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  1. Is it ? Last time I looked it seemed to be you keep your current version, and just don't get newer updates if you stop the yearly fee. If you keep being able to use the latest paid version, that doesn't sound as a subscription in my ears. There have been times past weeks I have been tempted to get into Houdini, but life is getting in the way. I will be looking out for Igor's tutorial set, it might just push me over the edge.
  2. Last time I checked Redshift licenses weren't transferable.
  3. New version 1.44 available in the download section. Latest version is compatible with R16 up to R25. Added some additional options, see comments in download section.
  4. Next to adding support for R25, and fixing bugs, I have also added some extra options to show a tool-tip when hovering over an item. I have also added some background behind the items in the main dial to provide for some contrast. All configurable with additional options. However, I have mainly focused on developing for R20 as this is the version I am mainly using. I know the color scheme in R21, and especially R25, are darker than R20. The default values I thus have provided might not match those newer versions. Feel free to set up your own background color and opacity, as well as the tool-tip background color, and text color, font size, ... etc.
  5. Looking forward to more of this series. After reading the above article I wonder who in his sane mind would ever choose to be a developer. I sure wouldn't. Oh, wait ... what?
  6. I also found the way to disable the badge notifications. I had edited my original post, but you probably replied before I had submitted my changes.
  7. I don't really care about the ranking, but could we please get rid of the badges? I am now constantly getting notifications for every post or reply I make that I have earned a new badge. Simply liking someone's post got me yet another badge. Have now already 8 badges. It's crazy. Please make it stop ... EDIT: Just found the way to shut up those notifications, in the Notification Settings.
  8. I guess this is a consequence of upgrading the forum software. I got all kinds of reward badges as well. As for the age there might be something possible, but I am afraid we can only do "81".
  9. Unless you have the full installer(s) and latest updates you should be able to install pre-R21 versions. I just checked in my "physical backup" box, and I do have all shipped boxes for Cinema4D R9 up to R17. It seems they stopped physically shipping the software from R18 onward. If you download your R18, R19, R20 (and their updates) you should be fine for some "3D archeology". But it sure is that something is being prepared ... EDIT: just had a look at https://www.maxon.net/en/downloads/cinema-4d-past-versions-downloads and it seems they removed all updates for past versions prior R21. I was sure I downloaded the updates from there in the (not so distant) past. EDIT2: Just installed R17.016 from DVD and performed an update -> it downloaded the update for R17.055 Not sure how long these older updates will still be available.
  10. dast

    Clarisse iFX

    I have spend quite a few hours watching some tutorials in order to get an idea what to expect if I would invest in this application. First impressions are that this application would be a welcome addition as a tool for environment building I was planning in a few of my animated shorts (if I ever get the story completed to my liking). However, most (if not all) tutorials and reviews I have been watching only talk about single images. I have only seen a single tutorial where baked animations were imported. As of yet I have no real good idea what to think of this application in terms of animations. I mainly followed their "A beginner's journey with Clarisse iFX" tutorial series, available on their website. While it was helpful to get to know the basics and the UI, I found it a terrible tutorial to follow. I have watched a few other youtube videos on the subject, but have yet to find the one(s) which show the workflow of creating assets, animating them, importing into Clarisse, build the scene, render the animation. I still am unsure where to animate the camera? Is this an asset that needs to be animated in your 3D DCC and imported as an asset into the scene building? Or do you animate the camera inside Clarisse. Still confused! I would try the PLE if the saved files would be compatible with the purchased version. So I can actually use the work I created and not have to make it all over again once I had decided to purchase the product. Not sure I would have enough time learning from the PLE and not miss the discount-code deadline.
  11. Noticed this as well a few days ago. Haven't read the actual fine-prints, but I guess it has something to do with allowing MAXON to keep your data, etc ... Note that online activation has been present since the first days of R21. One of the reasons why I stick with R20.
  12. I had downloaded my installers already in the past (for plugin development purposes), but just to be safe I redownloaded them again this weekend. Unfortunately, these go only back to R18. I am still missing R17 (Windows). But having R16, R18, R19, R20 is fine enough for me to work with. Note that you might also want to get the latest updates on MAXON's download site, as I am not sure the installers are the latest ones. But I had the impression that latest updates were only available for a few versions, so get them while they're still available.
  13. dast

    Clarisse iFX

    Thanks for sharing. I purchased a perpetual license of Redshift before it went subscription to use with my R20. Still need to buy me a new computer with GPU to use it. Knowing what I know now it seems I better had spend the money on Clarisse instead. I had heard about Clarisse some years ago, but never paid much attention as it still was a lot of money ... next to the yearly MSA. Now that I have settled with R20, I am more tempted to invest in this Clarisse. And with the current discount code, that might just be the final push to take the plunge (... figure of speech).
  14. Yep, can reproduce this in R23 as well. If the SDS and child-object do not have the same coordinates it results into a null Same in R21 and R20 Wait a minute ... this seems to be intentional, as it happens in R19 as well. So many versions, can't be unintentional. I think they decided to put the cube into a null, since the origin of the SDS is different from the origin of the child object. Which makes sense to keep the child object with its origin, and provide the origin of the SDS as a parenting null. When you both move the child object and the parent SDS with the same amount, both origins are identical, and then no null is created.
  15. Not saying this can be helpful in this case, but it is also important to know where the mouse cursor is hovering over when you press a key. It took me years before figuring out that when selecting polygons and pressing the delete key that the whole object got removed from the scene, instead of the selected polygons. Reason was that -inadvertently- my mouse cursor was hovering over the Object Manager when I pressed DEL, and this seems to indicate Cinema4D that your intention is to delete the currently selected object in the Object Manager. Keeping the mouse over the 3D viewport when pressing the DEL key does what was supposed to. So, be aware where you're pointing at when doing things 😉
  16. Bonjour, bonjour. Bienvenu / Welcome
  17. dast


    Well, that's your decision. But I then would suggest to use your R19 as the plugin works there for you.
  18. dast


    Your profile mentions R19.053. Does it work on that version? In the Cinema4D console (Shift-F10) you should see a welcome message from the plugin. Something in the likes of "Scroll2Object v1.2 - ready". If you see this, then you will need to explain in more detail what does not work. If you see "unsupported version" then you're unlucky to have a not supported Cinema4D version. Up to now this seemingly only has been reported by people using cracked Cinema4D.
  19. Nope, missed Johnny 5 as I only had eyes for the sculpt.
  20. This is quite an introduction. First look at your project and my yaw drops to the floor. Reminds me of "Batteries not included", but mostly "Explorers" and "Flight of the Navigator". Ah, those 80s ! Great memories. Looking forward to your next results, both your 3D visuals as your 3D printed works. Thanks for sharing, and welcome to the Ca ... to the Core4D.
  21. Nicely done. Very inspiring. I am dreaming of being able to do something similar, but wouldn't even know how to get started with the woods-scene. Every shot begs for a tutorial, or at least a detailed break-down. Looking forward to more.
  22. dast


    I will try to provide a fix later today. EDIT: new version available in first post. I haven't tested it with S22, S24 ... so if anyone is willing to test and report back if it works (or not), it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone is willing to create some visual representation for this plugin as a 500x500 pixel banner/icon, I can then add it to the download section.
  23. @Igor I know the subforum titles are only a work-in-progress, but I would suggest not to include any number or names of DCC's in the title itself. As this title might soon become obsolete as soon as a new DCC is added to the list. So while "The beauty of 4 ..." might sound nice and to the point NOW, it might be already obsolete by tomorrow. Just a suggestion. Also, I am a bit afraid that the need to move requests to the appropriate sub-section might soon become a bottle-neck. Since you already mention that you don't have enough hours in a day, I feel that the need to move topics manually is a big no-no. Can you provide a tag for each of the DCC to be discussed? This would require the user who creates a request to select the appropriate DCC-tag. This could help manage the different topics. And it would also avoid the need to include the DCC in the title (as your example illustrated). On the other hand, when does one decide to move the topic? When does one tag the request as being "solved/done"? Who does this tagging? I have more than once seen people ask question in the forum, with members providing one or more answers ... but no further actions or response from the original poster. There needs to be some discipline from the requestor to tag the request, but there is no guarantee. Which will soon lead to a cluttered subforum. And I don't think moderators have so much free time at their disposal to clean up after everyone lacking discipline, right?
  24. Agreed that this would be a useful thing to have. But as mentioned above, I would suggest to name it "Workflow translations", or something similar. I find using "versus" immediately includes some connotations related to "competitivism", which this new sub-forum would be the exact opposite of.
  25. dast

    R25 Expectations

    Well ... give us back the "€700 for a yearly perpetual upgrade with Cineversity access" as it was. No need to call it MSA. No need for more frequent updates. And everyone will be happy. Now instead we have a higher perpetual upgrade price for far less functionality (compared to subscription).
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