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  1. yea my apologies for not mentioning it earlier!
  2. Yes I tried that method, which worked fine using extrude to create depth, but did not know how to make it work with effectors like step and random for the animation part! would be glad to know that instead, I applied the effectors in the letters tab and would like to know how to achieve it.
  3. Hello all! Font Name - Retrow mentho so I tried using this font for an animation but when using the font in Motext ending outline is clipped. moreover it dynamically changes based on the letter given in illustrator how do I use the outline in motext? Thank you!
  4. Hello All, So I am looking to create some particles which follow a certain spline and this tutorial seemed to show what i was going for, but only using X particles, is there any way to create this natively using thinking particles and such?
  5. Thats what the producers thought too, suggesting james cameron to go with hanging actors from cables to simulate their motion capture, but cameron was adamant in going with underwater performance, showing the differences in going with cables and going underwater by a prototype that they developed for this film. Me too! really love the seasons so far, my favourite was the episode Aquila Rift!
  6. https://screenrant.com/avatar-2-underwater-motion-capture-explained-james-cameron/ An introduction done by screen rant albeit vague, got me curious. https://nofilmschool.com/tech-avatar-2 the second link gave some insights for my question! be sure to check those two out!
  7. Really curious to how they pulled off underwater motion capture technology. But more interested in how the actors pulled it off: like did they go through special breathing training like deep sea divers for long scenes that may be in the film? Or was it somehow created using breathing masks and so Did not get the opportunity to enjoy avatar in the big screen, would not miss this one!
  8. Hey Bill! Welcome to the core. Seems that you are learning redshift, if so then I would suggest videos regarding redshift from LFOdesign on youtube. And videos from greyscalegorilla on redshift and cinema4d in general. Hope this helps you on your journey!
  9. Got it, because of this, compositing in an external application like after effects seem unavoidable it seems! thank you very much for your insight herbert!
  10. Hey folks! so was going for some blurred backgrounds in redshift using a plane and some lights, when I render I get visible banding artifacts in the render view. how to solve this? BG.c4d
  11. Hello All! The state node is not working properly, is it something I did or something going on with redshift?
  12. Voidseeker


    Looking dope igor!
  13. Hello All!, so when using multi sss, the complementary colors of the layer colors are shown rather than the colors itself. and for some reason higher number of scale values are needed for me to achieve any difference in SSS. how do I solve it? multi SSS.c4d
  14. Yea embergen is mad fun, used the trial version to get started with sims! Ah thank you for your insight, onto experimentation then!
  15. Hello All, looking forward to learn simulations now, and which of the two would you suggest? I use redshift as my renderer, and would really love to know the pros and cons and the workflows that would differ when using both softwares!

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