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  1. Uploading a scene file would be helpful to us to nitpicking the cause. Its definitely fixable.
  2. Shape of the legs are not changing, but I can change those easily too. Basically everything that needed to be constrained it’s constrained. It was a quick exercise so I didn't spent much time on everything I could have done.
  3. Ahhh yes, seemingly easy to texture but in the end turns out to be much more complex than it looks. Could you upload this piece? Only way to get good results is manual trial and error method. It also depends how your topology looks like.
  4. Igor

    octane vs redshift

    Well in the latest release guys from RS seemed to improve that by adding different UX and UI, so it should be much easier to get decent results from the get go.
  5. Really amazing, thanks for sharing.
  6. Small exercise for future tutorial. All this is done without ever entering the node network and touching a single node. All done directly from viewport. Mini_Chair_Project.mp4
  7. Glad to see you are making improvements., Interior looks nice, I like it so far.
  8. I can definitely confirm this, unfortunately Apple treating their customers very poorly overcharging most simple repairs and those design flaws are there for a reason. Apple also making repairs harder and harder with each iteration, so usually you need to buy new Mac instead of just simply repair it in case something goes wrong.
  9. To be fair, it was not M1 technology, so lets see how are actual things with those M1's. I am counting on Linus to tell us as it is.
  10. I had Mac at Maxon, but Maxon paid for it 3000 euros and it really didn't worked well at all, which for the price was disappointing. For anything bit more serious it would overheat, I literally had to put big fans around it to cool it off to make it work to some extent. So lets see how these works before jump on the hype train. Ill be watching YT reviews closely.
  11. Macs do look tempting, but giving all that cash, ugh...
  12. Nice to see them using Blender…
  13. Good luck with that. 🙂 Now, we just finished watching H19 revelal...and wowzy, just wowzy. It was amazing 1h 45min presentation full of technical marvels. I recommend everyone to just watch it.
  14. If I am not wrong, HE was removed from R23 already.
  15. Folks, we gonna have a small "Discord" party today for the Houdini Premiere which is at 18h. You can join PolyMarvels discord channel bellow in my signature. Once we gather there we could do intro to Houdini for anyone interested.
  16. He is employed, but its not something he really like to do. So he is working on some stuff and he will be applying to some game studios soon. 🙂
  17. @3D-Pangel I love your perception on this. I guess we could tell many different stories from the image. But you definitely have ne done ideas. Maybe in the end this becomes A story worth telling and creating. @FLima I have no idea what is happening, I'll have to Google. 😞 Artist who created the images is Nemanja Bubalo, you can find him on Artstaton. We have been friends for many years now.
  18. I think this is now sorted out, can you double please? 🙂
  19. Hehe, I dont know, PolyMarvels just came to me and stick nicely. Regarding a fork with Scene Nodes. I wish I can do it, but Scene Nodes are not yet build to do things how you see me modelling this fork in Houdini. I hope one day it will be possible. 🙂 I said many times, I am not going away from C4D completely, my day to day job still requires usage of Cinema 4D so I will be around and monitor Scene Nodes and how they evolve, its just they are not for me at this point. If someone could do it its Hrvoje and Shrek.
  20. Its definitely getting therein termss of ease of use and in providing learning materials. Cant wait to get my hands on H19.
  21. In free version you cant render out images properly and you cant use 3rd party renders. And if I am not wrong, you cant really export any scene files.
  22. I don’t understand this made for kids setting. I’ll try to change it. Thanks for the info.
  23. So guys I am finally ready to share a bit more info on what I am doing behind the scenes. By now, many of you know that I have decided to go and do something on my own (I will still be here and helping around). At this point I have created my own "brand" and a channel where I will mostly try to educate people about Houdini's wonderful PolyModeling capabilities and some procedural stuff, as its hard not to do some proceduralism around it, its to tempting. 😄 On the other hand, even with PolyModeling, a lot of things can be procedural. For now I have dedicated on my name of YT channel, and I also managed to create with help of a friend a logo which I found super awesome. It maybe don't have to much sense for what I am doing, but in the end I just wanted something motivating and cool for myself, I am not running a business anyway. Reason behind Poly is due the fact that Houdini have suffix on many modeling tools se to Poly and Marvels, well, seemed appropriate due to its raw power. 🙂 Banner is only adjusted to Twitterat the moment and its kind of Easter egg too, because that object on the left, which comes from Houdini is actually hidden behind my profile image or a logo, and it can be seen only if you click on the banner to make it bigger. I still have to create YT thumbnail and 2 trailers for channel intro, but now that I have logo and basically colors are set, it will be much easier. What I am also trying to create is a whole Houdini Wiki Modelling page which I am updating daily as much as time allow, but it will be full of good info. You can check it here if you like Houdini Modelling Wiki (seems like I cant share it at the moment) And, as I see there is more interest about Houdini, I also decided from today onward to simply record daily exercises and share it with you guys here. They are not meant to teach you much at all, but as I watch them too I get to see is there anything I could do differently or to get an idea is there anything that I am doing wrong. But, at least you can get some idea how I am doing things and how modelling can work within Houdini. If you guys see any value in them, I might publish them as daily exercise Playlist. Anyway, I am glad some of you are interested into learning new things. While sometimes can be a bit hard and frustrating, I can promise you, once the walls are moved, reward is so much grater. Who ever decided to venture on this path, Ill be more than happy to help as it also helps me to stay motivated and to push myself harder. Enjoy and thanks everyone... Cheers, Igor
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