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  1. Hi everyone. Please is there any option, how to add Motion Clip with animation of position of object from Character to the same Character in different scale, but proportional in the same place? Like in picture, that hands will be on smaller Character in scale ratio on same place to the face, like on larger Character ? Not in same position values of IK bones? I know that I can do that by rotation of FK bones, but it could be nice have to divide it somehow 🙂 Thank you.
  2. Alright I found the solution. I didn't realize how I did it on symmetry components which works. Rig part with all component tags must be mirrored with mirror tool, and not to be created separately on L/R side. On more complex parts I did it like this and on one bone components I made a separate L/R components that don't accept mirror setting in component tag.
  3. I tried it in R25, same result. Ok I will do the report.
  4. Hi, I am sending video, and my hardware information: Windows 10 AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super Cinema 4D R23 xyz.mp4.m4v
  5. Hi, please could you help me, I tried everything, when I building rig with this character template example, after adding second ear (R_Ear) Cinema always crashing. It's absolutely simple example of rig, recreated by face rig template. I recreated whole face_rig, everything works fine, just ears not. Please could you have a look on this scene and try it like character template, and try help me please? I think that problem is in mirroring components of bones. Thank you very much. WOTH_CHARACTER_DAB_SOURCE_DIV_TEST03.c4d
  6. Ok, from support: it's bug, but not solution for me 😉 , only one thing is working, recreating whole rig.
  7. My license seems to be ok, it is green and online. But it looks like Face Rig character template is not reloading changes at all.. Is it bug?
  8. Hello, don't you know, when I added edited c4d face rig character template under my own character template, it stops reloading changes in rig. Is there some license block, or it does because I have there some error? Thank you. Need I recreate it?
  9. Hi, please could you help me, I couldn't find any tutorial about that? Is there any option to set rotation angle limits to multiple (more then three) joints in IK chain? Or set some range (from - to degrees) limit? Thank you.
  10. Hi there, please is there any option to do this - add User Data - Link to Pose Library Browser. I can see that the links data are stored in pose, but with value not with name of object. Here is example project. Thank you very much. test_link_pose.c4d
  11. Hi @Mike A Did you solve naming with zeros starting suffix? I tried $$$N, 3$N, $3N, and nothing happened. Or somebody knows how to do that? $N works, but starts with one digit... Thanks.
  12. You can do it also with relative layer, but motion source must be created/converted from relative layer, then you can drop it to relative layer and animation appear correctly. For me collapsing these layers to default layer is working good.
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