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  1. I didn't have any issues, I'm using Academic version though. I hadn't upgraded before since I haven't been using MD for a while. I'd wanted to open a earlier C4D project I'd made which had an alembic object exported from MD9, this is was my problem anyway. So if you have trouble upgrading, I guess exporting Alembic Ogawa from MD9 might work too.
  2. Ok, I actually found this workaround. I upgraded to MD10 and exported as Alembic Ogawa instead of HDF5 and it worked in R23. So case seem to be closed.
  3. When I try to import Marvelous Designer 9 alembic files into Cinema 4D R23 I get the "Unable to read file" error. This happens when opening an R21 project with a Marvelous Designer alembic object as well. In this case there's a red cross sign on the alembic object and the alembic is not visible -obviously-. This doesn't happen with C4D exported alembic files though. The problem seem to be exclusive to Marvelous Designer exported alembic files it seems. I'm updating MD to version 10 right and will try to export the same file with that but it's such a pain to do this with every past project I've worked with. Anyone found a workaround?
  4. Control 4D definitely looks like exactly what I'm looking for and it's free but I've just tried and it doesn't work on R21 unfortunately. It's a very old plugin I think.
  5. I wish there was a way to record realtime keyframes using MIDI, that would be awesome. The only tool I found is griptools.io which is both too expensive and not yet available for R21 anyway. Has anyone came across a different tool for capturing animation using MIDI or OSC? Except the Cappuccino tool of course. There was an interesting tool for Maya called CameraMan for Maya which uses mobile phone's gyroscope as a camera controller that you can record realtime in Maya. I wonder if there's a similar tool for C4D?
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