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  1. I haven't seen anything like that yet, but yes, this would be great.
  2. Well, a 3050 sits between the 1650Ti and the 1660Ti concerning speed and has only 4GB. It is much slower then an RTX 2060, which would also have 6GB Ram. The 3050 Ti only improves speed a bit, but still is behind the 1660Ti: Of course, the 16xx do not have raytracing so it depends on the renderer used if a 30xx makes more sense even if it is slower, but I have a feeling raytracing on the 3060 won't be fun either. I would prefer the 2060 over the 3050 or 3050Ti in any case. You get better rasterization performance, but still have raytracing support, and it would fit the price range.Another possible buy: XMG Apex with RTX 2060 Refresh, 897€, with good upgrading options https://www.amazon.de/dp/B08PZCDF11?m=A3JWKAKR8XB7XF&tag=idealode-aw1-21&ascsubtag=8Ym7_-0eP6-NJmQ1ypfMmg&th=1&psc=1 The 3060 is of course better than the 2060, but I doubt you will get a laptop with an RTX 3060 in the specified price range.
  3. For that bufget you will have to go for a GTX 1650 or 1660 Ti. I would really go for the 1660Ti, Acer Nitro might be a good candidate. https://www.idealo.de/preisvergleich/OffersOfProduct/200734887_-nitro-5-an517-51-59jn-acer.html Laptops with 1650ti are only marginally cheaper, but much slower. https://www.x-kom.de/asus-tuf-gaming-15-6-fullhd-ryzen-5-4600h-8gb-512gb-ssd-gtx-1650ti-win-10-bonfire-black-90nr03m2-m04930-alle-notebook-ar54714 Below 800€ would have to be a special offer, or even with a worse GPU. For around 1000€ you could get a good XMG from last year with an RTX 2060: https://www.notebooksbilliger.de/notebooks/gaming+notebooks/geforce+rtx/xmg+core+15+m20gnh+703050 Personally I would try to get these extra bucks and go for this one. Good luck, Chris
  4. Well, I am also a bit sour on this, and suspected they are holding back updates until the last perpetual maintanance periods end. But to be fair, they always updated cycles only once or twice per year. So I checked and found this timeline: https://insydium.ltd/about/insydium-timeline/ and indeed it seems they always updated in march. So I guess we already got what we paid for with the currend maintanance. I am pretty sure they will update to Cycles X, but it just made it into Blender 3.0 alpha so I guess this would take some time anyways. I doubt they will remove Cycles from their package as it allows for a very deep integration with X-Particles. But you are probably right that it just didn't pay as a standalone product. And the few poor soules that have bought it are just a collateral damage 😕
  5. Cheap is relative... could you specify a price range and maybe some minimum requirements?
  6. Well, it may hit performance walls at some point yes, but for some uses it might still be usefull. And as I said I do not consider this a feature yet. It is still just something to play around, but since I always wanted C4D to move forward with resopect to procedural modelling, this is still the most interesting stuff that happened to C4D in a long time. I didn't say this justifies raising the version number by a full digit 😉
  7. I am just watching RocketLassos video The GUI stuff is nice and all, but after 6 minutes he already has to show how cool it is to change the layout and palettes... two times... which I was able to do exactly the same way with R7. Then there is some other stuff which is not exactly exciting (ok, this is extremely subjective and I guess there are people hwo might find them usefull), but there are two nice things: - Presets: being a programmer myself, I don't think this is a big thing, but it seems extremely usefull. Nice! - Track modifier seems pretty powerfull - Capsules: this seems to make the nodes realy usefull and it seems there are new nodes as well (sphere packing). But what strikes me is the extreme similarity to how this is implemented in Blender (even the new spline nodes are more or less the same what was recently shown in Blender 3). But this is not a bad thing. The nodes are realy the only thing that makes me sad I am stuck with R21 So these things are nice, but given that the whole node stuff is still a demo, and each step on the raod to being a real feature is now called a feature on its own, this is still really thin.
  8. Uff, maybe there is more meat to it, but judging by this page and the two sentences by the CEO regarding R25 this is even less ambitious then I feared it would be. - new modern UI: hell, the UI is not Cinemas weak point - better spline Import: yeah, might be important for some users - capsules: does this mean, this is not a tech preview any more? And they didn't manage to update the page behind the "See More" link? Well maybe watching some videos on it later this evening will enlighten me 😕
  9. Ok, here is a condensed feature list: https://www.maxon.net/en/article/maxon-fall-product-releases-offer-a-wealth-of-rich-features-and-compatibility "The most intuitive 3D application interface just got even better with a new modern skin, user interface enhancements and an expansive preset system for optimizing your workflow. All-new Spline Import options allow users to easily use Illustrator, PDF and SVG vector artwork in their 3D scenes. Capsules allow anyone to tap into the power and flexibility of Cinema 4D's Scene Node system, with plug-in-like features directly in the Classic Object Manager. And the New Spline and Data Integration functionality can be used to build powerful Capsule Assets"
  10. Would still like to know what cuases this. I just did a Windiws uodate today, I am now on Win 10 Home 21H1, Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3530.0. This is an Asus Laptop (G14 from 2021), maybe there are some parallels.... I guess the underlying problem is not Maxons's fault, but it is not good if the licensing mechanism depends on such stuff. Feels quite unreliable 😕
  11. Oh thanks Bezo! Too bad I just deinstalled everything. Of course I sent a ticket to Maxon, but I had to try that before I loose good internet connection when being away...
  12. Shit, only read that after just haveing deinstalled R21. Have the same problem here... Arg This system works realy well, online licenses are just great...
  13. Hi, I just wanted to activate C4D R21 on my other laptop to be able to play with it on vacation. It used to work on that machine, but it's been some time since I used it. So when starting Cinema, the License Manager greets me with the message shown below (sorry only in german...). It doesn't make a difference if I press yes or no, the manager stays the same... I love this online license stuff... Really great start into the vacation :-( Anyone got an idea? Thx, Chris
  14. In our institute, a discussion concerning https://copilot.github.com/ just started and I am curious if this makes any sense for us. The question is when this turns from "Supporting the coder" to "Implement what the project owner wants". I didn't look to deep into this, but I guess this is still only for some environments. In our case, I doubt it would helpt with our in house software as it is pretty specific, but if you are doing some python and want a quick solution, this might spit out the code you need. But will AI provide good architectures for bigger systems? Luckily I am not a pure programmer, more in the field of research, so I do not see this as a threat at the moment, but this opens unpleasant perspectives... I mean here in Germany at least, IT jobs are pretty safe at the moment, but it seems automation won't stop at phsysical work....
  15. I got no notification, not before the change, not after it. Only found out here.
  16. Well, of course I checked after having pieced together the pieces here and before letting off some steam 😉 If you now what you are looking for you will find the information. After locking into my account at Insydium I am greeted with: Please note You can no longer buy Maintenance for your Cycles 4D License. To get all these plugins, products and benefits you should buy a new Fused License, or convert an X-Particles License to Fused. And of course it says Only available as part of the INSYDIUM Fused collection in very small letters on the Cycles4D page. Again, If I wouldn't have known what to look for, I wouldn't have noticed. So yes, it is not available stadalone anymore, not even as subscription. Which means I would be forced to pay much more to keep it up to date, a price simply not realistic for me. It will (hopefully) continue to work for some time, but no updates after my current maintainance period. And I guess downloading will also stop at some point. So yes, for me as a hobbyist it is basicaly killed in the longer run. But it is still a good engine and will keep C4D a bit alive for me, but this is really the start of the end concerning Cinema4d for me. There is simply going to be no development.
  17. WTF? Cycles4D Perpetual simply stopped? No email to a paying Cycles4D customer, no announcement on their page, no special thread here, nothing. I only stumbled over this in this thread accidently. Not the kind of business demeanor I expected from them. Shit. I can understand their decission, if it was not profitable. But their (non existing) communication really pisses me off. It is really like nobody cares for the customer, just cash (yeah I know, that's the harsh reality and I should not be surprised; I guess I watched to much Star Trek and am a bit idealistic). That's really sad, as Cycles4D allowed me to stay up to date at least with regard to rendering with my R21. There was something to look forward to... That said: I guess there will be no update to Cycles4D in the remaining 4 months of my maintainance period... I hope they prove me wrong but right now they are just one indsidious company among many. I think they will schedule the next update such that no perpetual user will profit from it. Oh damn, I was soo looking forward to Cycles-X So in 2021 Cinema4D really freezes for non-pro users. First Prime is stopped, then ProRender (a feature we paid for) is removed before it came even close to its potential (and surely this had nothing to do with the fact that MAXON wants to sell Redshift additionally), and now Cycles4D is not affordable for hobby users anymore. Sounds almost like a conspiracy to drive all remaining non-pro users away from C4D. Great 😕 Ah shit. Damn. No excuse anymore to not spend more time in that other software ...
  18. Wishes Indie license Uhm, maybe S&T update? I know, unlikely, but as with some other cool things in cinema, this was top notch when it came out but saw no updates within a decade. Just saw the Toon stuff in Renderman 24 and this reminded me how cool S&T was already back in the day USD / Hydra? Would make sense... a non-destructive, adaptive remesher Expectations Geometry nodes update Some volume/fields stuff More UV stuff
  19. Renderman 24 for Blender has just been released. It comes with a non-commercial version. As always, askNK has you covered: Makes a lot of sense..!
  20. For me this leaves only one conclusion: it will be part of the next Cycles4D update as well 🙂
  21. Looks really great! But as with Mesh Tools, it seems to be part of XParticles if you go by this page: https://insydium.ltd/products/x-particles/whats-new/coming-soon/ I think both tools would make great products on their own. I use Cycles4D, but do not really need XParticles. For me as a R21 user Mesh Tools would be interesting as I will not have access to the geometry nodes. The same goes for the terrain: the geoemtry nodes might also allow to build terrains. So both tools would actually be quite interesting for C4D users without geometry nodes access. Of course, the same goes for X-Particles itself, as geometry nodes might grow into a particle solution on its own. But still, that heavy packaging might prevent getting the tools into the hands of interested c4d users. Also, that OpenVDBImporter might be interesting for cycles4d...
  22. Wondermesh seems like a step in the right direction, but from what I can see there are no options for round caps and so on. But I couldn't try, because installing doesn't work for me. Until now I would have said that installing addons in Blender is very easy and elegant. But I have no luck with Wondermesh. Which of the python files would you select? Slecting the folder doesn't work... Yes, I know that, but when I said outside Cycles, I meant in the geometry, for export... Then you have to unwrap and bake. Or am I missing soemthing? I installed bezier utilities yesterday: https://github.com/Shriinivas/blenderbezierutils This adds some of the of the missed functionality, but it now feels you are dealing with two very different toolsets. It is also very weird that this one only works in object mode. Yeah, some features are nice, for example it is easy to rotate a point with its tangents, preserving the angle between them. So yes, there are most probably solutions for everything, but you realy have to search and cobble things together to have what I consider the basics. No question, in other regards Blender is ahead of Cinema, but Cinema realy gets the basics right, in my opinion. But while I am complaining, the devs might by just fixing exactly that stuff, because let's be honest, the development speed is amazing. And I saw some posts in dev blogs that show they are aware for example of the limitations with regard to curve editing
  23. Hi, I am also currently playing with Blender now and then. C4D upgrade path ended for me as a hobbyist with R21. Especially geometry nodes are intriguing for me. I hoped for something like that in Cinema for years. Now it is coming there as well, but I won't get my hands on it. Regarding the GUI in Blender I have to say it has come a long way. With all the recent Outliner changes you might think they are targetting users of a certain program... But there are still so many things in Blender that still hurt. Recently I needed displacement outside of Cycles. The only way I could find was UVs + baking... In Cinema you just use a 3D noise directly on the displacer. The whole texture system independent of the material system is akward (and 2D only). The whole material management system is also a bit complicated. If you are just used to showing the attributes of the selected item in the attribute manager then you are lost in Blender. Always searching for the right panel or tab. It's the same with settings.... No parametric objects (oh how I miss those simple things) or non-destructive surface generation out of splines (well, at least not without nodes, and that is still limited), but the splines have some built in functions to create surfaces (why is that not a separate object? Why has a curve polygons?). So all the procedural basics I love from Cinema are missing, but I guess with nodes we can kind of build them and there are thousands of plugins that might contain some of this stuff. And then the one topic that pushes me away from Blender regularly: curve editing. I managed to live with some of the quirks. The worst is insertion of points: there is only the extrude option which adds points at the end, an option to insert points on an existing segment at any position without changing the curve does not exist. You realy need plugins for that, as far as I can see. But then there are so many positive things as well. I am kind of torn, would love to do more in Blender, but the limited time I have for that hobby is mainly spent for googling even for the simple stuff. So, what is the best blender forum? Is there one with many c4d guys? Like a "Blender for old c4d farts" forum? Is there a plugin suite that just adds some tools to make things easier for c4d users? I think most of the stuff that I miss can be added easily. I am a coder myself, but actually don't want to do it in my free time as well (well maybe once the kids are older). Well, a lot of whining. Blender is still a great tool, as is C4D (but MAXONS product policy sucks).
  24. The scene manager looks really great: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKO4reHoUHI&t=1s I was hoping for something like the new nodes for years, and I like what I am seeing. Unfortunately the killing of Prime ended my upgrade path at R21. Hopefully MAXON decides that hobby users and new talents are also important and should not be pushed completely towards *some other software*. Would love to test this new stuff out at some point. The rest looks also decend!
  25. Hey Frank, Nice seeing new work from you! This looks great. No idea why you hide the webpage. Even though it is w.i.p. it offers so much interesting information. https://www.terraform4d.com/ It answers my first question already: yes, fields can be used (for masking) Cu, Chris
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