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  1. Update: So what I did now is i just started C4D over and over again and at some point it started without the Error Message. But the problem is, now that the INSYDIUM works, OctaneX doesnt work anymore even if i have both Plugins in the same folder. So i can either use INSYDIUM or OctaneX but I need to use both of them. Any Ideas?
  2. So i just recently got into C4D. Im using it for a cool Project in my school (im studying Graphic Design) Now for what i wanna do i need the 2 Plugins OctaneRender and xParticles. first i installed OctaneRender wich also worked perfectly fine. Then i downloaded the INSYDIUM Fused Bundle wich has the Plugin xParticles in it. after installing that, everytime i tried to launch C4D i got a Error Message (-> attached Screenshot) Is there anyone out there that has a solution? I scanned the whole internet for a solution and found nothing. Also i put a Screenshot of the Plugin and where its saved at in the Attachements.

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