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  2. I honestly believe that Insydium is trying to do the right thing by their customers. Remember, everything you are reading here about Cycles no longer being updated is PURE SPECULATION! Nothing official has been said. I agree that the simple fact that XP is continued to be sold as perpetual license while Cycles moves to a subscription only license and is being bundled with a bunch of other plugins via Fused does not look good for the long term prospects of Cycles. It is never easy to cancel a product as you will always anger some customers. But, with that said, I do honestly believe that should Insydium announce no further development on Cycles that they are trying to accommodate the customer as much as possible. IMHO, in this age of Adobe crooks and Adobe wannabe's, Insydium is a pretty decent company. Their history shows they make providing outstanding value to the customer a top priority. You really can't ask for more than that. Nevertheless, please remember that this is ALL SPECULATION. The only thing we really know for certain is that Cycles is now subscription only. Dave
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  4. WTF? Cycles4D Perpetual simply stopped? No email to a paying Cycles4D customer, no announcement on their page, no special thread here, nothing. I only stumbled over this in this thread accidently. Not the kind of business demeanor I expected from them. Shit. I can understand their decission, if it was not profitable. But their (non existing) communication really pisses me off. It is really like nobody cares for the customer, just cash (yeah I know, that's the harsh reality and I should not be surprised; I guess I watched to much Star Trek and am a bit idealistic). That's really sad, as Cycles4D allowed me to stay up to date at least with regard to rendering with my R21. There was something to look forward to... That said: I guess there will be no update to Cycles4D in the remaining 4 months of my maintainance period... I hope they prove me wrong but right now they are just one indsidious company among many. I think they will schedule the next update such that no perpetual user will profit from it. Oh damn, I was soo looking forward to Cycles-X So in 2021 Cinema4D really freezes for non-pro users. First Prime is stopped, then ProRender (a feature we paid for) is removed before it came even close to its potential (and surely this had nothing to do with the fact that MAXON wants to sell Redshift additionally), and now Cycles4D is not affordable for hobby users anymore. Sounds almost like a conspiracy to drive all remaining non-pro users away from C4D. Great 😕 Ah shit. Damn. No excuse anymore to not spend more time in that other software ...
  5. Igor is a special case, you can't upvote his posts. For everybody else it should work, Button is at the bottom right of every post 😉
  6. You don't actually need any plugins to use HDRIs in Cinema - you can load them directly into materials to apply to sky objects. Also Cinema comes with a fair few HDRIs so you can search for them in the Asset Browser. Or you can just search search Google for HDRI to find maps to use, some of which will be free. I like the ones at polyhaven personally https://polyhaven.com/hdris The people to help you install the GSG stuff are their own support staff. CBR
  7. I'll focus solely on the plugin installation question and leave the HDRI pack question up to others. C4D S24 still has a plugins folder, by default it is just no longer where it was in the past. The reason is, in a securely setup Windows/MacOS a user should not have write access to the directories where applications get installed. Instead it is located within C4D's folder in your user's directory (aka home directory). As the location and naming scheme depends a lot on the actual operating system, I rather describe, how to easily locate it, instead of telling a path, which is most likely wrong for you. 1) In C4D open the Preferences. 2) At the bottom of the preferences dialog, there's a button "Open Preferences Folder...". Press it. 3) In the now opening Explorer/Finder you should see a "plugins" folder, where you can install your plugins into. But the above is only one option. You can also still insist to have a "plugins" folder in C4D's installation folder. You only need to create it and it can be used as before. Though for system integrity reasons I wouldn't really recommend this. Next and maybe most conveniently you can also create an arbitrary directory where ever it suits you and install plugins there. Then inside C4D in the Preferences dialog go to the "Plugins" page and add the directory there. Just a word of caution for this last option: Even with this option, create one of these directories per major version of C4D. It may be tempting to use such a directory for multiple different versions of C4D (in order to have plugins installed only once). As long as you are not absolutely sure, what you are doing, I'd say, rather resist the temptation. Since a few versions, there are so many under the hood changes in C4D, that one most likely needs a new version of a plugin tailored to a specific C4D version. Making wrong versions of a plugin available to the wrong version of C4D can lead to immediate crashes on startup. And lastly one can also use an arbitrary directory and tell C4D via environment variable (or, if I'm not mistaken, also command line), where to find these plugins. But I'd say, stick to one of the above and you should be good to go.
  8. Okay, I will give general advice, it does not apply to C4D itself, and they are all my personal opinion. 1. It is important to choose the right render engine. I have tested more than 10 different rendering engines purely with the idea of rendering metals. The best of all is Luxcore. After that come Aplesseed, Maxwell and Indigo. Behind them is Corona. I like the metal in these renders the most. In the other renders the metal seems plastic to me. 2. The whole flavor of metal is in its reflections. The reflections come from the light sources. You can have light sources with sharp edges and soft ones. Combinations of HDR and soft light sources look good on metal. It is important to use colorless lights. Here's my favorite HDR for metals: Normally, I use two HDRs in a scene. One gives general illumination, the other gives glare on the curves of objects. Then, I add small soft but bright lights for extra glare Then I add classic light sources. Also soft. Then I add lighting for some places that turn out to be too dark, or which in my opinion should be lighter than it was possible to do with all of the above lights. Then, I put some black planes with a soft transparency gradient, this is for dimming or reflecting black. I haven't found any other easier way to get lighting in a way that pleases me and the customers. I'm talking specifically about metals. 3. Every metal has a color. Some have it look bluish, but if you do color sampling on photos with that metal, it turns out to be yellow! The trick is that many metals have a very low amount of color in the reflection, 1, 2, 3%. 4. Clamp. A clamp of the brightness of the lights. Yes, I use it. Strongly dislike Filmic, and put it very little in exceptional cases. 5. One last thing - no scratches! Only a perfect, new, flawless presentation of metalwork. That it would feel like jewelry.
  9. I am a c4d beginner. I don't have plugins folder in S24. I tried some tips on Youtube,but It didn't work!!! I have tried to install GSG Light Kit Pro 3 and GSG HDRI Studio 2.148x64. or Where can I get some HDRI packs for free? Please help me ! THANK U!!
  10. Yeah, dying graphics hardware was my first thought too, especially when I saw screen shot 3 with that weird tearing... CBR
  11. The smart thing about Embergen (and correct me if I am wrong) is that it is tied to the render engine more so than the host DCC application. This is plainly evident from their timeline where they plan to implement the ability to import animated meshes in Q3. Nevertheless, having the software linked to the render engine opens ups its market to more than just one DCC application. So wherever Octane is used, so can't Embergen. So points to JangaFX. XP is tied to C4D only which explains why it can be a multi-physics system. So points to Insydium. But which company do you think has the larger addressable market size? Obviously JangaFX. XP, from their perspective, tied themselves to a Cycles 4D which time has shown was not the best choice for the reasons I mentioned. They really need to get XP fully integrated into Redshift. Also, as they have their own built in physics engine, you then have to ask: well...why do they need to be coupled to C4D? Can their multi-physic capability be agnostic to the host application? If so, then what is needed next to be taken seriously in the broader markets outside of C4D: GPU acceleration. So what is the goal for all? Multi-physics particle and fluid simulations that is GPU accelerated and independent of the DCC application. That opens you up to the largest possible markets. Why wouldn't Insydium be thinking about that? JangaFX is thinking about it based on their timeline. Future Embergen enhancements are "particles as debris (bricks, wood shards)", "granular solving for dirt/sand within explosions)", "support for multiple simulations per scene" and "USD - universal scene description". In essence, overall tighter integration of physical simulations within a scene. Now, I would imagine JangaFX is way ahead in approaching that goal as they have already have the GPU and fluid simulation capability and a tight integration to Octane. I have to imagine implementing particle simulation and hard body physics simulations is not as tough as what they have already achieved. XP on the other hand has a tougher road with getting both tight Redshift integration and GPU acceleration. So points go to JangaFX. Dave
  12. So, there’s a material library for C4d now? That’s a big improvement. I never run into any bugs with v6. But I’m doing pretty mainstream stuff, not pushing Corona very hard. My biggest gripe has been with fog/atmospherics, to make them look the way I want. But that’s probably just me being new to Corona.
  13. The latest version of octane has screwed up image colour profiles. You can either roll back to a previous release or just avoid the features which make it look like garbage. In short, certain combinations of rendering colour profile, bit depth and alpha channel settings will cause the image to render incorrectly in the picture viewer. Avoid using straight alpha channels, these are guaranteed to screw up your renders. Regarding the gradient, again these simply go wrong sometimes. Open the node view, right click the gradient and and try switching it between OSL mode or baked one, one or the other often fixes it. https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=86&t=77970&sid=47d4e00bf98eba2a8ec6d52a1e9311b5
  14. Additional Info like which render engine you are using and a scene file would be beneficial to share so we can help you out. Like this it would be just guessing.
  15. That is 100% something wrong with your system, c4d simply cannot cause those screen artifacts. My educated guess is a dying GPU, I would certainly check the running temperature
  16. Can you upload a scene file? Its hard to say like this.
  17. Dunno, I don't like the new physcial materials UI. It's a bit hard to read and not very clear where to find what (IOR in Base layer, complex IOR in Advanced, Refraction uses Base layers IOR, no way to set an independent IOR, etc.). I don't have a clue what their intention was, but setting up materials in Corona ain't got better with this. And I agree with BigAl3D. Still lot's of bugs in Corona. Which is somewhat annoying for a piece of software which is charged annually and feels like a neverending beta.
  18. Few responses: -Embergen currently is only a smoke/fire sim product. It's absolutely brilliant if you want nearly instant combustion sims, though even within the realm of fire/smoke it's limited in numerous ways I won't explain here. But c'mon X-Particles has a *far wider* and *far deeper* feature set. Embergen is no threat to replace XP. Not now, not ever. Embergen is smartly keeping it's focus tightly calibrated. I'm paying for the Otoy package that includes Embergen. I'm more Octane fanboy than critic, so trust me on this. As for Insydium porting to GPU: I share the dream. But moving all of XP code to GPU processing would be a monster chore. Insydium's strength--it's incredibly deep product feature set--cloth, fluid, fire, smoke, particles, etc, all with integrated physics is going to make porting to GPU a chore for AI.
  19. I agree w/your conclusion that such an Insydium customer would likely be rare. I briefly paid/user for Cycles but *only* for XP scenes, as it paired well. Seems everyone uses XP, but I don't know many Cycles devotees. Sorry circumstances turned against you there. Been there myself so many times w/tech.
  20. In general applications can not make Windows or OS X, crash, only defective drivers, hardware problems or bugs in the OS can do that nowadays. It is highly unlikely that the problem is with Cinema 4D.
  21. Great job! Amazing shader
  22. Rainbow Glitch Screen of Death.mp4 I have recently been having an issue where C4D will freeze up upon opening or closing the application. It will also happen while the software is in the middle of running (like if I open AE) but it almost always happens during opening or closing. Sometimes the entire computer will crash as the software freezes up and then it will do the glitch screen as it tries to open itself back up after reopening applications. We have plugged in different screens and remotely accessed the computer and it is showing the same glitchy interface. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from occurring? I have noticed it has become increasingly frequent. Attached is a screen recording of it acting up. It was one of the more mild instances of it happening. Usually, the entire screen is flickering abstract rainbows so it's hard for me to capture it. Note: I'm running 6 month old Mac Pro and I use R23 and R24 (both have the same issue). I wanted to rule out any software issues before resorting to return the computer to apple.
  23. @Dez I think they look great! And I'm always happy to listen to any advice offered. 🙇‍♀️
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  25. I do renderings of metal products like this. Is this a sufficient level to give advice?
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