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  1. @imashination Turned off Antialiasing and removed the sampling on the texture, however I don't know how to go about removing texture filters. Because I'm going to be using multiple props to make variations of buildings, I intend to use AO to make it look like the separate meshes are attached to the buildings in stead of painting shadows / grime around the seams, and I plan to use c4D omni light sources with some pixelated alpha filters on planes. Painting light isn't going to be viable for my project, I just need to get close to the PS1 style. On CGtalk they suggested I also use the Quantize setting under Cel Renderer and this is what I've achieved in the test file:
  2. Hey! @FLima, where is this effect located? This is all I have under project effects:
  3. Greetings! I recently got an idea for some world-building and animations for a project, using low-poly models and low-res textures, mimicking the old PS1 art styles. This the kind of thing I plan to replicate in terms of scenery and props : I've already figured out that I'll have to work with low-res, no anti-aliasing renders, however I'm not sure what settings I should use for the materials in the scene. I can use Photoshop to manually make the textures blocky, but I'm certain the UV maps will distort the textures and cause blurring. What can I modify and experiment with in the project settings / properties of each material to make them look rough / blocky? I have C4D R12 and R16.
  4. Ok now a new problem arises with said tool in R20. When cutting the polygon, the "connect cut edges" option on the knife distorts the applied texture. Disabling that option doesn't let me to apply cuts to the polygon. Why does the UV get warped when cuts are applied and is there a way to get around that?
  5. Greetings! I've stumbled upon a problem where my knife tool won't do custom-shape cutting and spline projection cutting. What I want to do is cut up a plane for a 2D animation and create points on the polygons Example above : Yellow lines represent the cut I want to make. The blue ones - Ngnons that would form after the cut is done. I've looked up multiple tutorials on youtube, made sure all settings on the knife tool are set as shown and I just cannot get a custom shape cut like this. All the knife does is complete cut after cut and not placing any points on the polygon, unless the cut goes through an edge or point. This happens both in R12 and R15. Is there a combination of keys I need to be holding down or something?
  6. Thank you very much,Rectro! I'll look into these and message Cerbera later on.
  7. Greetings! I've been using Cinema 4D R12 for about 7-8 years now, but as a result of learning the software on my own I've developed a comfort zone of bad modeling habits and not exploring features out of frustration from trying to understand them. I'm getting better at modeling, but very very slowly. Because of my endless struggles with the software, I wanted to reach out for help here, since I've used the forum occasionally and got plenty of feedback in the past. I want to use C4D for work, but I can't do that with lack of understanding and time-wasting methods (My focus for work would be interior design / prop modeling, not character modeling / animation. What I show below is what I work on as a hobby) I'll use the screenshot below as an example for my issue : I'm unable to plan my topology ahead so what I do is start building a model from one section, polygon by polygon (in this case - the chest) and then work on another piece (the hand) so that I can connect the mesh in a location with less deformation. That way if I have any topology errors, I'd have triangular polys in a safe location where they wouldn't interfere with deformation. I was never able to learn how to build model by cube method because of my lack of understanding for topology. Once a model is complete, I struggle to UV it properly and end up having an inefficient spread over a huge canvas. I also have yet to understand how the texturing tools work. I have tried fiddling with different kinds of maps and see what they do, but I don't know how to make a proper diffuse / specular / normal map for something. I've been reworking this model 20-30 times over the past 4 years and I'm finally getting somewhere with its topology, but it's too much time wasted. I couldn't find any tutors in Bulgaria for C4D and my attempts to find helpful tutorials have lead me nowhere. If any of you have any resources on the following, be it paid courses or free tutorials anywhere on the Internet, please post them below: 1. Anything on how to understand topology for characters and props, fundamentals of poly order and where 5-way poly crossroads should be located (I need these for characters and static objects / props) 2.Anything on how to do UV mapping and UV adjusting, texturing in Cinema 4D, what the texturing tools do , how to understand maps (I've watched tutorials on these in other softwares, but can't apply what I see there in C4D because of the different rendering engines) 3. Anything on using modifiers as hypernurbs tools, cloners, splines etc (My experience ends with making pipes through splines + hypernurbs and subdividing models) 4. Anything on how to streamline modeling / texturing work in C4D Any and all help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!
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