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  1. I did use Remesh/Quad Remesh to some advantage in unfortunate meshes, but usually i can do without.
  2. I use Cinema 4D for modeling 3D printed molds etc. for years now. For me a key element is to keep as many parts parametric as possible. Bools are knwon to be problematic since there is not always a working solution, but if you can adjust subdivisions there is basically always a way to make it work. In general it helps a lot to keep subdivisions between booled objects on a similar scale. Roughly equal polygon sizes are the goal here. I also try to create bevels parametrically using the bevel deformer, again keeping as much as possible of the model parametric.
  3. I can't count the many hours i spent cleaning up rubbish meshes for items i wanted to print. You would think that people who upload their models to Thingiverse etc. would do so with printable meshes, you would be wrong 😉 On the other hand it is really satisfying.
  4. Green? I have no idea, this would be a matter of ressources, possible risks, .... Certainly not something where my opinion would be of high import.
  5. I fear that often enough the solution to a driver bug is for the software company to work around it.
  6. I can only talk from own experience, while i was in QA we had identified GPU driver issues that were taken care of within weeks in the pro drivers and it tooks several months for the fix to come up in game drivers. If you had a different experience you were lucky.
  7. GPU manufacturer have clear priorities when developing and maintaining drivers and they are based on the target market. If you have a problem with your high end gaming card when rendering? Tough luck, any fix by the manufacturer will first make it into the pro drivers and, maybe, later into the game drivers. Same in the reverse case of gaming with a pro card.
  8. What i can see at HP is either a non matching Xeon Workstation or a mediocre i7. Lenovo offers the Thinkstation P620 Tower. It only comes with Threadrippers, so good at multicore but not as fast in single core as the intel, still the best choice of the lot imo.
  9. If that is your choice you are a bit out of luck. Xeons make no sense anymore for CG, their single core speed is to low. HP and Lenovo mainly build Business systems and their definition of business somehow usually does not match with CG work, if anything they target CAD, but those systems are a waste of money for Cinema and co. Xeons and Quadro cards are expensive without extra gain. I would ignore DDR5, the speedup is not worth any compromise or additional money imo.
  10. Scene Nodes outside of capsules currently work best with Standard and Phyiscal Render. For any other renderengine i would propose switching your node setup over to a node capsule. In that case you can use the object manager and all the objects specific to any render engine without any change in your workflow.
  11. I am not an octane user, but i would expect this to work if you apply Octane materials to Node Capsules in the Object Manager.
  12. I have Cinema 4D v4 and up running on Windows. The application itself is only seldom a problem, the installer are more critical. So if anyone wants to archive a Cinema version for possible future use, take a production version that you have installed with all plugins and zip it.
  13. I don't know why it was decided to not offer this, but i can think of a few issues, the main one would be that a good deal of development effort would need to be put into that old R19 code to either remove licensing or adjust it to modern standards. Also, espeically on OS X, there can be compatibility issues between old versions and current Apple HArd and Software. This is quite the can of worms over all, especially given that most users in that situation actually do still have such an old version. We are talking about a lot of effort for a very small numbe rof cases.
  14. This is a lot bigger than restoring some functionality. The whole structure of Cinema 4D changes over time and at some points we have to cut support for old files since we simply can't maintain the old state. Doing that would mean that we would have to maintain many parallel implementations of various features, where the code does not conform to any current coding standards or even works on current processors. Sorry, this is a problem on a scale that it would require a substantial part of the over all development ressources to maintain, with no other advantage than being able to load old scenes.
  15. Please feel free to reach out to Maxon support, maybe they already have a bit of experience with this.
  16. Commandline should use the same prefs as the GUI version, so if you set the Asset Databases correctly there they should translate to Commandline. You can test this by rendering from the commandlien using Standard render. If you ar eunsure if the prefs are correctly shared, you can enforce the usage of the same prefs folder by using this commandline argument g_prefsPath=
  17. There is a line to be walked here, between basic realism and artistic freedom (SciFi, not Fantasy). SciFi means that the base for everything is science and technology as we understand it now. That does not mean all components have to be understandable, but that the general make up has an inherent logic that can be followed.. A long running german SciFi series (Perry Rhodan) includes technical drawings of many of their spaceships. I love how much detail is sometimes crammed in and in many cases the artists try to base their work on the fictional scientific premesis. https://www.google.com/search?q=perry+rhodan+risszeichnungen&client=firefox-b-d&sxsrf=ALiCzsZWmolQmOeOFv3FE9ocW3pOxxGm0w:1655197269298&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi775Oqyqz4AhVYtqQKHXhPAQ8Q_AUoAXoECAEQAw&biw=1181&bih=1202&dpr=1.25 http://www.rz-journal.de/
  18. Let's face it, most of those greeble automatisms and helpers are targeted towards just braking up large areas into less homogene surfaces, they don't really add anything useful to the model. As such their use needs to me limited.
  19. The SciFi mistakes is an interesting video in that it reflects some of the principles of writing a good story. Especially the idea to not place details and items without cause. If there is no discoverable function, why add it?
  20. Way to set the stage with the big stuff 🙂 Since i am not an artist at all i have to start on a slightly lower level. Please find attached a paramettric Modeling function that creates a Groove from selected edges. As part of a modeling stack you can use it to create those grooves that can be found on nearly all surfaces somehow SciFi. It has options to subdivide and smooth the grooves to allow more organic shapes. Edge to Groove 01.c4d
  21. Outputs, other than the default op or geometry, are only visible and useable within scene node graphs, not Xpresso.
  22. The statistics tell you that the lack of memory does have a negative effect on your performance. The more the Renderer has to work out of core the lower the performance., this can be a very significant drop in speed.
  23. srek

    Corner Selection

    You can read the parameters of an object in the Object Manager, but not via the modeling stack, you need a specific link to the object and use the "Classic Object" node to read the parameters.
  24. What do you want to do? Changes to folder structures etc. are usually done via the operating system, not from within applications, especially scripted operations. Under Windows the Scripting Host offers a lot of power here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Script_Host

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