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  1. Hello for everyone! Does anybody knows how to do the same in c4d? In general its a kind of bendy bones technique, but the chain of joints connects to spline or vertexes of object. Result you can see on the next video
  2. Hello for every one! Does anybody knows how to delete layer with objects. I want to do it without deleting objects manually from layer solo selection
  3. Hello for everyone! I want to control float slider with real values by object pozition z, but i dont have idea how to convert it. If i connect them nothing will happen. Range mapper doesn't work in this case if im not mistaken. How to solve this problem? Maybe it hard to understand i just want to up control and see that numbers on display is changing from 58 to 120. (with decimals). Project. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aQkowX0vGXPZZ7PRz_Tix7HAkAem2t1m/view?usp=sharing p.s. But for me more interesting how to control real value from 58 to 120 by percents
  4. Cairyn, at first thank you a lot for your answers! 1) i forgot to add iteration method (recur_iter). import c4d def recur_iter(mat,deep=True): if mat: yield mat for x in recur_iter(mat.GetDown()): yield x if deep: for x in recur_iter(mat.GetNext()): yield x 2) Yes i didn't want to make a new material if i already have it. 3) I wrote my code partly because i dont understand yet how to create def function in c4d. That's why i made a copy the first part of first code in second one. 4) Is it the easiest way to add tag at last position? https://developers.maxon.net/?p=904
  5. Hello for everyone! My aim to make a script which will create grey material tag for all nulls and objects. But i have some problems with it. I will write my code partly FIRST PART - search same object, create texture tag. Problem - 1) Everything is okey but i can't set corona render material for my texture tag. 2) Can't understand what should i write if i want insert my tag after all tags of object.(I know insert after command, but don't know how to use it correctly with tags) # Search mat and create new mat def main(): # Variables assigment mat_name = 'all to grey' search_mat = doc.SearchMaterial(mat_name) new_mat = c4d.BaseMaterial(1032100) new_mat.SetName(mat_name) # Main code for obj in recur_iter(doc.GetFirstMaterial(),True): print obj.GetName() if search_mat == None: print 'TROUBLE' doc.InsertMaterial(new_mat) for obj in recur_iter(doc.GetFirstObject(),True): print obj.GetName() tag = obj.MakeTag(c4d.Ttexture) tag.SetMaterial(new_mat) #PROBLEM PLACE c4d.EventAdd() if __name__=='__main__': main() SECOND PART - remove created tags Problem - In this case i can't understand how to find created texture tag name, and delete it after that. I'm using doc.SearchObject but it search name of tag in general. Its not a name of material. # Search mat and create new mat def main(): # Создание переменных для кода mat_name = 'all to grey' search_mat = doc.SearchMaterial(mat_name) new_mat = c4d.BaseMaterial(1032100) new_mat.SetName(mat_name) for obj in recur_iter(doc.GetFirstObject(),True): for tag in recur_iter(obj.GetFirstTag()): print tag.GetName() if doc.SearchObject(mat_name) == None: print "Can't Find all to grey material" if doc.SearchMaterial(mat_name) == mat_name: print "WOW" c4d.EventAdd() if __name__=='__main__': main()
  6. Hello for eberybody! I have an easy question but cant find an answer for it. I made a script which change icon color. I use "op" command, but it works just for one object. I tried to use GetActiveObject but it doesn't help me. My aim to change color for all selected ojects (parents and children). My script: import c4d # Main function def main(): op [c4d.ID_BASEOBJECT_USECOLOR] = 2 op [c4d.ID_BASELIST_ICON_COLORIZE_MODE] = 2 op [c4d.ID_BASEOBJECT_COLOR] = c4d.Vector(0.2, 0.907, 1) c4d.EventAdd() # Execute main() if __name__=='__main__': main() Which command in python sholud i use?
  7. Rectro, thaks you a lot!!!😀 Its really important information for me. I'm using redshift too I have a little question how to transfer blend weight in xpresso i tried to drag and drop parameter but it doesn't work
  8. Hello for every one! Anybody knows is it real to animate face displacement in C4D like in Maya? I have a model from Zbrush with blend shapes. I made a transition between emotions by PoseMorph,but it's just an animation for mesh not for displacement map. How i can do it?
  9. Hello for everyone! Who knows is it real to change thickness of nulls display and splines too (in viewport). Sometimes hard to work with thin splines and nulls... I cand understand which modules and commans i should use in my script. I want to write it by Python.
  10. Thanks a lot, i will analyse last variant its work nice!
  11. Yes,you are right but your variant has weak sides, Everfresh wrote about it. And i tried this way. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ouf1n9qoi1mgvv0/ScreenRecorderProject18.mkv?dl=0 But i saw one tutorial in Maya and it's real, maybe just in Maya
  12. Hello guys! Anybody could help me with shoulder rig ? is it real to make a setup of this hand without expresso just with IK? I spend a lot of time but result isn't good. Hand should rotate in places with red arrows. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cve8tynzhmnrmdq/ScreenRecorderProject17.mkv?dl=0
  13. Guys, i'm making a set up of terminator. And i'm doubt about vertebra. First variant of rig Make ik-spline from coxal to head. Cons: uncomfortable for animation Second variant of rig Make two ik-spline for lower back and second one for neck Cons: i cant subdue its neck ik-spline to its lower back ik-spline. Thats why when i move lower back control,the neck isn't moving correctly I tried to put the neck spline under the lower back spline, i did the same things with controls of ik-splines but it didn't help https://www.dropbox.com/s/1b4b2sbjo0m7syb/two ik.mp4?dl=0 2 IK https://www.dropbox.com/s/2aobtrhza27c3b1/one ik.mp4?dl=0 1 IK
  14. Thank you guys, i will try it! Hairs loads my system extremely) 30min for one shot
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