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  1. With all the changes in 3d land (and our world and many of our lives) I've got more song lyrics for you all. This time from Bob Dylan Come gather ’round people Wherever you roam And admit that the waters Around you have grown And accept it that soon You’ll be drenched to the bone If your time to you is worth savin’ Then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone For the times they are a-changin’
  2. I already have some good Blender training, but might need to check this out.
  3. I can't imagine any human soul that would honestly dispute what you've written.
  4. I praised your prescience and forward-thinking perspective. Is anything less than a wet kiss an "ATTACK"? You are perfectly tuned for the subscription/rental future and are happy with it. Roll on, BraveBogan.
  5. No real comment necessary from me. Your "wisdom" speaks for itself. No software ownership, home ownership, auto ownership, or computer. Does seem a trend. You are primed to flourish in the slave-scription world order. Congratulations.
  6. I could say something about Pablo and the situation, but it would be unsubstantiated.
  7. An individual worker or contractor is unhappy ~ergo~ Everyone and everything at company/foundation is toxic. says Lucifer Who would doubt such a sensible narrative from such an unimpeachable source? LOL.
  8. As with many here...C4d was a love and a passion. Two years ago w/the announcements of Maxon's new subscription (and the first of many meager updates) I couldn't help but think of Don McClean's song American Pie. Some will remember me posting this The Maxon trinity before they caught the "last train for the coast"
  9. Depends on your circadian rhythm, IMO. My mind is anything but fresh in the morning. Takes me 2 hours before the head clears. Been that way since I was a boy. I was captivated by Clarisse about five years ago. Considered it. The conclusion I came to is that it's really best for movies, which isn't my thing. Maybe I'm wrong but I decided it would be a distraction. Plus Unreal can handle massive scenes now. But always fun to see another artist's journeys and explorations.
  10. I was thinking very much the same thing. But the isssue here is more so with *the audio* than the animation. George Lucas says: 1/2 of the movie is audio. The audio sounds more like light wooden fragments, something not only lacking volume, but lacking the brittle sound needed. The audio needs to convey: volume, compound sounds of impact, fracture, and many chunks of various sizes all landing. We are talking a large metal item flying at high speed. This audio should THUMP, RATTLE, SHEER, HUM and SHAKE. Layered SFX could do a lot. And still further: consider the difference in sound of tooth picks, mouth swabs hitting the ground versus multi-size chunks of ceramic w/associated powder. (shrill, cutting, pingy, vibrating sound along w/the main thump). Close your eyes, play the clip, and ask what your ears are "seeing" Finally: -A camera shake might also be considered to convey impact. -The music/SFX mix should give way to louder SFX impact. I'd consider even cutting the music abruptly to get an emotional jarring effect...or retiming audio mix there so sfx extends past music. (Don't know how this would work contextually)
  11. Dave, as you may know, the reason UnReal is making huge push w/movies, shows, commercials is that you can get live previews (that are quite good, visually, even w/VR on set) but then go back and re-render 3d assets w/ultimate fidelity, re-process better green screen removal, and do typical post work. What makes all this possible? All cameras are tracked w/positional, rotational and temporal data. For bigger budget projects position/orientation/color/intensity of set lights can be live linked to 3d lights data. For the ultimate (ILM) use 360 LEDs to mimic the HDRIs of the computer scene. You can also add small hidden trackers to live actors. Directors now have ultimate power. Move a mountain here, add some rocks there, re-orient the sun in the sky. Ah hell, lets have two suns on the horizon over Luke's shoulder. See the amended look instantly. I doubt the specs for "StageCraft 2.0" are published anywhere, or that it's even a fixed/static set of specs. More a marketing term for a collection of approaches and technologies. Another thing in development -- Otoy is a key player -- is holographic 3d...truly like Star Trek's holodeck. Will first only exist in theme parks, exhibits, but might also impact film making.
  12. Agree 100%. Keeping it simple will allow it to be more flexible, fluid, discoverable. Great idea w/the tags. One forum for any comparisons of processes/different app....that's plenty.
  13. Don't have time to review/critique tonight, but I'll briefly add one concern UX designers talk about the importance of discoverability. Sometimes when forums try to add all kinds of separate rooms/sections...it breaks discoverability, forcing people to fish around for active discussions. It can also make navigation more tedious.
  14. This list of functions that you can do inside Unity or Unreal keep growing, both w/native features and through the vast vast number of third party add-ons. In recent years you can do some modeling, any/all of your materials, character rigging and animation, timeline object, camera animation, lighting, sims and even full Path traced rendering. Yes Unreal has a path tracer like Octane, distinct from Lumen. (not as good, but it's there and will improve) -Nanite and Lumen aren't currently intended for VR. Epic makes that very clear. Let's see what future brings. -As mentioned in previous post Unreal now has GI Path Tracing Renderer (distinct from Lumen, it's not real time) -I do agree about file sizes. Nanite is amazing but you can't go crazy with 20 GB meshes or downloading becomes a nightmare.
  15. Not every sample is something you would want in our portfolio mind you, but this is 100% real time...and some of the fluids, gasses look really good.
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