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  1. Completely forgot about the Python Tag, and what it is capable of. Thanks a lot for sharing.
  2. In the past I have done some simple character animations where I used nulls or userdata to control the rigged character. I never took the time to find out how to use nulls AND userdata ... until today. (Or maybe I already looked for this in the past, and didn't find a satisfactory answer) Say you have a mesh with all the bits and pieces to make up a character, and want it to move or rotate. You could: 1. create a null, and PSR constrain the mesh to the position/rotation of the null. 2. create some userdata/xpresso to handle the position/rotation. You can th
  3. This isn't a script but a plugin. So make sure to have the folder inside the Cinema4D's Plugin folder. No need to hit Run Script, as the plugin is loaded when Cinema4D starts. If all is well, the plugin should have added a "Search" menu item into your Material Manager. You can use that menu item to launch the plugin's search dialog window. Or you can do the same from the Plugins menu.
  4. As a former plugin developer the idea of going to a subscription model for my plugins had crossed my mind. Granted, that idea didn't survive for longer than a blink of an eye, but it still did cross my mind. Selling plugins is one thing. If you continuously extend the plugins' features and provide your customers with free updates, as I did, you need to rely on some income to justify the costs. However, if you're making your customer pay for the updates, then these ain't "free updates". So, I kept to my principles, remained naive and kept most updates free, counting on new c
  5. Very useful tip there. Never even noticed the render settings had a render region option. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Igor is right that you put a a Python or C++ plugin into the Plugins folder, which you can locate by going to Edit > Preferences, and press the button at bottom to open the preference location. Except that this "Points to Circle" is a Python script, not a plugin. And scripts belong in Library > Scripts. With the Library folder being located next to the Plugins folder in your C4D preference folder. You can put all scripts (and their icons) into the main Scripts folder, or you can arrange your scripts into subfolders. Restart Cinema4D after copying your scripts t
  7. Are you using the Nvidia game drivers or studio drivers? Do you have multiple views open, or are only using a single perspective view when rendering fails? If single view, have you tried with different views? Again, if it only happens with a single view, have you tried opening a duplicate of that view. Is it rendering black for every view? Does it also happen with the front, side, top views? Or only with perspective/camera view? I guess you have the options to: 1. finish your current projects, and afterwards look into resolving the issue 2. make
  8. I don't have an answer to your question, but it might help others if you mention which render engine you have already tried. Does it happen with the standard and physical render? Different render settings you tried, etc ... ? Does the same happen when you render to picture viewer, or use interactive render region? You mention R21, but are you using the latest update of that release, as your profile only mentions 19.024? Do you have latest video drivers ? Does your R19 still renders fine, now you have installed R21? Just trying to pinpoint the possible origi
  9. Dash ? I feel like some laundry detergent ... You're welcome! But it's far from magic.
  10. New version 0.2 has been uploaded, which should solve all issues mentioned above (see also the Details tab, for more info) Since different version of Cinema4D have different Material Manager menu I have decided to simply append a Search menu item at the end of the existing menu, instead of trying to insert it into an existing one. As this would clash with other plugins adjusting these menus as well. I have also added a toggle button, which allows to show or hide the materials that match the entered text. Big thanks to user bezo for beta-testing the latest ve
  11. 1. Does the Python console show anything ? 2. Could you remove the plugin, then relaunch Cinema4D and make a screenshots of your Material Manager with every menu item selected. As I see from your screenshot you're using R21 or above. Apparently the menu items have changed since R20, which might be the cause of your issue.
  12. Thanks for the feedback! You are correct. I missed testing the plugin with lower and uppercase. My bad. However, I don't see the point in providing a preference for this. I assume that making it case insensitive would be good enough. Version 0.2 will have this update, but I am waiting for some more feedback before releasing the update, as I am sure I must have overlooked other minor but obvious annoyances.
  13. There you go! Version 0.1 of the SearchMaterial plugin is available in the download section.
  14. Version 0.2


    Search Material is a helper plugin to filter the materials in the Material Manager. Enter part of the name of a material, and all materials which do not match by name will be hidden. A "Search" menu item is provided in the Material Manager's menu, as a shortcut to activate the plugin. Unfortunately, it can not be integrated into the GUI as is the search functionality of the Object Manager. As a workaround you can drag and dock the plugin window into your layout and save it that way for future usage. Version 0.2 sees the addition of a toggle switch which allows
  15. I personally haven't had the need (yet), but I understand your request. Let's see if I can come up with a quick plugin solution to help you out, if you are interested? I am not sure this will be as integrated into the UI as is the native ObjectManager search ... let's see how far I can take it.
  16. This might maybe not be useful to you, but what I do is use spheres as eyeballs, and slightly larger hemispheres as eyelids. A separate one per eyelid. I then use an FFD to model the eyeball to the necessary shape. And tuck the eyeball, eyelids and the FFD in a null. EyeLid - anim.mp4 with FFD disabled it looks like this: EyeLid - anim (no FFD).mp4 EDIT: Forgot to mention the most important part ... With the above setup you simply animate the rotation of the eyelids. No morphing, no bones.
  17. I have read answers in this thread on a regular base when they got posted ... but I actually never noticed there was a poll available. For me personally none of the possible poll options apply. An Indie version would definitely have been welcome when I started out, back in the days with version 9. That would also mean the upgrade or MSA would consequently have costed less. Although I am not holding my breath for MAXON to decide and release an Indie version. And honestly, I am not sure I would be tempted in one ... especially these days. I am glad they released R
  18. I don't have any experience with 3DS Max exported objects. One thing I can say, and this might be related to your problem ... it might not, is that in recent past MAXON has changed the way UVs are visualized in Cinema4D. Before that change the UV's were shown in the UV view with the origin at the top left corner. Meaning that 0,0 was at top left, and 1,1 was at bottom right. Back then no UV axis was shown either. Since R21 (and the introduction of the new GUI) they suddenly changed that. UV axes where introduced, and the origin became bottom left. In short, the
  19. You are welcome. Thanks for reminding me of this conversion. I have updated the details to make it more obvious for anyone wanting to download this.
  20. dast


    Thanks for bringing this up. Bug fixed in version 0.6 Note: you can select as many edges as you want, and as many objects as you want.
  21. dast


    You have the shortcut scripts available, but according to the console you don't have the RingLoop plugin running. The shortcut scripts are calling the RingLoop plugin, and since that is not present ... nothing happens. When the plugin is available and running it should print a welcome message in the Python console, saying something similar to: "RingLoop v0.5 - ready"
  22. dast


    If you see the welcome message of a plugin 3 times in a row then there definitely is something wrong with your install. Unless you have installed the plugin in 3 different folder locations. Which you shouldn't do since then the different plugin instances will clash with each other. But in your case, only having the plugin installed in one location will not work either, as the welcome message clearly states you're running an unsupported version.
  23. dast


    You're using the latest R23.110? No license expiration? What does the Cinema4D console window show? Does it mention success or failure of loading the plugin?
  24. One minor thing to mention is that R20 also uses the project tool, so the explanation provided by Kent in part 1 does also apply for that version. For those wondering, R19 and earlier versions don't use the project tool, but require a complete different setup. Something which is quite a laborious thing to do ... and this for every plugin. However, I can understand that to some it might seem as quite an effort to get the environment downloaded, installed, and set up ... only to write a plugin. One tip for the brave ones wanting to develop for multiple versions of Cinema4D:


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