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    cool scene
  2. I'm not using using R25, but when I tested the scene, the viewport performance was extremely sluggish until I deactivated the forester objects' viewport visibility. I'm running on an older gpu, but even so, once forester was hidden, c4d was much more responsive, even with the arnold ipr running in the background. Arnold's performance also seemed pretty typical to me, so I'm not sure what's causing the difficulties for you, but hopefully one of the smart people here will be able to figure this out for both of us.
  3. I think it would be useful to add a few splatters of ketchup, mustard, ice cream etc to make the scene look a little more chaotic and to help break up some of those big clear surfaces, if you're up to it. But even without that it already looks really great!
  4. Best case scenario: maxon leaves pixologic alone to continue working their magic, and the development for zbrush continues like before. Worst case scenario: maxon works their magic and zbrush atrophies over the years and leaves an opening for another software to usurp them. In all fairness, the former is more likely to happen judging by maxon's acquisition of redshift which continued developing uninterrupted. Fortunately it seems that the brass at maxon is too preoccupied with subscription policy to spare any attention to hinder zbrush's future development. At least that's my silver lining 😄.
  5. Good news for maxon, bad news for c4d. Nothing on the market currently can compete with the scope of Zbrush's capabilities, and that alone gives maxon enough leverage to gouge the consumer base with their subscription platform, rendering c4d superfluous and unnecessary, especially in light of the negative reaction they received from their latest and disappointing release (R25). Acquiring pixologic was a gutsy move on maxon's part, but was probably due more to desperation and lack of confidence in c4d's ability to bring in continuing profits. Basically, it seems that maxon is hellbent to keep their current business practices whether by virtue or force, and now that zbrush is part of their arsenal, I'm expecting c4d to stagnate further. I think Igor's comparison to autodesk sums up the situation perfectly.
  6. Expertly done! 👍 Please keep sharing your work.
  7. Loft nurbs might be the solution you're looking for.
  8. It's hard to say without seeing the scene file, but I'd guess that either the axis needs to be changed or the bounding box is not fitted to the helix.
  9. From the album: Matches' Makes 02

    The 89 Batmobile based on a really cool concept from Ido Yehimovitz. Modeled and rendered in Cinema 4D.
  10. Matches

    Matches' Makes 02

  11. This issue is appearing due to inconsistent weight distribution. If you want an entire row of vertices to move in unison, then you have to make sure that in any given row of vertices, one vertex's joint and weight relationship is identical to it's neighbor's, i.e. Row 01 - JointA = %50, JointB = 35%, and JointC = 15% for that entire edge loop. This will keep the vertices moving together at an equal rate of speed and avoid pulled and distorted geo. Also, lower resolution meshes tend to be much smoother and forgiving when it comes to this subject, so you may want to try to reduce and even out the polys.
  12. Matches

    Deep Blue Sea

    Beautiful!!! I would love to see you incorporate this into a developed scene.
  13. Matches

    sonoran morning

    Great lighting composition
  14. From the album: Matches' Makes 02

    Sculpted in Zbrush, hair grooming and additional modeling in C4D, rendered out of Arnold, and post processed in Photoshop.
  15. Besides the portability of the ipad, what advantages do you find by using Forger, being that C4D already has sculpting and texturing capabilities? I've never used Forger although I've heard decent things about it, however I'm curious to hear about your experience with it, especially since you seem to be using it in tandem with C4D.
  16. I can't be sure what's causing the tail displacement without seeing the current scene file, however I would suggest a rig solution that offers convenience and control with minimal effort. The basic idea is to have two rigs for your model: one should be IK-spline and the other FK. The FK rig should be skinned to your model and be driven by the IK rig through a parenting setup. This would allow you the convenience of the IK-spline rig without surrendering control by using an FK rig when you feel the need. I'm including an example scene to demo what I'm talking about. There are other solutions to handle a project like this, but I feel that this approach should be a sufficient start without too much hassle. IK-FK_demo.c4d
  17. It's difficult to troubleshoot without seeing the scene file. Please post your scene so we can try to help you out.
  18. I've uploaded the file where I've gone ahead and cleaned up the joint rotations on the neck joints, and provided a rough example of the fk setup. Just an fyi, setting the ik control spline to bezier and adjusting the tangent handles accordingly will give your ik spline controls influence over the rig's P rotation. However this can give you messy results when working with the fk setup, so depending on your animation shot you'll want to set your spline on either bezier or something like b-spline, like you had it originally. I hope this makes sense. 🙂 Constrictor_0006.rar
  19. Hi, Sylxeria The way I checked your scene was by zeroing out the rig controls' psr, and then quickly running through the joints via the object manager with the move tool set to local to see each joint's axis. Until joint 23, the chain maintained a relatively consistent up axis, which in this case was the Y axis, but afterwards started to spin around the Z, causing the up axis (Y axis) to tilt off course. This is a fairly easy fix using the Joint Align Tool. Just as a tip for best practices, it's a good idea to freeze your joints before applying ik or binding the rig in order to have a clean starting rig or possibly to help troubleshoot later if necessary. Regarding best approaches for this rig - a spline ik is definitely a good base, but could certainly have it's functionality expanded. Just as an example, you could easily achieve an effect where the snake could roll it's tail up (or it's head) by creating an fk chain of joints or nulls and parenting the ik spline controls underneath. This is a motion and pose that would be tedious to manually animate using the spline ik controls. There are other features that you may want to add depending on the needs of your project, and these should be incorporated into your rig and built upon to suit your needs and preferences. I hope this helps
  20. Matches

    Noir - Xploding Cube

    You're probably right - I should give it a shot . Thanks.
  21. Matches

    Matches' Makes

    Thanks, buddy. Heh, it's nice to see the original Noseman weigh in. Thanks guys.
  22. Matches


    The lighting here is really great .
  23. Matches

    Mr. Spock Caricature

    Am attempt at a semi-realistic caricature of Star Trek's Mr. Spock. Programs used were ZBrush, C4d, Arnold, and Photoshop.

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