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  1. I'm following a Grasshopper tutorial on how to connect points from two cubes and loft the edges together. Using Hrvoje's Index Display capsule set up I was able to get to the arrays of vectors, but I can't get to the individual points to create the edges. I'm thinking I need to flatten the array somehow? Or maybe there's a better way to do this altogether. Thanks.







     Here's the section in the tutorial: 











  2. 12 hours ago, MJV said:

    Ah you made my ears perk up for a moment there but seems you have to be an Enterprise subscriber which is twice the Octane only subscription. :smiley-greet008:

    Hmm. It says EmberGen is available for both Studio and Enterprise users on the announcement page.

    Also on the rental page.


    Although, for me, perpetual Enterprise is the only way.  Studio is too limiting with no more than 2 GPUs and no network rendering. So I wouldn't know if it's actually available under Studio downloads page. Just assuming.

  3. On 11/15/2021 at 12:04 AM, Cerbera said:

    Actually, I missed someone - let's not forget @imashination... and all his 3D fluff tuts over the years. His lucid clarity, great explanatory skill and subtly humorous presentations always raise a smile with me and I enjoy his vids a lot.  



    I can't believe I missed him too. 3DFluff is an amazing teacher. He always makes me feel like I'm learning the juicy hidden secrets of Cinema 4D.

  4. It's changed over time, but way back in the day:


    Base80 - it was nice to follow along with text and images rather than videos

    Tim Clapham for sure. When I bought R15/R16 he was invaluable and I still buy his tutorials to date.

    Vertex Pusher of course.



    Dr. Sassi - for general 3D info and technical deep dives into every aspect of C4D. I've probably watched more of his videos than any other teacher--many, many hours. Tim Clapham comes in 2nd probably for number of hours.

    Kai Pedersen - for more practical, specific stuff

  5. Even though it's more complex, I'm pushing myself to do everything in Scene Nodes just so I can get better at it.


    That's awesome, Hrvoje. Get Element was the missing piece and nice not having to do extra Matrix Op.

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