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  1. @hyydeThat did it thanks! Really appreciate your assistance. Thank you for your replies everyone.
  2. Hi there, I apologise if this question has been asked before or is in the wrong forum. Does anyone have a guide or tutorial they know of which explains how to add slight color variations to scattered vegetation (or any object) in Redshift Cinema 4D? There are plenty of guides for creating a multishader for clones, particles etc. But none seem take in to consideration adding this as a small color variation to scattered assets that already have their own material as well? Any assistance or a point in the right direction would be appreciated! Thanks MJ
  3. Hi All, New to Team Render and have a question relating to assets being created in the repository prior to render beginning. Team Rendering a scene that includes a reasonable size VDB sequence (160GB). When I hit 'Team Render to Picture Viewer' it starts fine but the first thing it does is make a copy of all the assets in the Local Repository. Including the VDB. Which takes 40mins, prior to the render even starting. Is there a way to direct Team Render clients to the original VDB path? I am new to this so probably making a stupid mistake somewhere along the line. Should I move my VDB sequences to my NAS Server? Team Render 'Local Repository' is located on it's own SSD on the main workstation. All machines are PC's running the same version of Cinema R23.008 Any idea's? Cheers Matt
  4. Hi Em, Did you ever solve this issue? I have the same thing happening... Cheers MJ
  5. Oh of course I didn't think of that! Thanks so much. MJ
  6. Hi All, Is there a way to set different timeline frame ranges for each take of a scene? For example I have several animations that start at frame 0, but all last a different duration. I only want to render one animation at a time. I use takes to toggle visibility on and off for each animation. Can I set the the frame range differently for each take? Thanks MJ
  7. Hi Deck, Thanks a lot for taking a look! I originally modeled the bottle with an inner surface + liquid. However in my search for an alpha sweet spot I removed everything else. Being fully well aware that not having that geometry will eliminate any proper refraction etc. Those points are leftover from that. I obviously missed optimizing the scene sorry. As you say I should go back to my original model so that it is physically correct I think. I will experiment further with absorption color, thanks. The bottle is animated in the actual scene but I think your suggestion about different passes for color and alpha is probably also another way forward, with more steps however. Again, thank you for your time. MJ
  8. Hey Deck, Thanks for the suggestion. Here is the scene file. I am attempting to create a brown beer bottle glass that can be rendered with at least a small amount of transparency for compositing in in After Effects. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Matt Beer Bottle.c4d
  9. Hi Guys, Is there is a way to achieve a colored glass material that can be rendered with a transparent/alpha background for compositing? Such as a brown beer bottle. I've been able to achieve clear glass but as soon as color is added the transparency seems to disappear. I've attempted to find a solution in both Physical render and Octane, neither of which I can get a decent alpha on a colored glass? Can't find any information or tutorials about this so wondering if it is not possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated! MJ
  10. Hey Dan, I'm so sorry for the slow reply! I'm not sure how I missed your response. Thank you for taking the time to explain some possible reasons. I've just come back to the project now and still experiencing the same behaviour after trying some of your suggestions. See attached clip showing the issue. I've also included the C4D file. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be amazing. I'll keep an eye out for replies this time 🙂 Cheers Matt Example Clip4.mp4 Example Clip4.mp4
  11. Hi All, This has been driving me insane. I am fairly green so sure it is something I am doing wrong... I have added a Pose Morph tag to a character model I have built. I have enabled "points" in the mixing option of the PM tag and added a new pose. Problem: I use point mode to try move a point and it immediately snaps back. Sometimes it works and the points hold. However most of the time the points just snap back to there original position. What silly thing could I be doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Using R19.053 on a Mac. Cheers MJ
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