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  1. esnoox

    Important Notice

    Sorry if I missed it, but is there a reason you are not starting a fundraiser before going behind a paywall?
  2. esnoox

    Important Notice

    No hard feelings at all. I hope it goes the same way. 🙂 Well, for the patreon thing: of course your time is not worth less. I’m just not find of the idea to get billed for the service of a forum. Not because I don’t see the work and cost, it’s probably because of the fact I’m member of discussion boards for almost 25 years and I’ve never seen one behind a paywall. Supporting an artist on patreon seems to me more reasonable (which may not be the case because you have bills to pay as well) Second, I simple don’t have the time to be as much invested nowadays than I think paying for it (no matter what amount) would be justified (to myself). Thirdly, as already hinted, I think “forcing” the community is never a move. I may reconsider but as a first impression I don’t want to support the idea… though I would support the crew via a donation if you officially start one. To be honest: IMO maxon should sponsor at least the bare costs of this forum…
  3. esnoox

    Important Notice

    Puh, as much as I understand the necesity of having some sort of income to cover the costs, I have to say thats not a route I'm willing to go. In times of already stacking costs in form of small subscription fees, paying for a forum is pretty much at the bottom of my priority list. I'd rather support another artist on patreon... Have you thought about an amazon affility link? Or an open donation service where everybody can donate as much as they want? IMO thats a better option than sending an invoice...
  4. Sorry for bringing up this old thread, but is there any chance for a reup?:)
  5. Maybe someone can confirm this, I had a pretty hard time finding the culprit: I usually have a second picture viewer docked in the UI for reference purpose. With this layout, EVERY Renderer including octane freezes C4D as soon as the frame is finished. See the attached layout where the bug occurs. It's a copy of my R25 version. Startup_2022.l4d Startup_2022.prf
  6. For me its an okayish update. Most of our modeling stuff we are doing in 3ds max since there modeling tools got such a great update the last 2 releases. The rest is nice to have but overall kinda niche... What I was missing but already expected it: no workd about an overall performance boost. 😞
  7. Well, Redshift is always a silent voice in the back of my head , BUT 2 things keep me from trying it: The tinkering with render settings and the overall look. All the stuff I see online from other artists look great in stylized motion graphics, especially when it comes to particles (another weak point of octane, though its getting better), but for ME the realistic look is missing... or looks with arnold, octane and corona more convincing. But maybe I'm wrong and it changed lately? 🙂
  8. Hi guys, I'm working with Octane since V2 and all in all I'm satisfied with it. I love the look, the simplicity of the render settings and the, with one excpeption, great network rendering capabilities. BUT: We all know how Otoy LOVES to brag, tease and promise... and delivers sooo slow or not at all. This, combined with a pretty wonky stability when it comes to the final render of a 3 month project got me thinking... again: Whats the deal with Arnold? The CPU version was all always the engine where you could just keep throwing stuff at it and it would chew through it. But since we have invested in a bunch GPUs (thoguth wit have 2 threadrippers), GPU is the way to go. So my question is: is it reasonable to make the switch? I Just downlaoded the latest demo since I read it features the new core and the GPU side should benefit a lot from it. So I fired it up, simple scene (plane and a forrester tree) and noticed it uses just one GPU. Alright, headed to the settings, it SHOULD use all of them (settings said 0 in the specific field) but since you could activate the GPUs manually I just tried it: a certain way to crash the program. Everytime. It is kinda demotivating when you manage to reproduce a bug after 5 minutes of using a software, so I stopped further exploring. So my questions are: Is Arnold GPU a valid alternative to Octane NOW? Would it be easy to have both engines coexist? Is the node workflow similar? Does it make sense to start a project with both engines and see what fits better? How about Performance and stability compared to the latest Octane? Can you use your other workstatiopns as easy as with Octane? I Would love to hear some thoughts. 🙂 Cheers!
  9. WC Team told me on discord that the Otoy version of WC 3 is coming Mid/End April... lets see how that goes. Another big failure for me is RNDR. It may work very well with enough preperation but I'm hearing for years now that they are working of a in app, one click solution. By now I highly doubt it will ever arrive...
  10. I used to be hyped when Otoy announced something... or even showcased. But by now, I just don't care anymore. AI Denoiser and Lights looked awesome in their demos. In real life productions it never worked for us because it never hold up to the requirements. Embergen is still in beta and nice to have access too... but the fully integrated plugins are years away. World creator just launched V3... but not for Octane users. Headless renderings is promised for years and on every roadmap... Toon shader is in development for years... and it looks like 2% of sketch and toon. Displacement is still a thing which can produce headaches... overlapping VDBs still an issue... And as much as I appreciates Ahmets great work on the plugin for C4D. I just don'T get my head around why they still don't have a UI/UX expert or even a second dev hired. So when there are talks about the next 10 years, all I can say is... "neh". But on the flipside, we still work with it and are satisfied for the most of the time. Arnold seems to have still big problems on the GPU, Redshift would be the alternative but I do love the simplicity and look of Octane. And don't wanna go back tinkering render settings... 😄
  11. You are absolutely right, the progress curve gets flat at the end, no question about it. What I meant was more related to the technical limitations, especially when it comes to performance. I know my way around in C4D and xparticles as well and I've done a few jobs using houdini. Nothing fancy and I am far from really using the software, but I do think working on a project is different in these two packages.
  12. IMO the biggest problem with xparticles (and to a certain point C4D in general, just not THAT obvious/strong) is: have loads fun the first hour, getting annoyed the next couple of hours, beeing frustrated when it comes to finishing/rendering. I'm currently working on a project where the tests/setups where super quick and satisfyingly done but refine it and bringing it all together was a pain in the ass. It's just one of these times where I thin... man, I need to learn houdini properly... for the 154th time. I know insydium once said they consider a node workflow for xparticles, which would be a huge step in the right direction. But it seems it's not around the corner... Maybe a bit OT, but I needed to get it of my chest. 😄
  13. Hi there... greetings from Graz. @IgorWell, at least relativley close. 😄
  14. Are there any news on when the missing icons will be provided? It's actually pretty bad that a final version shipped with so many missing Icons. For example: merge project, undo/redo view, save as startup layout. I expected it to be fixed with the firs update...
  15. Glad to see something new from Jascha... about two years ago I saw some news on "TFD 2.0" on facebook (adaptive voxelgrid) but then it got again very quiete around it. Seeing something new are great news considering how stable and good TFD worked and still does. And even with embergen on the table, having an integrated solution is a big benefit. I know otoy plans bringing it to c4d but lets be real... if otoy wants something done in one year, expect some updates on it 2-3 years later if you are lucky...

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