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  1. Hi! Thank you for your reply. I am out of office for a few days so currently unfortunately cannot modify the scene, but between frames 570 and 740 the jitter shows on rendered video, on the edges and the balls (I attached a screenshot indicating). My example video is a bit too big for the file size accepted here, sorry for the complication. I take care of it as soon as I get back. In the meantime, I appreciate every help and ideas.
  2. Hi community! I have a question. I am animating a camera rig which utilizes a camera morph. I needed a lot of shots so in order not to mess around with the percentage slider on the camera morph I adapted an Xpresso Rig that was shared in the community in order to convert the single cameras to index numbers. When I render the camera animation, I get a jitter. It can be seen on edges and in my test file on the balls. In my original project, I reference the camera with another camera with a spring tag attached in order to smoothen the transitions between the different camera movements, but this basic jitter proved to be resistant against elimination. So maybe I created an expression/order of operations problem. Something calculates prior to another that should be calculated first. The second reason could be that my camera movement is too fast for the framerate (30 fps in that project). As for now, I am stuck with my current knowledge. Does anyone of you have a better relationship with Xpresso/calculating order and can see a mistake in my setup? thank you so much in advance 30FPS_KameraExpressionTest.c4d
  3. Hi, glad to be a Newbie here in this community! My name is Franziska. I´m from Germany, I work in industrial visualization with C4D. I am looking forward to a friendly exchange, I keep bumping into questions when working in 3D on a regular basis and shared experience is worth so much 🙂
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