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  1. Not sure if this question is already posted if it is please provide the link. Anyone please explain what bounding radius means. Is there any method to get the data of radius of objects assigned to Thinking particles. I understood that the "Size" term (obtaining from particles through PGetData is a scaling factor not the radius/diameter (From Thinking Particles documentation). Please correct me if I am wrong and kindly explain the terms. Thank you
  2. Hi, Is there a way to kill particles emitted from an emitter after hitting particles from another particle system?. I made one particle system as rigid body and another as collider body but couldn't find a way to make rigid body particles disappear on hitting the collider particles. I am not using any plugins. Thank you
  3. Noted and Thanks a lot for the reply. I will try the steps you mentioned !!
  4. Hi, I am trying to create a particle system with "hair balls" (spheres with hair particles attached to it) as in the screenshot) I created a sphere and added hair to it and put them in a null and then to cloner. Then made the cloner as object to emitter. Now the particles are coming with hairs but the hair dynamics is not happening. Any solutions or alternative methods? This is my first post, hope it follows the forum guidelines. Thankyou
  5. Hi, I am Arun from India. Started using C4D to explore new worlds. Hope will get support from forums Thank you
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