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  1. It works fine!!!!!! Thanks a lot Sandidolsak! I was underestimating the power of the Shader Effector
  2. If you can check the project I'm sending, you'll notice that if you copy the same shader onto the material, it doesn't match with the colors of the surface. I'd like to put an image texture on the surface and to spawn particles with the same color of the pixel on the surface. TP_Colors_02.c4d
  3. No. Matter waves texture option works like a trigger with a black and white image for where to spawn particles. I would like to spawn from wherever on the surface but copying the color of the texture beneath. I suppose it can be achieved with vertex color and matrix object generating thinking particles.
  4. I'd like to stay in R19 so no fields. The final goal is to make a Thinking Particle system where the particles spawn from an object and get the color from the texture of the object.
  5. Hi! I can't figure out how to bake a texture to vertex color inside Cinema 4D, any suggestion?
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