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  1. Hardcore Star Wars fans will wag their finger of shame at me. I almost forgot the "Fabritech Sensor System." Can't navigate or shoot down enemies without that! FYI...these are all viewport/Eevee screen grabs, not renders (This is my viewport when working). Frequently change the HDRI and lighting for testing. Just now noticing I need to slightly rotate a couple UV islands...
  2. Was lazy with the bottom of the fighter. I'll see how my limited work ages on me to determine if I push further. Also added the same striping to the wings insets seen in the recent movies. In this interpretation It's actual a very light normal map so it catches the light in different ways when animated. Its combined with that muted tech pattern texture for now. Next: work on the pod sides and top.
  3. It's an endless world of possibility. Another preliminary image, with multiple things unfinished. Here mainly another focus on wing frame detailing with Random Flow, which could be much more refined.
  4. This version by Wanaco is ultra-sweet, IMO, but starts to drift away perhaps from Star Wars feel. I haven't watched recent Star Wars movies, so maybe I'm out of touch. Am I wrong? I like this so much, but it feels more like a Tie Fighter from the Borg universe. Great SciFi eye-candy, but maybe not true to Star Wars.
  5. I haven't been a Star Wars fan for the past few decades and that proved a liability when I started my first Tie Fighter vanilla/base version. I got a few things wrong that needed correction. My front glass panes were too rounded and the Pod Sphere wasn't properly sliced up and broken into quadrants. These details are important to the Imperial Vibe. The Empire is focused on coldly imposing it's power and crushing anything in its way. The corresponding design look is deadly precision, hard angles, plated geometric quadrants. The Empire has no tolerance for human curviness or anything soft. Rounded panes? A smooth sphere? Hell no. I also got distracted this week studying Blender UVs, and refreshing myself with Substance Painter. Here I'm almost done with the redesign of the base version, w/out any detailing. Whether or not this is sexier than the previous version, the important thing is it's closer to the Star Wars Imperial design language. Soon the base features reformulation will be complete, and I'll resume exploration of paneling and greebling...
  6. As we know there is no single aesthetic for all sci fi. I enjoyed this video as the creator outdid Porsche's top designers for the design of a new Star Wars ship. It takes time, experience and a keen eye to deeply grok the design essentials of a particular universe. And even within a universe there are subsets. Imperial ships, for instance, have a different language than ships in the Rebellion fleet. Creating a cool space ship is much easier than creating a cool space ship that also looks native to a particular tradition.
  7. Those are some generous prizes, Igor! Often we see competitions with potentially millions of global participants and the prizes are often pretty lame. The gold prize might be decent but is often followed by prizes like "A one-year license of XYZ software...a $400 value." Pure fictional value, LOL. Here the pool of competition is reasonable and the prizes are super...CASH! Like MJV, I'm not feeling confident with the wide-open universe of 3d possibilities.... combined with the 99 polygon restriction. I currently have no clue what I should try to build.
  8. Hi Dast! I happily purchased several of your UV plugins but never owned PolyDup or PolyGnome...and don't have any recollection or impression of them good or bad. Thank you for generously posting those. I'll include them in the discussion as we progress. Edit: I saw PolyDup in the downloads section, but not PolyGnome. I must have misunderstood your post. Still generous and thanks again! Wish you all the best! I am committed to completing my goals with this thread. But there will be occasional delays, some short and some long.
  9. Super stuff, EIKONOKLASTES. Looking fwd to jumping into this more soon. I did start on a VBD cloud in Houdini today. Baby steps. This makes me think about what Octane does with Vectron, where it's not relying on polygons at all.
  10. Delays, distractions or detractors may come from all directions... We cannot be denied the quest for ultimate sci-fi
  11. Won't use this, but interesting result of the "Random Panels" on the pod. That will be useful in the future with some project. I also now see that running Random Panels can be a nice precursor to Random Extrude Summary of today... -Saw that Random Flow extrude features really work well on the wing frame and some of the ship bulkwark, and is a good candidate to play role in final design -Determined I really need to re-design Pod front glass framing Final summary image for current status: ...When we next resume we'll check out another feature in RandomFlow....the option to Random Scatter some greeble...
  12. Good, Bad and Ugly ... Important to sometimes post unfinished and unflattering images to share learning...and get all the way to the goal. Feature #2 with Random Flow is "Random Panels" There are a lot of options. An important distinction is that here base geometry is altered, where the previous feature is non-destructive. I got smoother results than this screengrab when I subdivided the base geo, but only after I crashed when I'd sud-divided too strongly. There are again many variables to select from, including triangulate which might be more useful for Alien style sci-fi.
  13. Design work is hit and miss. Even without tweaks and proper materialsI like what I'm getting with RealFlow on most things...Such as this here: I was jolted when I first saw this blob, but realized it was caused by inheriting "Shade Smooth" from the parent object. Changing to "Shade flat" resolved. (Blender folks know all about "Shade Smooth/Flat.) But even after this fix, and expanding coverage....didn't like the look on the command pod hatch door.
  14. Starting to dislike how I designed the front glass on this model. Thought the smoother rounded framing was cool, but it's really not matching the design vibe or original reference. That and the frame and blades are too large. Might need to redo this.

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