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  1. I agree with Imashination. If you look at the top presenters at Siggraph or NAB for Maxon or Autodesk I suspect you will find very few (maybe none) who completed any masters program related to 3D. The majority never even studied any 3d at university. Self learning is the norm for 3d. I encourage you to jump into employment where you will gain real-world experience. That will teach you more and provide income over further expense. Ongoing learning is always a part of this career, but this can be done while gainfully employed, with free learning or via: -fxPHD -School of Motion -Udemy.com / Lynda.com / Skillshare.com None of us will never "finish" the internet, and no one will ever 100% master all aspects of 3d. Not even close. That keeps it fun and challenging. Another benefit of employment is that you will learn tremendously from your boss and your peers...and perhaps most importantly, from real-world projects. When I ran an interactive motion studio I would say about half our notable projects required new learning for our team. We would land the contract and need to scramble to determine how exactly we could best achieve our goals. I definitely preferred these projects, and I suspect you will too.
  2. Welcome, Rafeal. Hope your summer in Chile is sweet, and that you enjoy interactions here!
  3. I see that Sanctus pulled the tutorial. I'm guessing he realizes he has built something special and will make a product out of this. (He has several products already) Because of that I won't post the node graph formula. Here is the guy's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/SanctusArt/videos
  4. The math and node work was from a tut by a YouTuber called 'SanctusArt'. I created the petal material and also worked the nodes into a Blender modifier, for maximum ease and extensibility. One can now swap out the petal for a different object, choose a different material, and adjust instancing count, speed, etc. Spiral growth/scaling can be repurposed on something else, a pine cone for instance or an abstract design. I added tool tips that display the default settings, in case one wishes to re-set.
  5. Saw something that distracted me from my previously stated goals. Spiral Growth, Golden Ratio! The tutorial was in Spanish and a bit complex, and I'm exploring taking a few things to the next level with this. The animation will seamlessly loop, but here just a 3-second sample.
  6. HAPPYPOLYGON, There are a few ways to prevent unwanted clone/instance intersection in Blender. One of them was something I alluded to earlier, the "accumulate" node. Another way is with "Poisson Disk" option in the "Point Distribute" node. Of course, any approach (in c4d or blender or I would imagine other DCCs) is going to get stressed when you try to randomize scale and position yet also keep gaps from occurring -- such as this brick wall. Hope to explore this soon.
  7. I recall seeing your work over the years..good stuff! Welcome, Marc.
  8. This info might not be relevant for you if shopping for solo card, but could be for some here... I was going to buy two 3090. I now am likely leaning towards two A5000 instead. (not the A6000) The A5000 is about 8% slower than 3900, so why do that? The A5000 is blower style, where two cards can easily sit besides one another, occupying only 4 slots. By comparison It's almost impossible to get that w/a 3900...they occupy two slots and need the third slot vacant to not obstruct air flow. Fitting even two 3900s on any MOBO is challenging. The A5000 also uses less electricity (and thus less heat). GeForce cards are fine, probably preferred for single GPU situations, and even many multi-card folks often go 3900 w/water cooling. But I heard someone argue for the A5000 blower cards and his reasons make sense for me. (I avoid water-cooling and want to keep things simpler) Still mulling on it. /End Rabbit trail
  9. Theoretically I might be interested in such a license. But with all respect...we don't know you at all. I sure don't. Your first post here is an attempt to sell something? The spam potential and rip-off potential is way too high, and the idea of strangers landing here with immediate sales pitches is (for me) unwanted. A community is about trust over time. My opinion, anyway.
  10. As you note, Forester creates clones (instances) of many trees (and or grasses, flowers, etc). If you are trying to bake out many instances to a single Alembic file, I can imagine where that might be problematic from a memory/storage issue. Have you tried baking out single Forester assets and then doing the instancing/scene construction in Houdini? I have Forester but have never tried exporting assets outside of c4d. Another possible issue: It could be that the developer doesn't want people doing that as theoretically a person could hack all the assets and sell/pirate them independently as assets. So there could be something blocking people from exporting.
  11. For those who aren't motion artists...you likely won't appreciate. This example sure isn't sexy, but this type of thing is very difficult to keyframe, and virtually impossible if you need to tweak timing. Some have died on their keyboards w/motion like this. What it demonstrates is the power of layered math, which nodes makes possible. (FYI, Chris Schmidt built a great product w/Signal.)
  12. The preceding screen grabs and explanation set the table for a special node in Blender I will be using in a mograph style animation... featured in an upcoming sample or two. This node is called "Accumulate".
  13. As you might guess...changing one node can provide a different type of constellation. Again, just trying to give folks a feel for mography type stuff in Blender. Not as mature, but increasingly interesting in that capacity. You can also fill an object with clones, and of course everything is key-frameable. (neither feature pictured here)
  14. Here we add to the cloner the randomization of scale to each instance. In Blender, achieved with...
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