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  1. Maybe, but from the sound of it (seeing flipped normals that can't be fixed by an align normals command), it's not just poly reduced geometry, but also intersecting and overlapping geometry. So personally I would just bite the bullet and fix it manually rather than going thru the rigmarole of installing new and unfamiliar software and hoping for a miracle fix. Your millage may vary.
  2. It looks to me like someone took some very bad polygon reducer to the model and created an utter train wreck of geometry. I really don't see how there is anything can save it short of redoing it building by building (maybe a day's work) or some kind of automated remesher. If you paid anything to anyone for this mess then I would ask for my money back.
  3. This is not what happens when software companies like Adobe and now Maxon acquire new pieces of software that fit their market niche and subscription portfolio. Nothing from ZBrush will be ported to Cinema and nothing from Cinema will be ported to Zbrush, because in reality you can't just plop code or design from one software to another any more than you can combine two different artists' paintings into one painting. The only conformity between the products will be how they are billed and maintained, and we already see that change happening.
  4. The first workaround I would suggest, without knowing more about your exact specific intent, would be to use point posemorphs to modify the splines, which can then be controlled via xpresso or whatnot, and if you want to control the posemorph using a falloff, then that can be achieved with a pose deformer. I'd be happy to explore it further if you can perhaps explain what you want to achieve, specifically, rather than just how you had hoped to achieve it, as I'm not following exactly how it is that a custom spline drawn in the effector graph window is more "procedural" than a custom spline drawn in the VP.
  5. I would agree it's probably an internal priority issue. You have the step field set to spline in a plain effecter inside a cloner modifying a spline, and then you're asking the same cloner to take the splines in their post modified state and blend them, and on top of all that you have the results bouncing back and forth up and down the OM hierarchy using instances and what not, it's not terribly surprising to me that this setup doesn't work. Also I fail to see the need to do it in this way in the first place, as the splines inside the step fields seem in no way more procedural to me than just using standard splines would be.
  6. The hype from these companies is always completely divorced from reality.
  7. Thanks. Yes, I wasn't sure it would work till I tried it but it really is a nice example of the versatility of Cinema's procedural abilities, as all the elements had to work perfectly together all the way down to having the option of being able to reverse the direction of one of the Helix splines, without which solving this would not have been possible.
  8. I took that as a challenge. 💪 Is this not the desired result? File attached below.ConnectedSplinesMV1.c4d
  9. I tried to take a look at the file and it took like an hour or something to load. I had a look about before trying to render in the viewport and it froze up again, like maybe it was going to spend an hour in render prep, so I quit it. The one thing that stood out to me was the Liner 3D gradient. I wouldn't totally trust that shader to render the same as viewport, already it doesn't in some cases, even in its native renderer, and I would make low poly tests before trying it on something so huge. I usually use the 2d U & V gradient shaders and project them from the side to layer flat terrain.
  10. My point is I don't think you one can infer anything from it whatsoever. It could be anything from one fix solving hundreds of bugs or some coincidence of definition with a certain new class. Cinema 4D is what it is right now which everyone can see so it doesn't seem necessary to pile on about a probably statistically not significant one time differential in the bug ledger.
  11. Complaining about too many bug fixes. 🤸‍♀️😄
  12. If the OP was using Octane he could just eyeball the exact the result he is looking for while getting almost realtime render updates. As worthy as Standard and Physical were (and they are more identical to one another than any other two render engines you could ever compare) in their time, their time is long past and working with them, even as a learning exercise, to me at least seems like an unnecessarily massive waste of time and effort.
  13. You're first problem is you're using an obsolete render engine that might as well be 100 years old. It's just sad seeing new users struggle to learn something so archaic the knowledge of which won't serve them in any way going forward.
  14. MJV

    Software sale

    👍 Haha yes I remember Rui.
  15. MJV

    Software sale

    I can't remember well but Cinema just kept getting better all the time so it never won enough days to fully capture my fancy. Even worse, I bought Softimage (for way more) some years later and ended up never using that much either, though I was able to advocate for many of its good features that I liked to eventually end up in Cinema.
  16. MJV

    Software sale

    Haha, yes those are mine. I was so bummed when coffee support was discontinued. Would have liked to update them to python but then I never could find the time or motivation to learn it.
  17. MJV

    Software sale

    No more software boxes but camera equipment still comes in boxes. 😉
  18. MJV

    Software sale

    That's why I took a photo. It's hard to throw away but I have to clear shelves for new boxes and I live in a Manhattan apartment so room is at a premium. BTW, I purchased the LW software second hand on a whim and ended up never even using it. That was wasteful.
  19. MJV

    Software sale

    The receipt was in the box, an upgrade from R6 to R7:
  20. Not in front of computer right now but you could try turning on fake shadows in the Octane material, or whatever it's called.
  21. MJV

    Software sale

    If you're looking for a deal on the latest software then look no further. I have two great deals for you just in time for Christmas. 😀
  22. Hi. I was looking for this thread in the new Houdini forum and of course didn't find it there. I know that Igor has posted a lot of good content about Houdini but it seems to be scattered all over the place. Would be nice if it could be consolidated somehow to the Houdini forum or maybe even just links in the Houdini forum to Igors past threads would help.
  23. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the question, but already you can convert from one selection type to another by using Ctrl-Click or Shift-Click. For example, if you have a poly selection and Ctrl-Click the Edge Mode icon, the selection will convert to an edge selection and the modeling mode will change all at once. Shift-Click converts the selection more expansively.
  24. It would be nice to be able to restrict any kind of selection using fields. For example, using a Select node set to "All" that selects all when no field is present, but selects only those inside or outside the field when a field is used.
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