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  1. Thank you for all of your suggestions guys! I really appreciate it! @srekThank you for sharing this! I just tried it I'm not sure why, but I had two copies of Redshift. One in the plugins folder and one outside of it. After deleting the copy in the plugins folder it worked! Thank you again!
  2. @Ezequiel Kees@Cerbera Thank you guys! I'm able to log into cineversity and it still crashes. I'm also using the latest Nvidia drivers.
  3. Hi @delizade@johanalI'm sorry guys, I just updated the information. The Startup screen on which C4D crashes is actually the Quick Start Dialog box. I've attached a screeshot. I think since it passed the Start up screen it loaded the plugins, but I'm not sure if this is correct.
  4. @delizadeThank you for the suggestion! I don't have any GSG products installed.
  5. @johanalThank you for the suggestions! I tried removing the folder, but it still freezes. I've been on s26 for a while and it was working properly. I haven't changed anything or installed any new plugins.
  6. Hi guys! I'm having problems starting up Cinema 4D R26. When I try to start it up, it opens up until the Quick Star Dialog dialog box and freezes. In the Quick Star Dialog box in the left corner there is a message that says it waits for cineversity to connect. At this point the program has crashed and I need to force stop it. I'm having no issues with r25 and below. I tried updating to the latest version and checked the firewall settings, but it didn't help. Thank you for taking a look!
  7. Thank you guys! 🙂 I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that I was looking for more automatic solution. The Mesh Checker tool was exactly what I was looking for, works very well!
  8. Hi guys! I was wondering is there a way to remove these intermediate points (image attached) on the edge and leave only the corner points? I tried using the Optimize command, but it didn't work in this case. Thank you!
  9. Hi guys! I was wondering how can I convert a Object Space Normal baked in Redshift to a tangent space, so I can use it in Substance Painter? The main reason I want to do this is because I applied the "Round Corners" node in Redshift and want to keep the produced "bevel" from it. Also I'm not sure where to hook up the baked Object Space Map in the Redshift material so I can see it in the Render view. Thank you for taking a look!
  10. Hi @HappyPolygonThank you for the response! Could you share a scene file? The reason I'm doing this is because each inset node is assigned to a selection of polygons with "use islands" command turned on. If I use one inset node and input the selections from all of the other inset nodes everything gets merged together. My goal is to control all of the created inset islands with one control. Thank you again!
  11. Hi guys! I was wondering how to combine node properties, so they can be driven in one place. For example those three inset node. I want to place them in a "Geometry Modifier Group" and then promote the inset values to a single control which can drive all of them, instead of three different values as it is in the attached image. Thank you for taking a look!
  12. Thank you for the responses guys! @Hrvoje I want to add cuts on a selected polygon on a mesh, but not subdivide it uniformly, but add independently vertical and horizontal cuts . I'm sorry for the misleading example.
  13. Hi guys! I was wondering if it is possible to combine two subdivision nodes, so I can control independently the horizontal and vertical subdivisions, something like the knife tool? Thank you for taking a look!
  14. Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes, everything works, I see them in the viewport. As you said, I was wondering if they can be displayed on a openGL level, similar to the way the clone index number is displayed in the cloner object.

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