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  1. Dear all, It has been days that this problem is troubling me and I have finally managed to isolate it. Whenever I create a joints rig, use the Character > Convert > Joints to Spline command and then apply the resulting spline to my rig via the IK-Spline tag, it breaks the positions of my joints, see screenshots before and after applying the spline to the tag. In case there is a geometry bound to the joints, it completely f**** up the pose. The problem also persists when I manually draw the spline. I have also attached a minimal working example as .c4d file for further inspection. Is this a known bug, if yes how can I work around it? Or am I doing something wrong? Help is direly needed. Thanks a lot in advance! Best ddkk c4d s22 macOS 14.6 spline_ik_bug.c4d

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