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  1. Hello. I am experiencing issues when exporting a character from Zbrush into Cinema 4D. I am using Subtool Master and then Export in the ZPlugin drop down menu. I have the latest version of Zbrush and R21 Cinema 4D. The character appears without any colouring (it is shiny black) and some of the dynamic subdivision is missing. Any suggestions as to where I am going wrong? Many thanks.
  2. Thanks very much for that Zeden. I will give it a go.
  3. Hello all. I am a Zbrush beginner and struggling to get to grips with Polygroup selection and masking. I am following an online course and have created the cylindrical shape shown. It is divided into 3 polygroups. Mirroring is on so a similar inward extrusion is at the back. I have rectangular selection on, press Cntl and Shift and tap the inner green disc polygroup. This selects the green disc and hides everything else. The tutor is able to mask everything except the disc by clicking on it (keeping everything visible). Can anyone suggest how I do this? Many thanks. JakS
  4. Many thanks Cerbera. Zeden- I will have a look at Wrap3D.
  5. That's a great help Cerbera. Thank you. I will look into the HB modelling bundle. I have R21 so may not have some of the better tools. Cheers.
  6. Hello. I have been working through a Zbrush video course which uses 3D Coat for retopology. I now realise that Cinema 4D is set up to retopologise a mesh. Is there any advantage in using 3D Coat over Cinema 4D? Many thanks. JakS
  7. Hello all. I have been exploring techniques for facial motion capture for a project that I am working on. I have discovered that Blender appears to be offering a very attractive option using its motion tracking tools. I wondered if anyone had discovered whether Cinema 4D has an equivalent work flow? I am aware that Maxon now has Moves but have so far not been convinced by the quality of what it can achieve. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated. JakS
  8. Many thanks Igor. I am pretty new to Zbrush. I have created a cube with Initialize. Is that how you created the block that you have shown? Cheers. Jake
  9. Thanks Igor. Scene file attached. Scaling distortion.ZPR
  10. Hello I am working with the latest version of Zbrush. When I select a rectangualr area (when in an elevation) using the rectangular mask brush and then scale +- Y I get the geometry distorting as seen in the jpg. I have tried increasing the resolution and the distortion is just more detailed as a result. The tuition video that I am working from cleanly pinchs the rectangles thickness with no distortion. Is there something that I am missing? Many thanks. JakS
  11. Thanks Mashination. I will get in touch.
  12. I think this idea will solve it. Thank you. I will need to investigate the ways of increasing the resolution but I have just tried Geometry Higher Res and have yet to experience the same issue.
  13. Hello I am new to Zbrush and experiencing erratic brush behaviour. I have a x64 Windows 10 laptop with 16GB of RAM, plenty of HD space, an Intel i7 2.6GHZ processor and a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970M graphics card. Looking at the minimum specs, the machine should be powerful enough but the graphics card may not be enough? Any thoughts would be much appreciated. 612838424_NewProject.mp4

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