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  1. A side note: acording to the homepage there is some nice tech in Forger (SDS cage reconstruction from subdivided meshes, quad dominant remeshing) that hopefully makes it into C4D soon.
  2. Luckily that shot was not expensive... I wonder how something like that makes it into the script and then gets finished, and then cut... Anyway, the rest of the scene is still among the stupitest things I' ve seen for some time, and I am forced by my children to watch Paw Patrol almost every day 😉 Well, the thread is about the VFX, and I don't want to derail it any further, but who wants some more of season 4 goodness should really check Major Grin on youtube... (Maybe we should start a SF show/movie discussion off topic thread).
  3. Can't believe the put flying people, whose wings are made of small butterflies, into the first episode of season 4. This feels like something out of a kids cartoon: (the music is not from the show 😉 )
  4. It is an interesting idea, but the execution storywise was again bad. Especially the fact that they discover that it destroys the beings living in mycelium space, decide to not use it any more at the end of the episode, forget about that, and then three episodes later go happy spore jumping again. Ah, so much nonsense and espcially blunt copying of axisting ideas... I have to get out of rant mode. It is what it is. But it is not good 🤪
  5. Na, I have to disagree, Season 1 had nothing of previous Trek, not even at the beginning. And then it got worse... I wouldn't say I hate it, but I hate the fact that the producers turned it into thrash that tries to copy other stuff. The stories don't make much sense, and there are no characers that I can care about. Especially Burnham is hard to accept as the shows lead. And this is not because I don't like strong female roles -Kira is one of Treks best character for me - but this combination of arrogance and the fact that she has to be part of every problem's solution and that she can disobey orders and never faces any consequences (besides being promoted to captain in season 3) is the biggest failure of this series for me. And with all the crying and so on it is just over-acted (as most of the cast imo) Oh yeah, and the scripts... sooo bad. Especially the AI thing in season two and the seven signals... what a mess. Season 3 was slightly better, but also not good. Here the characters got really unlikable in some places (jokes about the remains on the poor Section 31 guy sticking to someone' boots and having to clean up the spore drive chamber of his remains - who thinks this is funny, or even closely in the moral mindset of Star Trek?). The best of Discovery so far was Cpt. Pike. So I really hope to be able to see Strange New Worlds legaly in Germany, but I doubt it. As for the VFX: it is executed well, but I don't like the shots themselves, to dark, to much going on, too many gimmicks like bots on the ships outer surface, a maze of rollercoasters inside the ship, just stupid.... To be honest, Is till prefer the model shots from TNG and DS9 over new Treks CGI, but of course the CGI is better than that of DS9. But there it was just used to support the story and worked to great effect. In shows like Discovery or Picard it is sometimes overdone. And good VFX doesn't cure the problems of a show or movie. I would still watch Season 4, because I just love Trek and hope they get their act together... So unfortunately I would be one of the many viewers who swear about every episode afterwards, but still improve the statistics for Kurzman and Co. I am just too curious 😉 But I wont be sad if I wont be able to watch it. Picard S1 had its own problems (the story, GoT-like sexual tension between romulan siblings, eye removal on screen...), but I am kind of looking forward to season 2, mainly because of Q. As for good SF, I am much more excited about rewatching DS9, new seasons of The Orville and The Expanse (too bad it will end after this season), and Foundation. Too bad we now need 213 subscriptions to watch all this stuff. Will give Cowboy Bebop a try these days. I was also intrigued by the trailer for Apple's Invasion. So I guess I will have to try a Apple subscription soon. Any other tips for good SF?
  6. I guess Icecavaman relates to the pro GPUs (used to be named Quadro). And I agree that thes don't make too much sense on a laptop. RT cores are for raytracing, and this can be used outside of games as well, at least if you go with a renderer that is not CPU-only. Many of the current DCC rendering engines (Cycles...) use Optix for rendering, which utilizes the RT cores in RTX GPUs.
  7. Hi, I recently also dig into laptops for work (but more visualization reserach, not daily CGI work). I would go with an RTX 3070 or 3080. As Pinin said have a good look at the TGP! I would advise against anything below 130w. And with an RTX 3080 you have to look for the 16GB version, not 8GB. That said, get a 165W RTX 3080 with 16GB if possible. I have an XMG Neo 15 with such a GPU - it is pretty good 😉 In other parts of the world this would be Eluktronics or similar.... An RTX 3070 with a higher TGP might be faster then an 3080 with lower TGP, but the larger VRAM might be important depending on your work... Regarding the pro cards that are often in pro Laptops: If you want to go for something like this, than make sure it is an NVIDIA RTX A4000 - RTX A6000. The naming scheme is pretty bad and the last generation cards are named very similar (RTX 4000.... without the 'A'). Best ignore cards with names like 'NVIDIA T1200'. That said, I do not think it makes sense to go with any of these cards, they are much more are expensive then the gaming variants, and quite often, they use a very low TGP and the vendors hide that pretty well, at least HP with its zBook series. With the desktop you would still have the advantage of much more VRAM with the pro-cards, but that is not the case for the laptop. At least I do not think there is an AX000 mobile card with more than 16GB, but there is the previous gen RTX 6000 with 24GB. That said, the drivers are said to be better for the pro cards compared to gaming cards. But: you get the same driver features in the studio variants, which are often in "content creator" laptops. In addition to my XMG we just ordered an Gigabyte Aero 15, should arrive soon. I am curious how it perfroms, but the TGP is only mediocre here (we choose it because of its mini-DisplayPort, it seems there are no high-powered-GPU laptops with mini-DisplayPort). Oh, and then there is the RTX 3080 Ti for Laptops on the horizon: https://www.notebookcheck.com/Leak-Die-Nvidia-GeForce-RTX-3080-Ti-Laptop-GPU-mit-7-424-CUDA-Kernen-zeigt-sich-mit-dem-Core-i7-12700H.577928.0.html (sorry only hav ethis german link) List of RTX 3080 laptops: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Comprehensive-list-of-all-laptops-featuring-the-NVIDIA-GeForce-RTX-3080-Laptop-GPU-along-with-corresponding-TGPs.517977.0.html Let us know what you chose. Good luck with price & delivery 😉
  8. To be fair, the support handled my ticket fast and uncomplicated. That said, it is strange that they rather send mails with direct links to those that open a ticket, instead of fixing ePoirtfolio, or sending a mail with those links to all customers in the first place.
  9. So, a dumb question: There are only serial numbers until version 20, right? At least my portfolio does not contain one for r21, although I got a R21 license. Does this mean that R21 (and newer) licenses will continue to be managed through MyMaxon? So MyMaxon is not shuting down and we will be able to download also R21 from there? And I will never need a serial number for R21 in the future? This might be straight forward for anyone installing C4D on a regular basis, but it is kind of confusing for me and I would have wished for more information from Maxon.
  10. Hi, I already downloaded my installer some time ago when this came up in the other thread. But I did not save my serial number back then. So I just wanted to do this know. But ePortfolio does not seem to know my account... I already tried to reset my password but did not receive an email yet (shouldn't this be automated?). Also as a I am using Cinema less and less I am not that deept into the system, so I have to ask: Is MyMaxon different from ePortfolio? Because I am still logged into MyMaxon (and thought ePortfolio would have the same credentials) but can't find serial numbers there.... Over the last years I just used MyMaxon to release my license, but it's been some time since I needed the actual serial number... A fair move would have been to actively contact the customer and tell them about this change to come, and maybe - ok, this is a weird thought - add some instructions. But why should Maxon do better then Insydium? Ok, rant mode off. EDIT: Yeah, was my fault, the reset email was detected as spam. Reset worked fine now. But as others reported, download does not work at all, at least in Chrome. The links are more or less dead. And Edge sees R20 (win) as unsecure download, and gives me a 404 for R19 and R18. I also submitted a ticket.
  11. I haven't seen anything like that yet, but yes, this would be great.
  12. Well, a 3050 sits between the 1650Ti and the 1660Ti concerning speed and has only 4GB. It is much slower then an RTX 2060, which would also have 6GB Ram. The 3050 Ti only improves speed a bit, but still is behind the 1660Ti: Of course, the 16xx do not have raytracing so it depends on the renderer used if a 30xx makes more sense even if it is slower, but I have a feeling raytracing on the 3060 won't be fun either. I would prefer the 2060 over the 3050 or 3050Ti in any case. You get better rasterization performance, but still have raytracing support, and it would fit the price range.Another possible buy: XMG Apex with RTX 2060 Refresh, 897€, with good upgrading options https://www.amazon.de/dp/B08PZCDF11?m=A3JWKAKR8XB7XF&tag=idealode-aw1-21&ascsubtag=8Ym7_-0eP6-NJmQ1ypfMmg&th=1&psc=1 The 3060 is of course better than the 2060, but I doubt you will get a laptop with an RTX 3060 in the specified price range.
  13. For that bufget you will have to go for a GTX 1650 or 1660 Ti. I would really go for the 1660Ti, Acer Nitro might be a good candidate. https://www.idealo.de/preisvergleich/OffersOfProduct/200734887_-nitro-5-an517-51-59jn-acer.html Laptops with 1650ti are only marginally cheaper, but much slower. https://www.x-kom.de/asus-tuf-gaming-15-6-fullhd-ryzen-5-4600h-8gb-512gb-ssd-gtx-1650ti-win-10-bonfire-black-90nr03m2-m04930-alle-notebook-ar54714 Below 800€ would have to be a special offer, or even with a worse GPU. For around 1000€ you could get a good XMG from last year with an RTX 2060: https://www.notebooksbilliger.de/notebooks/gaming+notebooks/geforce+rtx/xmg+core+15+m20gnh+703050 Personally I would try to get these extra bucks and go for this one. Good luck, Chris
  14. Well, I am also a bit sour on this, and suspected they are holding back updates until the last perpetual maintanance periods end. But to be fair, they always updated cycles only once or twice per year. So I checked and found this timeline: https://insydium.ltd/about/insydium-timeline/ and indeed it seems they always updated in march. So I guess we already got what we paid for with the currend maintanance. I am pretty sure they will update to Cycles X, but it just made it into Blender 3.0 alpha so I guess this would take some time anyways. I doubt they will remove Cycles from their package as it allows for a very deep integration with X-Particles. But you are probably right that it just didn't pay as a standalone product. And the few poor soules that have bought it are just a collateral damage 😕
  15. Cheap is relative... could you specify a price range and maybe some minimum requirements?
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