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  1. I actually loved that interface, and kept it for several years after the new one replaced it. 😄
  2. This take is just rediculous. Please let's not let the thread careen into absurb conspiracy theorizing.
  3. You lost me at scrolling through Facebook. Eww
  4. Here in NY it is easier to find one if you buy a computer that comes with it, rather than try to buy it alone.
  5. Whatever your position, this post was hilariously written. 😄
  6. Well, I would argue that it's literally nothing like that, but whatever. In my mind it's just routine customer maintenance and good business to try to take care of new and departing customers without having to make a killing on every single customer interaction. If nothing else it seems clear to me that Maxon's reputation for customer service and customer loyalty has completely tanked in the last few years, at least in the admittedly fishbowl communities we see online, fair or not, and there must be some reason for that.
  7. Exactly. I mean come on, Is it more complicated than say, renting someone a car?
  8. A sale to a new user represents a new user to Mason, which Mason should be happy to have. They didn't used to charge this fee and now they do, and the fact that the software is tied to a server is the main reason they can.
  9. I could see the "rent to own" concept in software licensing to eventually become a thing, as it's a clear incentive that adds value to each payment the licensee makes and rewards them for longtime customer loyalty. and on a very human level, lets retirees retire with dignity. But it's obvious that the industry is not there yet.
  10. Maybe you didn't mean this, but I interpreted the literal meaning of this to mean that you want every combination possible to be seen in the sequence, and no combinations seen more than once, and that the animation should stop once every single combination has been seen, with no combination occurring more than once. That's not nothing and seems like kind of a math problem, but maybe you didn't mean all that.
  11. I don't know what a Null Effector is either, but I think Maxon should give us one. 😜 Null is the first item in the Create Menu, and it's the topmost icon in the vertical icon pallet that sits next to the object manager.
  12. I bought my first version of Cinema years ago from another user. Maxon did not make me pay for a license transfer and I was still able to upgrade the license with no problem. The reason they do it now? I'm not sure but I think as someone said in the other thread, because now they can?
  13. The rants mostly trace back to subscription though, so that's all on the new management. It's entirely likely the old management would have to have done the same thing, but the key is they never got to that, with the result that R20 is as far as I know the last version under the old management, is not subscription, and is the last version that users could truly own. (Anything tied to periodic server reactivations is NOT ownership! imo) R20 is the gold standard currently available Cinema version in existence, and represents the EOL for Maxon and Cinema 4D as we knew it. I personally consider R20 the finished version of Cinema 4D, or as far as old management could get to finished before passing it on to the next stewards . Everything that comes afterward is Maxon's second life. I don't see any reason for perpetual users to buy new every version. Just use the versions you have now until Maxon is finished with the rewrite, and then when you can't stand to not have what's new any longer, then consider buying a new version, if it's even available in perpetual. If it isn't, there should then be a decent market for the last perpetuals in existence, unless the lawyerly written ULA prevents selling them (because with server activation required, the choice to sell or not is not the owner's any more, another reason to hate server anchors.)
  14. Your feelings are completely valid here, I wasn't saying otherwise. I was just surmising what Maxon could be thinking from the facts before us.
  15. Thanks that's it. I never turned the GI on. Oops! But even if I had known I probably wouldn't have bothered. After seeing unbiased path tracer I never wanted to use GI again, even though I intellectually understood that it could be faster or preferable in the right skilled hands.
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