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  1. Hello, I have 5 separated objets wich will be used to make a Point Level Animation. So they all have the exact same polygonal structure and point index, only the points position changes. I would like to know if there is a way to work on the polygonal structure of all of them in the same time. In fact, I would like to apply a polygon reduction on the first object, and then apply the same structure to the other objects so the PLA animation will still work. Is there a way in C4D to create a PLA animation from multiple objects, and then work on it ?
  2. Can it be done with MoGraph and an animated seed of Random clones ? If you make one Cloner for hats, one for glasses and one for beard.
  3. Thanks, I hope it will give a new way to unwrap the UV ! 🙂
  4. Yes I was thinking about NlinShader indeed, but I am sure there was another one, maybe NormalMapGen but I can't find it to download. But the result is exactly the same 🙂
  5. Nice ! There is also the Normal Pass of the Multi-pass of C4D but I don't understand how to use it well because it's black when normals are negative, so the result seems to be pretty useless, but maybe I do it wrong 🤔
  6. Hello, It looks like the phong wants to round a 90 angle, you can add a small bevel size in the Caps tab of your extrude object.
  7. If you don't want to use plugins and only the C4D features, you can make your own normal material with 3 layers of falloff shaders in Camera space, linear gradient, each RGB color in one XYZ direction (1,0,0 for red, 0,1,0 for green, 0,0,1 for blue), and make sure you disabled the Color Management in the Image Color Profile render settings. Apply this material fo your objects and the camera will be the render projection. I don't know if it's really that you want but it normally works for this purpose.
  8. Hello, The UV projections occupied my mind for quite a while, I made some tools to unwrap them, to make the edition easily, add features to BP UV Edit... But the problem was still the same, the UV edition is still boring to do and quite often we prefere to use the common automatic projections when it's possible. I was wondering, could we simply make other kind of projections to fit more shapes ? So I came up with a new plugin, the UV Projector ! It works like a deformer object and only edit the UVW property, it have some interesting new UV projections with the advantage to not have to make the object editable ! Here is some new projections : Rhombicuboctahedral : It's like a cubic projection with the 45° edges. Cylinder with deformations : Like the classic cylinder, with deformations to adjust the shapes. Half-cylinder : Some times you want to have only one side round and the other side plane. Y shape : It's maybe still a bit wobbly to setup but it gives a nice start. The last is I think the most interesting, it's a plane shape with editing points : Simply uset he point mode to move the surfaces points and adjust them to your object, you can literraly wrap it around your object ! All the features and download here : https://code.vonc.fr/projecteur-uv The free version is limited to 1000 polygons count with all the features so you can still enjoy it. The plugin is a part of the Vonc Suite that contains others tools. If you have other projections shapes ideas don't hesitate !
  9. Thanks all ! Wow, thanks very much, Igor, I send you a PM 😄
  10. Thanks ! Yes, I made some plugins for C4D that you can find on my website 🙂 https://code.vonc.fr IRL I am backend web devlopper (PHP & Symfony) but I make some Python plugins on my free time. I also make some WebGL stuff you can see here : https://4d.vonc.fr/ I see that there is a group for devlopper yes, I would love to share my works 🙂
  11. Hello, I am devlopper, I live in Paris, I use C4D from a long time and I hope find here a nice place to share and talk. 🙂
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