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  1. Hello , True is I don’t use Body Paint often and I have not many experiences with its features. I am working on a project containing low poly character model with an unwrapped UV map in Body Paint and I trying to use Bruh tool for painting directly on the model in Projection Painting mode. When I enable Projection Painting in the left bottom corner of the C4D app a progress bar appears with the text “Processing object for Projection Paint”. It doesn’t take a second and the whole processing starts again and again. Processing just cycles roughly every half second and I can’t paint. Any advice? (W10 64, R21, GTX 970, i7-5820K, 32GB, texture 2048x2048 six layers in color channel + reflectance channel) Thank you.
  2. Hello, Is there any way in C4D R21 to play sound (e.g. kick) in case of a collision of a specific dynamic object (collision body) and of course to render this scene including these sounds as *.mp4 file ?? I know it would be appropriate to adjust it to post-production, but in this case, there will be a lot of collisions(dozens and maybe hundreds of collisions). Thank you for your advice.
  3. I converted the object to an editable object and manually applied the new material to select the extruded polygons for understanding Temp08.c4d
  4. Hi, I wanted to make the question as simple as possible. Of course, your advice works. I thought of extruded parts. But what if I wanted to extrude further and would I need to apply the material only to the extruded parts? Is there any shader? Temp07.c4d
  5. Hello, Is any option to apply some new material to new extruded polygons created by MoExtrude tool. Cinema 4D R20
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