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  1. How did you fix those? They looked fine to me at first and they only 'broke' once I started moving the helper objects and then things would start flipping around or twisting badly. The twisting part makes me uncomfortable since it makes it hard to animate any meaningful movement, but its also pretty tedious to work with 100+ joints so I might have to go and cut some of those and make it one long chain instead of a Neck, Hip, Tail setup like it shipped with, unless you'd recommend otherwise? The 'Hip' joint got deleted at some point it seems, making that horrid deformation in the middle
  2. Well I guess I'll just stick with R23 until either (A) a release comes that's truly worth upgrading to for little hobbyist me, or (B) until R23 can't be launched anymore. Whether that's from an update to the licensing software denying you access to it or from the Doomsayers being true about C4D going under (For real and not just 'has become less used') - whenever or if either outcome actually happens 🤷‍♂️ In the meantime, I'll be using R23 for as long as I'm able to. I don't want to have to think about the possibility of actually having to move to another program just yet with everything else going on on top of that 😞
  3. Strangest thing, I go and open up one of the figures to recreate the situation I was describing, and its neck didn't flip its joint chain in reverse, but instead flipped upside down. The Z+ is going up the chain instead of down though, but it ends up deforming like with the dinosaur much earlier if I reverse their direction. The snake figure looks like its not doing anything weird right now, but I remember doing something to it a while back, I just don't remember what - the only problem its having right now is the body twisting randomly when moving a handle (The setup is a temporary one, I've actually been meaning to re-work the rig setup since having 140+ joints didn't sit well with me) I apologize for all these questions about a basic topic, I still feel I'm not much more than a beginner when it comes to a lot of topics, character rigging/animation being one of them. Actually felt hesitant to ask for so very long because I felt the things I would have trouble with were "too simple" of a topic to seek help over ahah... SplineIKCharacters.7z
  4. I'll get a scene file up when I get home to my work computer; it's a problem I've had more than once, where a figure's neck will just flip backwards but things otherwise work fine.
  5. A long while later, solution was something I had missed entirely somehow. Ctrl-D, Scale Project, scale it up by however much you need, then copy-paste the character into the new scene.
  6. Again with a problem and months later but; what do you do when the chain just flips into reverse? I've tried the Z pointing up the chain, down the chain, every time the whole neck hierarchy just goes and reverses itself and the head ends up in the chest. Are the X/Y axis supposed to be in a certain direction too?
  7. I had a little luck with the Hair approach, don't know if something's wrong with the collider though or if I'm just doing something wrong - had to give up the placement MoGraph had setup with a Noise Shader falloff but a weightmap could probably achieve the same effect? I know absolutely nothing about the Connectors dynamic so I passed by that one, haven't given the Cloth approach a go just yet. It's given me a lot of extra ideas for future projects though, it's one thing that I loved about the old C4DCafe was seeing people's techniques and solutions to problems or obstacles that maybe someone didn't think of!
  8. Thanks for the advice - I neglected to mention that the kelp that'd be colliding with the shark were 2D planes with transparent images on them, already using a Wind object to make them sway a bit so cloth or hair sound like they could work quite well. I saw someone use the Hair 'trick' to make a full fledged tree have its branches sway in the wind once - I'm surprised this didn't occur to me to try using it here too. Not 100% certain how I'll approach that here though just yet, since I've never used Cinema's Hair before but at least I have some ideas to work off of now!
  9. One of those topics where I don't know how to ask it or even what to search for. What I'm trying to achieve is an object being pushed back by another object passing by. In this current case, its a shark passing through a kelp forest and the kelp's pushed aside. I've tried using the Collision Deformer and having a primitive be in place, but the cloned objects don't react to it, and I'm not sure how else I can approach this since I'm still relatively green with Mograph right now. I do have X-Particles as well, so if Mograph can't accomplish something like this I can research into that as a solution as well (Not that I'm much more experienced with XP) Any thoughts?
  10. For how deceptively simple Spline-IK is, I seem to have the most troubles understanding it. Recently, I had a pair of snake models I exported out of DAZ, and given the lengthy body shape it seemed Spline-IK was perfect for this. Despite setting everything up in a way that looked 'right', one of the two would have its entire front half fold into its body in reverse for some weird reason. Disabling the rig, re-setting the Initial Pose, and renabling the rig would 'fix' that though when nothing else was working for reasons I do not understand. However, lately there's been a few times when I've needed to scale a figure UP, which has again also been a very touchy experience for me. Usually it works, sometimes it doesn't. In this case, here's what I get when I scale this serpent up: The spline scales up along with everything else, but the IK sort of gets broken. Through some trial and error I found that scaling down the spline a bit afterwards mostly fixes it, but is there a better way to do this if/when the need to scale something up or down comes up?
  11. Yeah, it's a non-fatal bug so I've been living with it, after changing to a desktop I haven't had it happen so it might have been my GPU model if anything! (GTX 1060 to an RTX 3080) Also sorry for the terribly long response - thank you for the welcome ;v;
  12. I understand the dislike for Subscription-Only software and don't care much for them myself, though I'd still be stuck on R13 Visualize if it wasn't for the C4D Subscription. Small hobbyist here so I don't make huge $$$'s with 3D or my job, but the sub still only takes a minor dent out of my monthly income. I switch it off if I need to but usually keep it on since I love using it. Though I fully agree on the topic of performance and focus on specific features and their stability before moving on to adding the 'next cool thing'. I've seen where Blender's been going for a while, since all but two of my friends that are into 3D use it (One's using Maya, the other Lightwave), but I myself have absolutley no interest in using it. If/when the day comes where Cinema 4D shuts down for good and you can't launch it anymore? I'd probably just set aside 3D and focus my efforts on improving my drawing/painting skills. I guess I've got a very different outlook on the software since I'm not involved in 3D for production and business, and the things I use it for work well enough for me so I rarely run into a situation where I'm displeased or even angry at the program, or feel like leaving it behind in favor of something else..
  13. That was the initial setup actually, but yes that fixed it! It's surprising that I overlooked that for so long but it feels obvious now that you pointed it out. The idea that the joints in the neck would need to have the Z axis going UP the neck opposed to the tail joints having the Z going DOWN it instead of the whole length being aligned the same never really crossed my mind until now. Now that you bring all this up, it does make sense - since the tag is applied to the base of the Neck going up, in reverse of the direction the Z axes are pointing. So reversing them was one solution, maybe putting the tag at the bottom of the neck chain and have it going down would have been another. Either way, it's solved now. Thank you again, very much - it's one of those 'simple questions' that's been bugging me for so long, and it's finally been answered!
  14. That would be absolutely amazing if you could, thanks for the offer! I'd also really appreciate just being able to know more about the How's and the Why's of all this, since the worst and most frustrating part isn't necessarily "It's not working" but not knowing why it's not working. I watched a few YouTube videos on Spline-IK, watched the portion of GSG-U's Intro to Rigging tutorial (Never understood that xPresso setup that called for specific coordinates. Wouldn't that break the rig if the character moved from its neutral position since the coordinates are now different? Or is it Relative?) and in all cases it just looked simple. So I follow that setup and usually it works, but when it doesn't I don't know why. I know it's dependent on the joint alignment but to the best of my knowledge this dinosaur's neck is aligned properly - or at the least, isn't aligned any differently than other parts of models where the Spline-IK did work correctly. Having a fix would be great, knowing how to fix it myself next time would be better - if you know what I mean 🙂 The last thought I had was maybe it's because of the weighting, which I'm still fixing since it was imported in through DAZ's Bridge, which is currently having some 'issues' - mostly with older content. Brachiosaurus DR.zip
  15. Over a week and no responses 😞 Rather disheartening... I have a similar'ish problem as the OP, where I have a creature with a long neck. It's curved a bit, but I didn't think that'd matter. Put spline in, assign Spline-IK, watch as the neck flips upside down without warning. I used the same approach as I've used on monster tails and stuff, checking alignment of joints and etc.... Works there, messes up horribly here. I'm struggling to understand how this feature works and why it doesn't when it doesn't.
  16. Hey, this is my first post on the new forums - I had posted a bit on the old Cafe forms, but I digress. I'm a little shy to ask questions, but... Here goes. So, I've been using Redshift a whole lot since picking the C4D subscription that included it with Cinema. However, every now and then the Material Preview icon will turn black and the Redshift Feedback will put out an error "Preview Scene does not contain the Preview Object". The preview will be a black/blank image, but the scene renders fine - it's just the preview. Auto-Refresh Previews in the Shader Graph is enabled. The RenderView and IPR are not running. The preview icon is a completely blank image in both Cinema's Material panel, the Attributes Panel, and in the Redshift Shader Graph.\ I tried following the steps in a video about fixing black preview images, but it didn't change anything. I've ensured that Redshift is fully up to date as well. Sometimes it'll do this, sometimes it won't. The mysterious part is this though: It only happens for the "Sphere" and "Default" preview models. Every other preview functions perfectly fine - Cube, Rounded Cube, etc. It also only happens for Redshift - Advanced Render and Cycles4D never provide this error. What else can I do?
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