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  1. I have nothing but praise for TFD and Jascha (if only all developers were like him...sigh) but from a feature perspective it was getting over-shadowed by XP so I started to use XP. This brings me back to Jawset -- especially the improvements on volume shading and the ability to directly control the glows and the "crusty" nature of an explosion. That was always the toughest part of TFD (for me at least). Now, what I find interesting is that while particles are being used, there is no mention of fluids? Nor could I discern any fluid "looking" icons in that screen shot of the interface. Is fluids part of "Reactions"? Finally, can "Reactions" work with fields? Very happy to see this development work. It was "hinted" about in the distant pass so eager to give it a download. Dave
  2. Okay....30 seconds into the launch reveal and here is one outstanding conclusion. It is professionally done. It is in crisp focus and with clear sound. It is NOT a zoom call with the camera staring up the CEO's nose at some bizarre angle with muddled sound and frame rates that drop out. It is shot on a professional stage that is professionally lit and NOT shot in someone's garage, kitchen or hotel room. Amazing that Side Effects can afford this from the revenue of really only one core product and with Indie licensing to boot. Glad to see that SideFX takes pride in their software and treats their users with respect by taking the time prepare a clear and enticing launch video. When I watch a video such as this, one thing is clear: They are working to "earn" your business. You just don't get that same vibe from poorly produced and unprofessional launch videos as those we have seen in the recent past. Dave ....do I need to be more clear about the contrast of this launch video and those we have seen in the past from "other" programs ? If you haven't made the connection yet....think back to September.
  3. Does R25 still support Houdini Engine. C4D is no longer listed on the Houdini Engine plugin page. Was support for Houdini engine removed as the implementation of nodes and capsules takes shape? If so, that is short sighted (IMHO) as I think inter-operability between two platforms only increases user acceptance of both platforms. I also don't think R25 is going to be a "go to" application for those who want the benefits that a procedural workflow gives you. Learning Houdini while keeping C4D could have been a good strategy had Houdini engine for C4D still existed. Removing it does NOT change my desire to learn Houdini but it does change my desire to keep C4D. Just another case where Maxon takes something away. Dave
  4. Amazing talent...just amazing. Please tell me that Mr. Bubalo is actively employed as his work history ends in 2018. If his talent does not keep him employed doing what he loves, then I will be seriously depressed. Dave
  5. I subscribed to your YouTube channel and activated the notifications button. I love the logo...it has spunk! It also rocks a really strong Marvel's vibe (as intended) without bringing itself to the attention of the Disney IP protection police. It flirts with it, but does not cross the line (they may have an issue with the outline of Thor's hammer, but honestly I don't think they would bother). Kudo's to the artist who created it! So do we call the hero "Houdini Man"? And is he launching lightening at the primitive or the other way around? Maybe he is in a battle with the primitive because it is only made up of triangles. When Houdini Man defeats it that primitive becomes all Quad's --- at which point the Eternals (Cerbera, Vector, Contrafibulatories) appear in a blaze of glory and invite you to the alternate universe in which only quads exist. ...yeah....I could go on but that is enough for today. Dave
  6. Agreed...very helpful. I would love to get your thoughts on v19 when it is released relative to usability. Also, how does the fluid solver compare in complexity to XP? I did notice that there are a number of ready made presets in the menu bar but do the nodes follow an internal logical consistency whether it be smoke, liquids or grains? Or is a different workflow required for each different type of effect? Thanks, Dave
  7. Can you help me unpack these two sentences. "It does not renew (yet), you have to purchase a new license after it expires". I would assume you mean that with the Indie license, there is no automatic renewal and you can continue to purchase Indie licenses year after year. At first read, it almost sounds like you can ONLY get the indie license for 1 year afterward you need to upgrade to either FX or Core. Ridiculous conclusion I know, but please humor me. The Indie license details are as follows: Note that you can use Indie on two computers (one artist -- or one activation at a time). That is good! Interesting that you cannot use Indie files in FX but can use FX files in Indie. That does not make sense in that you would think that the motivation would be for you to upgrade to FX - so why not take your work with you from the Indie version when you upgrade. That works to the advantage of the Indie user so please confirm as there was nothing I could find on this at the SideFX web-site. Also can anyone explain the difference between: .hiplc .hipnc .hdalc .hdanc Are these file formats unique to each version of Houdini? Understanding these file formats may help explain the inter-operability between versions. Honestly, the main attraction for me with Houdini Indie is the fluid FX so Indie is the only way to go. Houdini FX annual upgrade costs are a bit extreme at $2500/year (and I thought Maxon was bad). Dave
  8. I am actually going to start with the free version and see how it goes. It does not feel as intimidating as I originally feared. It actually feels like a fully matured, more powerful and better implemented version of R25 capsules. I love how you can model in real time (just like any other 3D application) and the node tree is created as you work giving you a 100% non-destructive workflow. Procedural modeling aside, the interface is cleaner than Blender's which is also a welcome surprise. So while I have been learning Blender, there is a part of me that says: "Why go through that transition when - with a little more effort to grasp the procedural nature of things - I could be learning an amazing program that leads the industry?". The risk is the same (both free with Apprentice) and even should I become more comfortable, the cash outlay of $270/year is really minimal compared to the alternatives (hey -- X-Particles alone costs just as much). I don't know...I never saw myself leaning into Houdini...ever. But until Igor started posting his tutorials, I never really knew Houdini. I just dismissed it as a high-end powerful package for seasoned professionals only. For me to use it would be (to coin James Cameron) punching above my weight class. Lots to consider here. I blame you Igor.🙂 No. Just kidding. Thank you for taking that first step for me!!! Dave
  9. I am seriously interested and I could not think of a better teacher. -Dave
  10. Sign me up! Not to steal from Igor's training --- but Udemy has this 13 hour Houdini bootcamp for beginners on sale now: https://www.udemy.com/course/houdini-create-full-cg-chocolate-commercial-in-houdini/ ADDENDUM: I just caught the previous post. Not a problem! As Houdini also supports Redshift, I would be considering the Indie version. Yes....I know it is a subscription but something about paying $270/year rather than $720 a year (a $450 difference) for a fully featured best-in-breed industry standard just makes it...OK. Funny how that works. Dave ADDENDUM 2: Found this FREE course on procedural modeling for beginners in Houdini 16.5 (10.5 hours of training).
  11. Two more points: Any plugins installed (eg. Octane)? I am assuming not, as you have installed/re-installed R25 multiple times. And have you put in a support request to Maxon as it would be interesting to hear what they have to say. Dave
  12. Igor, Hmmmm....unrestrained capability in all areas at Indie prices? ...now why would you be attracted to that? 🙂 The more videos I see of the interface, the less intimidating it becomes. Dave
  13. Welcome to Core4D! Looking forward to that friendly exchange as much as you are! Dave
  14. Excellent Igor. I think you are definitely going to have an impact in the Houdini community --- especially if you focus on demystifying the belief for many that Houdini is unapproachable due to its complexity. Simplifying Houdini as you have done with your first tutorial is a huge untapped market (IMHO). Keep going! Dave
  15. Agreed....with Cerbera leading the list. Some YouTube sites to visit (if you had not visited them already): First up, the Core4D Youtube channel. Many playlists, but here is the one on modeling Next, some very good channels by Core4D regulars: Digital Meat Wolf 4D 3D Fluff And rounding out the list: Polygon Pen Other more well known C4D channels that cover a bit of everything: Rocket Lasso School of Motion Noseman (or Anthanasios Pozantzis) In no way a complete list and I definitely missed some really great tutorials put out by C4D legends as I put this list together pretty quickly, but this should get you started. Dave
  16. Welcome Hamad. Glad to have you. What areas do you think you struggle with the most? Dave
  17. It looks interesting and I like the visual history that is provided. How would it compare to RocketLasso's Recall plugin (found here) in terms of storing/restoring your workflow history? The interface for Snowtrack is more informative but Recall (as a series of tags) "appears" more flexible. Just wanted to get your opinion....and I do not own Recall so my questions come from watching their demo's as opposed to using plugin. Dave P.S. So with two plugins concerned with change management workflow coming on the market, I wonder what that means for C4D's native Takes system introduced in R17 (the only notable feature in an otherwise bland release....or at least bland enough that it forced 3D-Kiwi's exit). IMHO: I always thought Takes was too cumbersome to use. The creation of these plugins would appear to confirm that opinion but just wanted to hear what others had to say.
  18. +1 for the courses here. Hrvoje's courses are well explained and logically presented and he just released a full set of training for R25. Dave
  19. +1 for showing the key strokes +1 for dropping the side bar video window after the intro +1 for adjusting the mic to pick up more of your voice than the background (and maybe make it appear like it is not the size of a watermelon 🙂) Who is the target audience for this tutorial. Complete newbies starting from ground zero or newbies who understand the rudimentary basics of the interface? I ask because there were a couple of times you pulled up windows without explaining how you got there. If the automatic keystroke software covers that gap, then it may be covered. But always consider that the viewers eyes are going to be on the mouse -- it is human nature for the eye to naturally follow the only moving thing on the screen. With that said, the key stroke commands are going to appear on the bottom and only be there until you hit another key. Therefore, the viewers eye's may not catch it or catch it for the next command rather than the one they missed. So talking them through it at all times (or at least the first couple of times) prevents that confusion. Also consider that even with a 4K image on a 25 inch high def monitor (2566x1440), the text below the Houdini icons on the top row are not quickly identifiable --- at least for a complete newbie like myself who is trying to absorb everything. So if you don't mention the command when you click on the icon, then I have stopped following your lesson and reading the menu. By the time I do figure it out, you are two more commands down the road. I guess my point is this: teach at a pace and with enough verbal explanation so that the viewer does NOT have to hit the pause button and rewind. If the newbie student has to hit pause and rewind more than twice in a minute of lecture, attention fatigue will set in. Review your videos with that goal in mind. Look for those points where there was an action without and explanation. Now, I think you are a great teacher and I am amazed how far you have come with the toughest package on the market in such a short time. But we are not all like you. Me personally, I am an idiot and I need to be carried gently from ground zero. So please do not take these comments personally....I am just speaking for idiots everywhere! 🙂 Dave
  20. What was that line in Ready Player One? "We estimate we can sell up to 80% of a players visual field of view with ads before seizures occur" Gee...I wonder how the C4D UI would look in this world. Dave
  21. 100% agree. But that is not my real fear. My real fear is when Apple or Microsoft go 100% subscription. Imagine a future where you cannot even purchase new hardware without signing onto a monthly license fee for the OS. Dave
  22. What I find interesting is that Insydium no longer makes public what is the latest version of Cycles. I thought Cycles 550 was the latest version as that is what is available for download via your current maintenance program. I have yet to switch to Fused and searched for the latest version number but could not find it. Only via this thread did I learn it was 557. Not sure when that that was released or how it is different than 550. Not sure why they are making things difficult. Lack of transparency during a shift in their licensing policy is never a good strategy but it just seems to be part of the process with companies these days. Whether that is intentional or just a symptom of all the complexities with that transition remains to be seen. Dave
  23. Maybe we should end the thread on that note as it is essentially true (no one knows the future) and reminds us to be thankful for today. Just a thought. Dave
  24. The most powerful combination in software development is when a user is the developer. Only with that combination will you get the tools that are both needed and work the way you need them to work. As companies grow, that pairing of abilities can be lost. If you read the job descriptions, you find more of a focus on a candidates proficiency in the core language (C++, python, etc) and who capable of transforming technical papers into code. Rarely do you see the requirement of being a 3D artist in the job description. Some companies like Insydium, overcome that gap by hiring a "resident artist" such as Mario Tran Phuc who pushes the platform to ever greater and greater capabilities. That works! Not sure if Maxon has a "resident artist" on the payroll. The closest I have seen that happen was probably in R24 as most of its new features were tailored the needs of artists like Beeple (eg, the ability to grab stuff from a library pretty efficiently and scatter them all over your work in kitbash fashion). But I am not sure if Beeple is on the Maxon payroll (nor does he need to be). Going back to Matches post, he has hit the nose square on the head: How is Maxon competing? Is it even competing? I loved this example he provided on Blenders sculpting tools vs. Z-Brushes: So when was the last time you saw Maxon quickly compete with a competitor on a new feature? Maybe with Maya on the addition of dynamic MoGraph modifier in R22 when Maya was adding fluids to their motion graphics suite of tools. Unfortunately Maxon was only able to implement particles effects while Maya was doing fluids. So points to Maya on this round. I know we all think the new "core" will bring a vast treasure trove of riches to C4D once "fully" implemented...but that transition is now looking like a 10 year journey and that is just too long in this world. Sorry, but better bevel capability should not be the only benefit we should be seeing from this new core at this point. I know there are some viewport improvements, but it seems that you need to be using Scene Nodes to appreciate that benefit. If Scene nodes is the ONLY way we will see the full manifestation of the new core, then that is a HUGE problem because it totally changes the one thing that keep users tied to C4D: the way we interact with the program. Right, wrong or indifferent, Scene nodes changes that interaction. Capsules restore a good deal of that "ease of use", but I am not seeing the increase in viewport performance -- especially with the greeble modifier. Increase the polygon count on the source object and watch C4D slow to a crawl. That is not how I thought the new core would behave. Honestly, the fastest growing development at Maxon is the license server (IMHO). Certainly more changes there than on C4D's ability to catch-up on features to the competition. Not including Redshift as the default renderer for C4D but cancelling its perpetual licensing is a one example of what is a priority to Maxon: growing revenue via subscriptions with their existing user base rather than growing the user base with new features to the software. This priority does indicate that Maxon is not even trying to compete on features. This should not be surprise to anyone as it has been the #1 complaint from the user community. Don't even try to defend it because the weight of evidence is against you (and this thread is long enough). Dave Wasn't that Per Anders? And didn't he leave? Dave
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