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  1. PeterPaterson


    Nice composition.
  2. Cheers, Igor. I can stop scratching my head now 🙂
  3. Hi Guys. I looked at the advice on what forum to post and I thought this fitted here as it's not quite about authoring a material, but please feel free to move. I've checked the manual, did a search on here and on Google to help my find an answer to my question. I'm just familiarising myself with C4D after a ten year break - was using Modo primarily for modelling, and I have a few workflow preferences I am translating into C4D. I'm already quite familiar with Redshift [in Houdini] and the use of the <UDIM> token in my workflow to render udim textures from Mari/Substance Painter. However, what I would like to have is the option to see my model with the udim's applied in the view port - currently I can see that it looks like it is tile '1001' that is repeated over the whole mesh in the view port view. Any pointers to what I am missing would be helpful and I can go figure it out. Uploaded a short screen capture to YouTube to help clarify what I am asking. I am OK with setting up my udim's for Redshift - it's just cinema's view port I am looking for pointers on. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome guys.
  5. Recently have come back to C4D with a subscription of R24. Previous user - starting with C4D v6 then moved to Modo for past ten years or so. I use Redshift hosted in Houdini and I want to still use RS so thsi seemed a logical move. I'm a hobbyist but it's a hobby of over twenty years. Hope to contribute if I can. Cheers ArtStartion page here - https://www.artstation.com/peterpaterson
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