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  3. But why is MS actively preventing it from working? It makes no sense. It's just another example of not being able to own your own software. Even if you own it, the powers that be want to stop you and force you into subscription compliance.
  4. Yea. There was supports being drop on Windows 10 builds not only C4D but on several app. That said I can attest Windows 11 is not bad. You can also update for free from windows 10 to windows 11 without reformating, so its non-issue. My apps fine. Apps like after effects, resolve, c4d, houdini, substance painter, redshift etc.
  5. Curious if anyone else has encountered this: I had to replace my gaming PC recently and it came with Windows 11 and Cinema R20 wouldn't start and I found this article from Maxon Cinema 4D R19 or R20 won't start on newer Windows 10 Builds.
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  7. One bad thing is that there is hard to use scene nodes for cloning multiple object at once like standard Cloner using the same noise without overlapping.
  8. So many cool setups! Is there a way to show the live animation in viewport?
  9. For anyone in the live entertainment field: I have just released the ML Light Kit. Been working on this for a few weeks - these are more refined versions of the tools I made to do my client work: https://www.evanalexander.com/ml-lightkit The ML Light Kit for Cinema 4D and Redshift are tools designed to render and animate moving lights easier, faster and more realistically. Built for illustrators and concept artists, these tools are great for developing visuals for concerts, events, theater or any project requiring precise visual lighting. The ML Lights are non-brand specific instruments that look great at any viewing angle, and keep the polygon count low. Custom user controls make focusing, coloring and adding gobos right at your fingertips. The system is designed with simplicity in mind to speed up your workflow. Not a plugin, but a series of Xpresso driven lights to add to your scenes. Overview video here: https://youtu.be/_Cp-g5Kefi0
  10. I got Jed's old file from @bezo. @jed I hope you're doing well! I had a similar problem, but, since I was using Redshift, I instead used the handy "Background" tab of the RS Camera. You just load in your image/sequence to the "Image" input. If you need a foreground you can use a plane that just has to at least fill the camera frame, and set the material projection to "Frontal" or "Camera." Depending on which combination of setups you're using, you may need to match your project aspect ratio to the texture image. I've combined both setups in the attached file- hope it helps! Plane Fit to Camera Xpresso and RS.zip
  11. Screen Recording 2024-06-08 at 11.27.58 AM.mov
  12. If I may ask another question, Is it possible to have a polygon selection tag (a selection of a object) follow another object? It has to be right? in the screen recording below the two halves of a candy bar, how would I make the selected polygons move with right side of the bar? I want to join the left and right sides to make it look like candy caramel is bending from the both sides when the two halves animate apart from one another. Is there a better way to do this? maybe the pos morph tag? Thank you! Candy bar Break_15.c4d
  13. GregorM

    Reading UV's

    Thank you Srek for the answer. I was able to use it to create UV to mesh morph for usage in projection mapping. Scene_Nodes_UV_To_Mesh_03.c4d
  14. Here is nice setup, analytical foam, originally done by Entagma in Houdini roughly ported to nodes. It is doable with nodes, quite performant. There are room for improvements but that would require even more complexity. 193_Analytical_Foam.c4d
  15. Keep in mind that only static values can be used with assert (for now)
  16. You can’t throw errors, but you can do a console output.
  17. Another day, another setup inspired by a C4D thread. Here's a basic umbrella rig using KineFX, with a very basic IK chain driving the thing. houdini_qO0fR14w27.mp4 KineFX_Umbrella_Setup.hiplc
  18. Is it possible to generate an error similar to static assert with dynamic variables? I am creating linear algebra node groups and I would like an error to be thrown if the input vectors are different lengths or if certain runtime conditions happen.(Col != Rows in matrix multiplication) Since get length on an array is not constant, static assert will not work for this. Thanks!
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  20. DIdn't want to hijack your thread. I will try :)
  21. That bit shouldn't be sliding, though? That should be anchored to the arm so that it can lift/drop the arms when the trunk joint slides up and down.
  22. srek

    Reading UV's

    This is where the topology output comes into play. If you connect it to a Polygons Topology Get node it provides the connection between a vertex and it's matching UV coordinate, as well as the UV polygons (outlines), which can be quite different from the geometry polygons.
  23. Hello, what is the best way to roll objects on top of each other in C4D? I've attached a reference below because it's hard to find the words to ask this question. I have tried some solutions from old threads on here using the Roll-it plugin and tried my shot at Xpresso but to no avail. The solution can't be dynamics since I would need full animation control of the object. Reference: https://www.instagram.com/p/C7TwKZjI5lr/
  24. GregorM

    Reading UV's

    I'm struggling to understand the way in which UV coordinates are ordered in Geometry Property Get node (UV mode). I can't find a way to match those with the geometry points index. For the geometry with one UV island and no UV splits there is only one UV coordinate for one geo point. How to read those? For example I want tho know what is a UV coordinate for point n in my geometry (pick the lowest polygon index for coordinates).
  25. Worked out the spots - de-noising required and the patches are all to do with hair thickness. So a bit of tweaking here and there and it is now sort of sorted. Next, the control rig to tweak the animation 🙂
  26. @LuBaphomet You have a couple of options here. One is using IK, constraints and parenting (haven't tried) or doing a math based rig. Here is a stab at it. It is all apcked in single mesh, you can check the graph for details. There are two sliders which do what you have been describing. Hope you can adapt it or transfer to your specifics. slide_fun.c4d
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