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  1. If anyone comes across this, the workflow with fields goes that you have to drag the cloner inside the field list, so it makes a MoGraph Field Layer https://help.maxon.net/c4d/r25/en-us/#html/FLMOGRAPH.html?TocPath=Create%20Menu%7CField%7CField%20Layers%7CMoGraph%20Field%20Layer%7C_____0
  2. Set shading to Color, then drag the Texture tag that is on the sphere in the texture tag field. Also set the noise to UV space, not Texture.
  3. You can do the same without fields, shader effector, then clone onto the particles. TP_Colors_01.c4d
  4. Hello, How do you setup 0% Weight with Fields, here is how it looked before we got fields.
  5. Add Vertex color tag, switch it to fields, add a Shader Field and load a texture in there.
  6. Good to know nodes will get presets! Whats the deal with caching, tried searching help files and can't find any info about it, even in "Interacting with classic Cinema 4D"
  7. Fritz thanks for this explanation, I get the disconnect between OM and nodes now, still thought in old ways (if it exists in OM, you can call it's parent instance or something) I guess this could be solved in reverse (when nodes will have all the deformers available), lets say building a generator type capsule, that takes 1st child as the source mesh, and next child could be a deformer, from which you would read the values and match them in the nodes. So the setup in nodes would be mesh2UV->mimicedDeformer->UV2mesh.
  8. Thanks Hrvoje, so this being off is somehow faster for evaluation? I looked to see if I can set it to default ON, but seems that nodes don't allow presets? Too bad.
  9. @srek So I was intrigued to try it with nodes but the first thing I try to setup, of course, doesn't work, I replaced the keyframes with a target object, it kills the memory node for some reason, it doesn't output the previous state, things like this frustrate so much 😞 I am pretty sure the setup is somehow wrong, but it shouldn't be, looking at it, it is so logical. rot_diff_0004_target_01.c4d
  10. Interesting, thanks for the info, I wouldn't dare matching the mograph setups in nodes yet, but someday.. sure 🙂
  11. Yeah, did a direct translation of the nodes and this is what it comes out speed = u.VectorMax(c4d.Vector(abs(math.acos(mx[i].v1.Dot(p_mx[i].v1))), abs(math.acos(mx[i].v2.Dot(p_mx[i].v2))) , abs(math.acos(mx[i].v3.Dot(p_mx[i].v3))))) The only difference is I take the largest value of the 3 instead of building the color, looks like it works nicely. Thanks again!!!
  12. Huh, thanks so much Srek! Will try to port it to python now 🙂
  13. Hey Srek, your cube doesn't change color at all, or am I missing something?
  14. Thanks for taking a look, but your setup gets similar problems that I encountered, here I changed the rotation keyframes, check around frame 30, it has a problem when it flips (goes white) rot_diff_0001.c4d
  15. Check the python effector at line 35: speed = (mx[i].off-p_mx[i].off).GetLength() Here he calculates the weight, mx is current matrix, p_mx is matrix on previous frame, he calculates the difference in position. I would like to change this to get the difference in the angle between this 2 matrices. Here I made an example with 1 clone it simply rotates, it should be white at the start, then red when it spins, and white again when it stops. The code is still original. rotation to weight v1.c4d
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