both set ups are sharing the 27in monitor. My question is will it be possible to get all three monitors across two operating systems to look the same
  4. Thank you both for your advice, I have removed basically all roughness from the glass material and removed the feathered image textures from two main lights. I have also removed the soft light from the front right and replaced with a more hard-edged soft box. I think the result is a lot more realistic now. Thank you again for your help!
  5. Hi all, I am starting to work with a linear workflow in Octane and wanted to clear a few things up. Below I have listed the main settings I have: I have set my Render Buffer Type (Octane Render > Main > Settings) to ‘Float (linear)’ In have set Image color profile and Tonemap type (Octane Render > Render Passes) both to ‘Linear’ My Octane camera tag is set to Response: Linear, Neutral Response checked and Gamma: 2.2 My RGB image textures have their gamma set to ‘1’. I also have some 32-bit greyscale maps that I use for displacement (w
  6. Hi, I am struggling to light a simple front of pack brown medical bottle for e-commerce websites. I am generally happy with the lighting and the way the highlights work on the bottle but I feel the whole thing looks very matte even though there is next to no roughness on the glass material. The light set up is a mix of two side lights for the main highlights. A HDRI for the ambient lighting plus the soft front highlight and a cheat light to brighten up the left side of the label. There is feathered 'soft box' image on the side lights so maybe this is causing the glass t
  7. Hi, I am trying to cut a hole or an ‘arch’ out of the side of a domed surface. I have managed to get what I want my making the low-poly mesh fairly high res with about 256 rotation segments and about 20 height segments. The results renders fine but I am being OCD about the edge flow of the arch. Is this the best I can get it? I have circled below the polygons that are bugging me. If there is any way of improving this I would very much like to know. Attached are screen shots and the C4D file. Many thanks, LeShuck
  8. Hi, Sorry for the late reply, I have finally had the time to look at this and yes you are right I definitely get a better result by doing this as a hard-surface model. @Cerbera thanks again for your expert advice! This is an interesting take on modelling as being fairly new to C4D I would by default go to SDS modelling so it's good to understand there are certain situations where this may not actually be the best tool. I have attached the working file in case you are interested here: Headphone_Part.c4d Thanks, LeChuck
  9. Hi, 
 I am working on a part for a pair of headphones which I have managed to model and I am 95% happy with the results when rendered. Something is bugging me about it though and I feel the topology and edge flow could be better. The main issue is with control edges, where to get nice crisp edges the loops have to go through the entire model where it is not necessary and this creates ugly dense areas of geometry. Obviously this is a ‘nice to have’ and I am happy with the way it renders but I was wondering if anyone out there had any tips for me to be able to get t
  10. Awesome will take a look into that. Looks there are many other useful plugins by CodeVonc on the site. Thanks
  11. Thanks Rfanoni. Super interesting to know. Definitely something I will be considering in the future. Thanks LeCuck
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a solution to be able to import cutter guides into C4D and then fold and extrude them to create realistic models of assembled packaging designs. The FoldMyDesign! plugin never seems to work for me plus the creases/folds it creates do not look realistic. I was wondering if anyone out there had any other solutions? The 'Box 01 - Modular' found in the C4D content browser is quite good as the model is subdivided so gives you realistic creases and folds (images attacghed) but is limited in size range (going below a certain size starts to cause
  13. Could you have 'Viewport Solo Single' turned on? Or it could be you have something unchecked in your viewport Filter menu.
  14. Hi Jops, Thanks for your response. Very interesting indeed. Yes totally agree 2D graphic work often has very quick turn arounds so little time to plan your time efficiently. I am indeed finding out that with 3D there are many things to learn and many different types of software to go with it. I started with Cinema 4D, then the render engines like Octane and Redshift and now getting into things like ZBrush and Substance Painter... lots to learn. I guess with 2D graphics the advantage generally speaking is everything is contained within the Adobe Suite.
  15. Hi, I am considering moving into a career in 3D/visualisation/VFX but wanted to get some opinions from the internet first. For the last eight years I have been working as a graphic designer, more specifically an ‘artworker’ which is basically a role to quality check the work being produced by the company to ensure it is of a high standard and suitable for printing. I started off in a local printers and eventually worked my way up into one of London’s top advertising agencies. After eight years of doing this role I feel I am hitting a dead end with no career
  16. Thanks Cerbera your technique has worked! Genius, thank you for your help. I used your technique of drawing the square in the orthographic top view and then joined them to the outer polygons. Then I did the smaller inner extrude. Then I extruded the square shape up and flattened out the top. This top shape was made slightly thinner on the x axis to taper the shape (this caused the sides of the tabs to become non-planer but it is under 2º so I set my Planarity Threshold to 5º). I also rearranged the points on the top of the tabs to match the desired slot shape and also
  17. Thanks for your detailed feedback. Would you mind showing me the base mesh as well? Ideally it would be good to see the working file so I can inspect how you have done your control edges to get a tight shape on the tabs. I have tried 128 rotation segments which is a lot easier to work with so I’m definitely getting there. One thing I forgot to mention is when looking at the top of the model the two tabs are meant to be rectangular. Just extruding the polygons on the angled surface, when viewed from above, actually gives a parallelogram shape which is not 100% what I am after. But o
  18. Hello, Hopefully someone out there can help me with getting good edge flow on my model. In the images attached you can see I am trying to extrude two tapered cube shapes from the side of a truncated cone. I am trying to model a pair of headphones for practice and this piece is where the headband and the earcups are joined. I am having an issue with not having enough geometry to attach my control edges on to so that I can tighten all the edges of the headband slots (the slots are meant to be square not a rounded shape). I have been trying to keep the poly co
  19. Hey, I've had a go at a second attempt and feel I have definitely improved the quality of the model i.e. there is now no pinching at all in the rendering. There are a few instances of triangles in the base mesh (in the corners of the semi-circle holes on the latch, and in the raised curved corners) as including triangles actually looked better when subdivided. 
 For all the details like the arrow and the grip lines etc I have used displacement in Octane which gave me a pretty good result. 
 I had to give up on the spoon in the end as no matter what I did I couldn't get it
  20. Hi, I'm looking for a solution to be able import cutter guides into C4D and then fold and extrude them to create realistic models of assembled packaging designs. The FoldMyDesign! plugin never seems to work for me plus the creases/folds it creates do not look realistic. I was wondering if anyone out there had any other solutions? The 'Box 01 - Modular' found in the C4D content browser (attached for reference) is quite good as the model is subdivided so gives you realistic creases and folds but is limited in size range (going below a certain size
  21. Hi Cerbera, Wow thanks for all your detailed advice! I'll be sure to research the topics you have mentioned, especially edge flow as I often find myself stuck when modelling with no choices left but to resolve mesh issues by adding triangles. I read that having a good edge flow on a model will prevent you from having to do this so perhaps I will practice this technique on a simpler model just so I get the hang of it. Also interesting about the disc primitives and FFD deformer which is a new way to approach this that I hadn't thought of. And totally agree wi
  22. Hi, I’m fairly new to C4D and I’m having a slight issue with how to approach modelling a vacuum formed plastic lid for baby food packaging. I have attached two reference photographs of what I’m trying to achieve and my C4D model of where I’ve got to. I am pretty happy with the overall shape/topology of the lid. For the security icon I have just projected a spline onto the dome geometry and extruded with rounded edges which works well for me. The issue I’m having is trying to get clean geometry for the vacuum formed spoon shape on the dome of the


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