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  1. I've been using Cinema 4d for a couple of years and there's an area where I still have some problems. Today I was working on a scene with a cloner creating cubes over a plane deformed with a random effector. When I made the plane invisible in the viewport, the clones placement inherited from the plane deformation stopped working...basically the waviness in my cloner globally flattened. Finally, I discovered that putting the plane above the cloner solved the problem. But I was wondering if someone can explain the best practices and overall concept/rules to follow when placing objects in the hierarchy as far as their relation to each other goes. I've had issues in the past with constraints not working properly or updating, and other weirdness that I believe may be related to my randomness of how I build hierachies in the object manager. What should I watch out for or keep in mind as I go about building my scene? What should I always do or never do if I want thing to update properly or just not leave me scratching my head? I think I have a general grasp now, but the rules are still out of reach mentally. Can someone clarify it simply?
  2. My main job is medical animation and my scenes always end up pretty heavy. Not to say other subjects can't produce bloated scenes, but lots of organic shapes can easily produce scenes which can bring Cinema4d to its knees within a few minutes of working. On my current project, which contains lots of mesh simulations cached to alembic and a few cloners, I'm perpetually working at around 1 to 2 frames per second. It's like being waist deep in thick mud every single move I make. The one thing that's been helping is the Nitro Solo plugin which allows me to prune down my viewport to only a few objects...and it actually affects the generators and not just visibility so there's a true speed up in performance. But I'm trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing to make my scenes so sluggish. I have a 5950x cpu and 3x ,rtx 3070 GPUs. I really think Cinema 4ds problem isn't an openGL issue...it has more to do with not using the CPU enough to crunch data when the timeline is playing. Could I possibly be not paying enough attention to order of objects in my hierarchies? Cloners seem to be a killer for me. Even when set to multi instance, they're still slow. I'm just wondering if it's me, or is Cinema 4d one of the slowest 3d software? I don't run into these kind of problems this quickly when working in Blender. I love using Cinema4d and just want to be able to work faster. If be happy if I could squeak out another 5fps.
  3. I had the same issues until I went backward to a driver in the 46 region. I'm using 466.77 and the issues have stopped. It was mostly in r25, but now I use r23 mainly.
  4. ha...I only thought there was more than enough space for all of the alembics in the scene. Apparently there wasn't enough. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to bypass the "downloading assets" portion of the Team render initialization? Can I just move the assets to the computer before rendering. It appears to take a long time doing it through Team Render, but I could just copy the assets in a couple of minutes.
  5. I have three render nodes for Team Render and they usually work great 100% of the time without any worries. For some reason, this one scene I'm trying to render is giving me trouble on one of the nodes. They all have the same amount of RAM and more than enough available disk space for temp files. This specific computer gets an error that says "not enough disk space". Error #28: No space left on device. I've tried making a larger paging file but that didn't help. I also set the directory to have full ownership to all users so there's no permissions problems. Anything else I could look at?
  6. The problem I'm having isn't one of having a low FPS. That's the usual slow Cinema 4d viewport I'm accustomed to. The thing that's been happening to me in the last few weeks is when the viewport has a change made and it needs to update. For example, selecting an object. I have to wait about 4 seconds or rotate the viewport to force the screen to update. I'm thinking this might be related to something external to Cinema 4d because both r23 and 24 have the same issue. Maybe the video driver? But I've tried multiple drivers and I'm up to date. Does anyone else have this same issue?
  7. I'm regretting starting a project with it, but thank god its a small one and I'm almost finished. Using takes has been impossible because once a take is built, the slightest change will crash C4d. This morning, it crashed so hard that the task manager couldn't kill the process. I restarted the computer and Cinema 4d was still there...crashed. I had to do a total shutdown and reboot to clear it. Unless they come out with a major patch, I'm using r23 going forward. It's a shame because I love some of the new stuff in there.
  8. Ahhh okay. That makes sense. I never thought of using two effectors. Thanks.
  9. One thing I discovered was I needed to make a sweep under the cloner to make some geometry. But I still can't get the color to change the way I want.
  10. I've attached a simple scene to show what I'm trying to do. The random effector is changing the size of the honeycomb pattern, but I also want it to shift the color from white to blue as they get smaller. So basically, any full size hexagon will be 100% white. I've been trying different ways to get this to work, but the color part of it isn't coming together. Can anyone take a look at the scene and see what I'm doing wrong? BlueBack.c4d
  11. I started over and was painting for a few minutes. Then I went to the texture panel so I could paint directly on the UV. Now when I went back to painting on object, the brush goes over the object but no paint is applied. This is very frustrating.
  12. I have a painting session I started and everything was going fine. I used undo a few times to get rid of a few strokes I didn't like, and the object turned completely black and now the brush has the "red x" symbol when I try to paint. What are some things I can look at to get back to my paint session?
  13. I'm trying to do a simulation of particles shooting through a tube into an almost completely closed container, but as the simulation goes on longer the particles start escaping and just going right through the collider polygons. When I increase the substeps above 5, it gets worse. Particles don't even make it through the tube before they start going in all directions. Is there something I'm missing?
  14. I found that, but that only shows the axis. I'm talking about moving an object in world coordinates instead of local. Never mind...I found it. One of those situations where it was right in front of me but I couldn't see it. The button had been moved over a few notches from version 23.
  15. It was a failing hard drive that contained all of my plugins.
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