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  2. As for the square Spotlights, here's a possible solution. headlight Using Lights.c4d
  3. Hey @HappyPolygon the Vertex map input for Thickness, Distortion and Opacity are in the Sketch Tag, in the Maps Tab.
  4. Yes it does, and yes they do ! You can use that attachments bit to upload .c4d, .jpg, png, .gif etc. Image formats get detected automatically, and you are able to insert thumbnails into posts by clicking the + button in the attachments. CBR
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  6. yeah I figured I might end up having to do a bunch of passes, which I'm not great at setting up yet but now might be a good time to learn. thank you sir
  7. @HappyPolygonwow! That is very close and very cool. Just not quite transparent enough and unfortunately I'm nowhere near well versed enough to take it further. Thanks so much
  8. I think I found a way to do it but there is a problem. (does this forum support uploading images from the computer ? can't find the option to do it... do the file attachments create image previews? ) If you go to Sketch Material -> Opacity , there are the options of Vertex Map and Python. Now, I speak Python but not C4D Python Choosing the Vertex Map there's only a Strength parameter. That's odd, there should be a field to drag the Vertex Map into. Maybe someone with Python knowledge can help, but the Vertex Map should be working fine ... headlight.c4d
  9. Well I wasn't gonna say that, but yeah. CBR
  10. If he wants to pay an overpriced subscription that is
  11. Also, what is your level of modelling skill ? CBR
  12. Or you could get Signal, Chris Schmidt's brilliant plugin from GSG - that would let you do it in a sort of layered way where you can add randomisation on top of existing motion without having to get all Xpresso with it . CBR
  13. Well the good news is that there are only a few rules we need to follow for 3D printing. 1. Mesh must be one continuous closed volume. 2. Phong doesn't apply, so that will need to be very high res / dense topology (ie any subdivision should be applied at L3 or 4). You should be fine to CStO and export stl directly, providing that the program you are using to print with can read and doesn't have issues with the files created. Feel free to upload the scene file or provide wireframe screenshots of the actual model in question so we can check its suitabilit
  14. I think you are unlikely to be able to get that effect with just one element. The question remains whether that should be done with: 1) 2 materials, 1 doing the purple and a sketch shader over the top (or composited over it later) doing the lines. 2) Square spotlights doing the purple bits and sketch doing the lines My instinct is that you should try the square spotlights first, for the primary reason that it will be the easiest way to get the brightening in the intersection of the beams, and because you can control the falloff there separately along Z, whilst keep
  15. Hey there, So I would like to render something similar to the quick purple headlight mockup I did below. I want to be able to see the white outline lines that make each "cone" of boxy light, and have the lights themselves be semi transparent/glowy/glass or something so you can see where they overlap each other in the center, but I do not want a hard EDGE on the left as in the grey version below. If it were a still I could just fake it in photoshop but this would be in motion, driving, so it should look similar to just a volumetric headlight effect where the light
  16. Didn't know that, thanks for heads up, its good to know that. That makes much more sense then... Where ever I've read on limitations, they must have been wrong.
  17. It is not true that Houdini Indie is only limited to $ 100,000 in revenue per year. The main limitation is the file saving format. Files saved in the Indie version cannot be opened in the Artist or Studio versions. Additionally, one company can only have 3 licenses in the Indie version. Limitations in the file format mean that a large studio cannot even work with a freelancer who works on the Indie version. Therefore, it is an effective safeguard. On the other hand, Maya and 3D Max in the Indie versions are limited to projects in which you can participate, in addition t
  18. Huh, it has only crashed once on me so far and I've already spent ALOT of hours in it. Maybe it's the modeling stuff that tends to crash?
  19. Mantra wile a bit slow its very capable and worth of try. You might also try Karma at some point as its the future, but its needs to be used in Solaris, or maybe try with Renderman. Its totally free for noncommercial, without any limitations and its on top of the rendering game, its Pixar in the end and I decided to use it. Its also first XPU renderer, but thats only included with Commercial license which is around 550$. Something I did few days ago:
  20. thank you and you are correct on both that render (done in Mantra) and Clay Renders
  21. That looks great Bob, it deserves better rendering. We need to master @VECTOR's Clay Renders for nice presentation.
  22. oh yeah. Houdini WARNING - save early save often. Houdini has a tendency to crash unexpectedly
  23. a word of warning about Houdini tutorials, there are some very good tutorials but use an "older" version of Houdini (pre H17.5) which use tools/nodes which have been deprecated or merged into one tool. I have followed some C4D tutorials using Houdini it help with understanding Houdini modeling. this bracket is from Making it look Great 11. all quads, holes modeled - not booled. I was in a rush so ignore the light on right.
  24. Try adding Normal node into the stream at the end!
  25. Umm... Not sure what the issue is - apart from it definitely being 'user error' ! I can get the bump - but I get a faceted object - like there was no poly smoothing. It might be lighting / shadow related possibly. A Normal map works fine, displacement also works fine. I couldn't get any of the VEX builder nodes to work - the shader was looking for a texture string input, but all the relevant texture / bump nodes only seemed to offer colour / float / vector. Anyway - onwards and upwards.
  26. Not to mention that if I use and love a software, I want more of it. And I only get more if I pay. Because of nobody pays the company will just die.
  27. Thanks Bob, I spent a lot of time on it, but learned a lot in the process, so it payed of.
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