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  1. Honestly, the actual features look pretty good. The UI, as always, looks very slick and modern, the Capsules, particularly look extremely promising as a long-term feature that will greatly extend C4D's capabilities. Both are extremely time-consuming features to implement, so I can see why, on an accelerated release schedule, you would only have a couple of these. Robust spline import is always a welcome feature, but hardly a major addition, but still, nice to have. I guess the major issue is why prioritise the freaking UI? That would have been likely last on my list of things to tweak with in C4D. It already had a very good UI, and given what an enormous task rehauling a major app's UI is, why on Earth expend resources in that direction? Anyhow, on a positive note, I am excited to see where Scene Nodes and Capsules are headed.
  2. As next steps, you can use TOPs/PDG to generate a contact sheet of your variations for reviewing: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/pdg-for-design-work-pt-1-the-basics/ Side note: how the heck to like a post here? I'm, pretty sure I did it before, but I can't find the button any more.
  3. Not just generate any number of pieces, but the real beauty is in the astonishing level of control it gives you to craft exactly the look you want over those pieces. It allows you to vary any parameter of any incoming geometry that you are looking to copy, and have extremely precise control over those variations. Also, if you need to target any specific piece or group of pieces for extra special attention, you can do that without having to break your chain, keeping everything procedural, always.
  4. Looking good. Remember there's a Building Generator tool that ships with Labs, maybe dive into that to see what they're doing: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/building-generator/
  5. You guys are absolutely rocking it. Really interesting stuff. Here's a quick, semi-random tip: If you're doing preview renders with Mantra, they have a really nice Click to Prioritize option, where if you hold down the left mouse button, it will focus the rendering only in that area. You can also enable Sticky Priority, so you can click to set the rendering area to focus on. Really handy way to quickly resolve areas of interest without having to wait for the whole frame to update. I wish all other renderers had this feature. Didn't realise my replies would get merged. Just adding this line for the topic separation. @Igor: Looking very cool. The nib looks a bit too flat. Does it have any thickness? You can try Labs Thicken to bulk it up.
  6. If anyone is on Indie or above, I highly recommend taking a look at the 3Delight renderer. Mantra is fantastic with its feature support, but it is slow as hell. 3Delight is entirely free to download and use for up to 12 cores, and produces beautiful images, along with being extremely speedy, especially with volumes. It also has built-in cloud rendering that's quite cheap and easy to set up and use. I don't work for them, although I do realise that I sound like an advertisement. It's just a great renderer to use, and entirely free if you just want to try it out.
  7. Hello. The bump issue has been addressed by Igor earlier (your value is far too high). Bring it down to something like 0.01 and it should work. A couple of things to note about your scene: 1. You can MMB hold over any node to get a quick readout of its size. I mention that because your scale is likely way off. Houdini units are in meters, so your vase is currently 30 meters tall. Not that you can't do that, but you generally want to watch your scale from the outset - fewer gotchas down the line. 2. If you just want to bevel the lip, PolyBevel can do this automatically, without you having to make a selection. In the PolyBevel, delete your Group entry field, expand the Exclusions rollout, and enable Ignore Flat Edges. Then turn up the angle until it only bevels the sharpest angles. 3. Resample, by default, doesn't work like a Subdivide. It will add points to segments, while preserving the original shape of the curve. So, if you start with a faceted curve, you will resample to more points, but still end up with a faceted curve. There is a setting you can change on the resample to subdivide and smooth (Treat Polygons As: Subdivision Curves), or you can just use a Subdivide SOP.
  8. Yeah, that'd be sweet. The most popular Houdini Discord is Think Procedural, but always nice to have a smaller group to chat with.
  9. Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. I've been a Cinema 4D user for over 10 years, and then transitioned to Houdini the last couple of years now, after I ran into some bottlenecks in C4D. I'm by no means a master of either software, but having made the jump myself, I'd be happy to help anyone looking to do the same, and looking to replicate certain C4D tasks in Houdini, in the easiest way possible. My main focus is on motion graphics and archvis procedural modeling, but I also do the odd sim now and then. Houdini is freaking awesome, and for the work I do, it blew C4D out of the water in terms of features and performance (and since I used Indie, price as well).
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