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  1. Is there any difference when selecting emit from polygon area or emit from polygons. I mean... isn't emitting from all polygons the same as emitting from polygon area? The only difference that I can imagine happens is that on the line that connects two polygons - no particles will be released... so maybe if your getting a blocky appearance when the particles emit using the emit from polygons selection then you can try polygon area? Any thoughts?
  2. alright everyone, so i figured it out... for everyone's future edification here's the soln and all those blender crazy pants people commenting in the link above send you on goosechases. when using the latest hardware such as a 3090, it simply requires the latest cycles download... the kernel issue was happening because the cycles plugin folder didn't have the file it needed to run the realtimerenderer (ie kernel_sm_86.cubin.) You simply need to install the latest cycles experimental build to resolve it as it has the kernel_sm_86.cubin fix... I had clipped my wings when I chose to use the version cycles_4d_509 (i think it was) when I should of been using the latest because I was running 3090 which is cycles4d_541 build. and fixed. funny though, I had thought that I could simply copy the ext for the kernel here... https://archlinux.org/packages/community/x86_64/blender/ and add the files it needed to the cycles plugin folder which actually could work in theory but there were lines missing in the code when I tried it. So i ended up reinstalling the latest plugin to cycles. Feeling like a silly pants in hindsight.
  3. note that the top line in my previous post included 3090 because I copied and pasted the sentence from my google search and I am running a 3090. the error message is simply cuda binary kernel for this graphics card compute capability (8.6) not found
  4. cuda binary kernel for this graphics card compute capability (8.6) not found 3090 I have checked almost every other forum and the ones that I've seen on blender have not been helpful. I've checked these sources: CPU+GPU rendering issues with RTX-3090 and AMD 3970X - Support / Technical Support - Blender Artists Community but this is no help... I tried running the realtimerender preview in optix mode but when loading up kernels the error message showed: failed loading pre-complied cuda kernel lib/kernel_sm_86.cubin opening blender's app and checking their preferences under openCL - it says no compatible gpus found for path tracing cycles will render on the cpu. Any ideas are appreciated bc in essence I think that I am running renders without a gpu until I fix this.
  5. @Smolak and @Cerbera so corrected the issue. thanks for the help. the wacom tablet area setting defaulted to full despite having defined portion. So resolved. Thanks for your help!
  6. @jbatistabrilliant. thank you sir
  7. what is windows scaling? but hey, nice thought. I do have tablet area set but noticed for some reason that it defaulted back to full after I made the changes for some reason... once I'm finished with what I'm working on, I'll check and see if it corrects itself 🙂 It is set to Touch devices with graphics tablet checked and hi-rers tablet checked. psr cursor tools cursors and mouse move activation all unchecked.
  8. It is set to Touch devices with graphics tablet checked and hi-rers tablet checked. psr cursor tools cursors and mouse move activation all unchecked.
  9. components - are they placed within the mesh of the character polygon obj or on top?
  10. Using a wacom intuos pen... Modeling using line cut when I am moving from defining one line cut to the next the point between the orange click point and my mouse is different... Is this an error that I'm facing or is this the way it's supposed to run? (also the img below - my mouse is represented by the big black dot.
  11. whoa, I would totally wait before changing stuff like above... I mean, that just worries me. you don't want to start doing things to a rig that are software driven... especially when you have a single isolated issue of c4d not working properly. It would help if you provided the motherboard, power supply, ram, and cpu you have... But rather then me look at it for you, I would just say to check your motherboard compatibility with the 3 gpu build and again against the power supply etc. Desribe what happens when it crashes in more detail. Does it crash upon start up? or is it something that happens when you begin rendering? I would double check the app for nvidia and make sure everything is running correctly there.
  12. What is the circle in between the render nodes?
  13. brilliant. thanks for clarifying all these things super helpful. off topic, I did figure out why I was getting the real time render preview error: I'm running a rog zenith ii extreme alpha and apparently I placed it in the wrong port because the configs were x16 x8 x8, x16 x16 x16 or x16 x8 x16 x8 for bandwidth to the cpu. Switched the pcie port to the x16 because I'm running a single gpu and it corrected the issue as well as increased performance. 🙂 anyhoo thanks again
  14. curious, what was the verdict on the RAM as the culprit? I think RAM issues will restart the machine rather than power down. Power supply, gpu drivers all sounded like good avenues to me when others commented on this. Perhaps, maybe even a bad software install if I was running down the list but you said that you tried r20 and r23, it would be weird if install was the case on two separate occasions. Are there other high performance programs(likehobbyist mentioned) that you run on the computer where you can reproduce the issue? I know that during a certain point renders can seriously upregulate their performance if the scene has simulated material or a large point count. If your temps were stable but then shuts down, perhaps it could still be the cpu auto protecting itself for high temps. I dont have experience in how quickly autotrigged cpu shutdowns respond so idk. But just trying to run through it how I might see it. good luck
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