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  1. Uff, thank you CBR! So to clarify, starting from the disc primitive, you then moved the two bottom edges to make the legs, and then extrude in Z to add depth? What I don't get is how did you add the X thickness, which transitions from an arc onto a rectangle. If you could clarify this for me because despite your detailed reply I have no idea how to get from a disc to an archway. btw I still can't get those mysterious edges to display.. (using S24)
  2. Thank you @Cerberafor the detailed reply. How do you display the mesh wires like that? I tried to turn that on but I was not able to. I think the problem is not he boolean but the Spline Mask.... C4D letting me down every step of the way 😞 Is it pretty unavoidable to use boolean when creating an archway hole in a wall... I found this tut, but he does not really make a perfect circle for the arch, which I would like to. I actually tried making the boolean again, but this time with a Sliced Cylinder and a Prism. As long as you delete the duplicate face (top of prism and bottom of cylinder) the Bool works flawlessly. Too bad there is no command to delete inner faces... I tried mesh optimizer but does not solve it. Too much work for a simple arch it seems.
  3. Hmmm, I checked everything and the only thing that I could think of was the division of the rectangular prism from which my arc is subtracted from. I added more subdivisions and made the boolean again, and now I have a new artifact.... test2.c4d
  4. I created this shape with a Spline Rectangle, Circle, Spline Mask and extrude... why do I get this?
  5. Yes there is, it is common convention for Planar/Flat projection to work from Top to Bottom by default. The same reason why Plane primitive object, or any object for that matter gets created in Y+. There is definitely no reason for the Plane object to be Y+ right? A plane could be anywhere in any orientation. But the standard is Y+, aka a floor. Flat projection should follow this standard or at least be coherent with the Plane object: I don't care if Plane gets created in Z+, but make it both plane and flat projection in the same orientation! Basic stuff.
  6. Okay I see it... Why is the 'flat' projection set to XY plane by default is beyond me. I did not rotate anything. I expect the checkerboard to work out of the box... It is also incoherent with all objects in C4D which are created in the Y+ Axis...
  7. Hi guys, I was just trying some simple textures on a plane, and thus used Flat projection, but realized the texture looks messed up. I experimented further and created a simple material with checkboard shader as difuse, and it also comes out wrong... What am I doing wrong? Just try it, use a checkboard shader and apply the material to a plane with flat mapping...
  8. I don't think this falls into CAD category does it? But its proving very hard to model in C4D
  9. Oh man, why don't moving faces snap to vertex??? How would you make this face be the same height as the other face?
  10. Oh, I can actually use a Bevel deformer on an editable object, great! Thanks, that's it. Will be working with editables then, much faster to model. For those interested, I created a simple cube, made it editable, moved its axis to the bottom. Now this is the mother cube from which I copy and transform all other cubes. All copies get the axis at the bottom, and I can scale in all directions without the actual box moving in space (going below the ground). 😀 The only thing I might be missing is the vertex snapping, but I will be solving this with a null for now.
  11. Okay so the only thing that is actually stopping me from making my objects editable is the problem with the fillet/bevel/round edges. Suppose I decide on x value, but then I want to change it, what is the best way to modify a bevel on an editable object?
  12. It would be great if 'Place' tool would snap to vertex. So close yet so far 😭
  13. Will check those plug-ins, they will definitely come in handy from the looks of it. Just to be clear, there is no way to scale a primitive from another pivot that is not the center right?
  14. I mean, if you have a ground at 0,0,0. And you create a primitive cube, it gets created half below the ground! Which means you have to move it up everytime by Y/2. And then you want to scale the cube, to make it bigger, because you changed your mind, and the scaling happens from the center, which again makes the cube intersect the ground plane and go below it. 😓 Dynamic guides? You mean the snapping? Couldnt find anything else on the internet.
  15. Thanks for the advice! I don't think 'at view center' works for what I want. I just need the lowermost part of my objects to be aligned to the ground level of the workplane. Like aligned to the floor. But thats not a big deal, I can deal with that. Yea, rounding I can do in cube options or with bevel deformer, thats cool. I tried the null, its a nice trick, it just seems a lot of work to just move and align things. Maybe C4D is not meant to be accurate? Just eye ball it all? I guess null + snap is the way to go for now. Thanks!
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