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  1. more possible. No sarcasm. I'm learning c4d sdk to implement several things which missed
  2. Hello There is a nice tutorial from Entagma
  3. My 2 cents We do not need Hou. We have Scene Nodes
  4. Why not PolyNewbies? 😄 Igor can you build fork-capsule for R25?
  5. why maxon needs this forum? why not to have: http://c4dnetwork.com http://frenchcinema4d.fr ...
  6. sorry, why maxon should support this forum? I'm watching that they transferred redshift's forum under maxon.net next level, combine all from new universe of maxon products in new community
  7. Free edition of Navie Effex is perfectly working at R18
  8. Sorry, I'm feeling too many beta testers were not used SN during test. Probably you never open examples from flyingdango ... several scenes showed assembling such tracks
  9. Hello Can you repeat this stuff only by c4d nodes?
  10. Maxonies, will you back ProRender for C4D? (sorry, i do not like RS 3.x) Houdini Engine for C4D closer to RIP or burred deeply???
  11. really not finished tools they gave, i'm working with capsules and suddenly Inputs change size and detached from left side 😳
  12. Hello Ron Will you to use new Scene Nodes and Capsules?
  13. 🤫🤔 Someone from Maxon wants to confuse Blender users
  14. yes. maybe not only gui. appendix link update info - https://developers.maxon.net/?p=3935
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