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  2. Not a direct response per se but how I learned Blender more (I said more because I already know of it even before the 2.8 era) is just going to the blenderartists form. The format is usually with a screenshot or video screencapture, and with statement of this is how I do it in C4D. How do I do it in Blender. And I usually get a direct answer since its clear what I'm trying to achieve. Its a bit counterproductive to sift through Blender intro tutorials since you already know 3D per se. You'll most likely get some redundant 3D info. You just need know how to do it in Blender.
  3. This is a bit strange but I fired up C4D 2023 this morning and was met by a blank quickstart dialogue box with the message that it couldn't find it… Never seen anything like this before and it's not like I have reinstalled it or done any changes other than installing the Insydium Suite - could that be responsible? I know I can turn this off but I am wondering if something might be going wrong under the hood…
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  5. @BlastercastGAny update from GSG support? I'm having the same issues.. my work around is to import a previous project where the HDRI link was activated and copy/paste that, but I'd love to know the official solution. Thanks!
  6. Nice idea thanks! @HappyPolygon
  7. I'd use the Sketch&Toon to render them as an alpha or separate pass and use that in AE or other similar compositing app to make the pass look like a glow. As far as I know any native glow effect inside C4D is too fake and does not work well with other render effects or lighting methods.
  8. Nice one. It reminds me of the MilkDrop visualizer of Winamp.
  9. 1) The PushApart Effector has a constant Radius applied to all clones. This means it wont behave as expected on clones with variable size. 2) The Cloner does respect the hierarchy. The order of execution is from top-to-bottom. If you reverse the hierarchy you'll see a different result. 3) The PushApart Effector cannot be used to pack objects close to each other unless they are all the same size. I'm not sure why the devs did not implement a variable radius depending the size of the clone. It could be that the sphere packing algorithm is very slow. Or because there is an other way to do it. My way of doing it is to use a dynamics simulation. Once the simulation starts, each ball will try to escape the interior of any other object it intersects with. This can lead to very violent "explotions" though. So to remedy that I increase the Linear Damping to 100% under the Force tab of the dynamics tag. The objects will sort themselves out in just a few frames. Take a look at the new project Balls fixed.c4d
  10. I only occasionally want to use blender. Most of the time it's when I find a blender file online that I want to do something with. I know how to export to fbx, And that is also the extend I've ever used Blender for. I'd like to get a general knowledge of blender so I know where to look for things. Tutorials for beginners are unfortunately also focusing on general 3D concepts. A tutorial I just started spend 15 minutes on the view-port and navigation. It had about a minute of information that I didn't know yet. And video tutorials are unfortunately very hard for skimming through. So, does anyone know of any blender tutorials that focus on coming from C4D?
  11. I will answer this one quickly - no you are not 😉 In the move tool (attributes, UV edit) there is that little box 'keep neighbour components' and it is this which governs whether polys get torn off or not when you select and move them in the UV layout... CBR
  12. Excellent - that's exactly the level of thoroughness of feedback we need and appreciate ! I will go through this in some detail once I have finished today's modellings... CBR
  13. Also, I'm going through this tutorial which is helpful in understanding some of the workflow, including the texel density which I mentioned above. Apparently in UV Packing you can Equalize Island Size. It's more of an automatic solution.
  14. Here is the blinking I was referring to. It happens when using View > UV Seams or UV Connectivity. When using those options, they appear to turn on and off based on some sort of time out. If using UV Connectivity, it looks like a blinking Christmas tree. 2022-12-09 09-35-53.mkv
  15. EDIT: I'll preface it with the possibility that I'm expecting some features to work a certain way and the devs found a different way for those features to work. - Cut command. I don't want it to always "unwrap" for me. Also, sometimes the unwrap can get unruly. If I select edges and hit unwrap, it arbitrarily cuts other edges and the edges I selected were never unwrapped. - Selecting a poly in UV Edit mode and wanting to move it. I don't always want it to separate from the island. I'm forced to go into edge mode to move the edges (or points). - Weld options. With an edge selected show the associated shared edge of the other UV island it will weld to. Also, have the UV island MOVE and fit to match the UV island it was just welded to. Currently if you select an edge, you don't really know what it will weld to and the welded edges of the two UV islands are stretched to meet each other in the middle. - Relax and Optimize brushes (and separate commands too for all around adjustments of the whole UV set). On your golf club example I notice some tight grouping of some UVs (displayed in tinted red). Having brushes that allow to relax those would be helpful. Or in cases where UVs are completely screwy or flipped, having an Optimize brush can help to sort those out. - Texel Density. While there is an older free script out there to check and adjust texel density between 2 models, it's not part of C4D proper. Also, there's no ability even in that free script to adjust the texel density within the UV map currently open. For instance, you have hard surface model and you're unwrapping it. Ultimately after unwrapping certain parts you have UV islands that are way too big or too small. They need to be the same size for texturing purposes. Selecting one UV island as reference to get its texel density, then selecting the over/undersized ones and applying that density would be useful. - UDIMs. I'm not the first or the last person. 😉 weld who? oh welded that.
  16. Coming back to this post because I have been UVing all day yesterday and generally, have been having a lovely time of it and enjoying the UV Edit layout ! And it's been unwrapping my golf clubs very nicely indeed, with colors showing me what little distortion remains, and island connectivity - I'd say that was nice enough to take home to mum ! That is not to say we can't find things to improve about it, but as usable layouts go I reckon we're doin' OK after the re-vamp... What is it you don't like, @Jeff H1, apart from the zoom limit thing, and what do you feel we are still lacking ? CBR
  17. They are already looking in to this;)
  18. Hm, I just don`t get how you did it. Thanks, now understood. Tanks!
  19. Uhm isn't this exactly what I did in the file above?
  20. @BENTRAJE Thanks! I am trying to find a way how to read rotation from object picked by Link. Is it possible? Maybe with python is better, because R19 can not contain some Xpresso Nodes, and R19 is mandatory to me.
  21. Fell into an internet wormhole and came across this... https://github.com/still-scene/t3 A Houdini and After Effects love child : ) Scroll down the page for a video.
  22. right but the one that Maxon owns? Also, so far as I know, no render engine has an upscaler built in.
  23. Hi Guys! I try to do simple setup for balls inside sphere. But I dont want ball hit sphere wall and also dont overlap each other. So I create Plain Effector (uniform scale -1)and Push Apart Effector. And that doesnt work. My first question is why Cloner doesnt respect hierarchy? (looks like Push Apart is always after all effectors). Secound question how to do it? 🙂 I attached scene Balls.c4d
  24. AI for retopology, please!!! Hard Surface AI :)
  25. You don’t need AI for that, engines like Vray, Corona and other have algorithms to adapt and automatically optimize the sampling without user inputs since years, and they are very effective.
  26. @Vitaly Anikienko Yep you can. Normally, I'll just python this but I guess you can just hijack some nodes. cube_instance.c4d
  27. So my idea to pick object with Link to read it rotation data. I have no Idea how to read data from instance tag in Xpresso.
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