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  1. @jed Amazing! Thank you so much! Now for finding a way to randomly offset the animation in time 😄
  2. Thanks for that, but it's rather important that my setup stays procedural, being able to adjust the number of clones & positions of the spline ends is necessary.
  3. Hi 🙂 I've been trying to get this setup to work: I have a cloner full of splines, that start and end at the same point. The middle point of every spline is randomised through a cloner with a random effector. Works fine. I stick the splines in a sweep, and try to animate the end growth / start growth, effectively breaking my setup until i refresh my viewport. Hard to explain, so I've attached my scene file. Any ideas? xpresso_setup_issue.c4d
  4. Hi all! I'm having this issue with a small setup I made. Cloned objects connect to a central object through xpresso, repeated several times. When I fire up a viewport render, everything works, but when I shoot it over to the Picture Viewer, it seems to break. https://imgur.com/a/MfxbiDN Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
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