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  1. Very simple solution lol now i feel silly, but you would not believe the trouble I went totrying to work this out.. Thanks guys
  2. I solved it lol - Preferences ----> Viewport Display ----> Sel:Wireframe UNCHECK
  3. I also don't have the option to go into 'DISPLAY' settings here to turn off 'sel: wireframe' which may be able to solve it.. what's happened i do not know...
  4. Hi there Not sure what's happened but I was working with a very large model and sculpting a relief into it when I suddenly stopped being able to see the geometry on the model. When I click out of the object I can view it fine but when I select it and try to sculpt or edit anything the whole model goes white and none of the detail shows. I have just restarted on a new model as I thought it was because it was too much for my laptop to handle but the problem still persists outside of this file... so it must be something in the view settings - could I have hit something on the keyboard
  5. I don't understand why you sometimes can't change the control points on the spline pen tool? I am finding this tool so restrictive to work with as it only lets you place the next point at specific places and angles?! I know you can edit the control points of each point to adjust where you can place the next point but this still doesn't give you complete control especially when it doesn't let you select the control points at all - Why is that? Is this just a really terrible drawing tool or what?
  6. Hi there I have had a repeat problem with trying to recover work when C4D crashes... I can find the files in the bugreport folder yet when I try to open them I get the following message: I've had this problem multiple times on different versions of C4D - anybody know what the deal is? Thanks Els


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