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  1. Hi, currently working on S26 and Redshift. Wanted to make a test rendering but the output is a small section of a shelf (the whole scene is a supermarket). Any Ideas? I made a new camera but nothing changed. Thanks Tristan
  2. Hi, I have a stone in a scene and I need for post production in After Effects and Photoshop the alpha channel of it. To make it short. IT DOES NOT WORK. Would be great if someone knows what the problem is. I attach the c4d file. I simply want a separate alpha channel (black and white) for the stone. Best Tristan Cinema 4d S26, Redshift shimming-precious.c4d
  3. Hi, for whatever reason I cannot extrude an object anymore. m-t is greyed out when in model mode (polygons, edges and point are working). Any ideas?
  4. Found! You may modify under Brush Selection.
  5. Hi everybody, how to I get rid of this white circle around the cursor? Or were in general do I modify it? In former versions with shift-v you had the point handle size to modify but this is gone. Working in S26 or 2023. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the comments, I learnt a lot!
  7. Hi, I have done lately some tests with photogrammetry. The result is OK, but the number of polygons is insane, So the new remesh tool in S26 comes in very handy and did a fantastic job, But still there are some bumps in the mesh. Any idea how to smooth them? I tried the new smooth edges and flatten but did not really work. I have attached two screenshots and the C4D file. Thanks Christian remesh-test.c4d
  8. Thanks for your comments! I did the whole scenery again from scratch, applied remeshes on the objects with insane number of polygons and it seems to work now.
  9. Hi, I am modelling supermarket shelves, rendering worked like a charm, but all of a sudden C4D crashes with out of memory warning. See the attached screenshot, there is memory available (I know the bucket size is small but same result if higher). Any ideas? Thanks Tristan
  10. Ah OK, I extruded the polygon and now I have thickness and this perfectly works for me. I do not need the cloth surface. Tried, but in the very moment I add cloth surface the reverse texture is visible...
  11. Hi, i have a simple cardboard tray with a texture outside (uv mapping worked great), the tag properties of this material it is set to front, then I have a cardboard material which is set to back. Everythings works perfect, but when I apply a cloth surface, all of a sudden I see the reversed texture on the inside of the tray.... Any ideas? Thanks
  12. Hi, do not know if I am right here with a xp particles question. When I am initiating a xpflowfield only a flat area is filled with vectors and not the whole filed. Consequently when following a spline (which I want) it does not work. Any ideas. I have C4D R24 and Insydium Fused Build 1036. Thanks Tristan

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