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  1. Hi there... greetings from Graz. @IgorWell, at least relativley close. 😄
  2. Are there any news on when the missing icons will be provided? It's actually pretty bad that a final version shipped with so many missing Icons. For example: merge project, undo/redo view, save as startup layout. I expected it to be fixed with the firs update...
  3. Glad to see something new from Jascha... about two years ago I saw some news on "TFD 2.0" on facebook (adaptive voxelgrid) but then it got again very quiete around it. Seeing something new are great news considering how stable and good TFD worked and still does. And even with embergen on the table, having an integrated solution is a big benefit. I know otoy plans bringing it to c4d but lets be real... if otoy wants something done in one year, expect some updates on it 2-3 years later if you are lucky...
  4. It seems I found the culprit... it was the same as years ago (now I remember). 😄 It is an animated value of an octane material. Mute it and it works just fine, at least right now. I can't say for sure I already had this material when I first noticed the lag though...
  5. Yes, it seems not the be scene related. The weird thing is, the same scene now just works fine... without changing anything. Additionally the scene is under NDA, sorry. Exactly, thats why I wanted to ask here first. The thing is, I can't provide much information to the support because it's consistent or re-produceable. My first guess was the driver as well Hm, nowadays it's actually quiete simple using DDU... I may give it a try if it happens again.
  6. Hi guys, I hope I found the right section to post this. However, I've the follwoing problem: As soon as a scene gets a little heavier I notice an awful bad lag when navigating the viewport, clicking buttons or switching viewports. So its not the scene itself which is slow responding, its the UI. Pressing stop and play again takes around 1 second. And it's driving me nuts. The best thing: it's not coherent. Every now and then it works like expected. Rough setup: 1080ti as a display card Threadripper 3960x 128 GB RAM Most recent Win 10 and nvidia driver I remember that the docked F Curve window caused massive performance problems but its the same with the standard layout. Is there same magic option I missed to tick? Otherwise I've to contact the support... 😞
  7. Well, I can't even blame it on the lack of coffee at 11 am. Damn it. 😄
  8. Then you should talk to google because it didn't show me your version when I searched for an xstab alternative. 😄 Would have gladly paid you some bugs instead of the dr tab guys...
  9. First of all, I really hoped my first post in this forum would be something positive. I'm a C4D user since R9 (hobbyist and student) and working professionally since R14. Since then, almsot every update was more or less a dissapointment. I stayed on S22 since 23 and 24 didn't offer any but plugin incompability and less speed and stability... and now R25, which I'm currently downloading to test it for myself. But after reading some stuff since yesterday I'm actually shocked how far maxon come. I new interface? I'm fine with it, even if it as blender rip off. I still expect it to serve my needs so I don't see a problem in changing it. But the lack of ANY other feature? Would be fine as well if the ominous new core would FINALLY deliver some real speed improvement. Each and every project I start is so much fun in the beginning and after 2 days its optimzing, splitting files and other stuff for rather simple stuff. Meanwhile my Threadripper and 2080 ti's idle and are bored AF. I can't even say what I was expecting are hoping for... but seeing even 3dsmax getting nice new stuff (the new modeling tools looked pretty sweet) makes me wanna get SOMETHING. 😄 We are only a 2 man show so a transition to another pipeline would be quiete big deal. We probably gonna renew one more time and see what comes next year. But if there isn't something with a bang coming, we really have to consider switching to blender, houdini and UE5. Beside the lack of new stuff to play around with it is utterly sad seeing the path maxon is choosing as a company. IMO bringin in an Adobe guy was an obvious bad idea. Everything the community feared is happening. Edit: alright, after opening it for the first time I probably need a weekend to get all my shit back to the way I want it. 😄 designwise it looks nice... lets see how it will take to find all the stuff. The biggest feature for mee so far seems to be the tab manager. We just bought dr tab for R24 but their licensing policy seems to be utterly shitty and xstab isn't working in 23 and 24. So bringing this groundbreaking feature is a real joy to see ;D
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