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InstanceMan 1.60

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About This File

InstanceMan is a plugin for Cinema 4D that helps to make life with instance objects a little easier.
Before R20, there was another plugin around - InstanceVault, that used worked well in prior versions of Cinema 4D. Unfortunately, that plugin wasn't of much use in R20, so I decided to write a similar plugin - InstanceMan.
Besides having all that functionality in R20 again, I managed to extend and improve the overall functionality and stability.

All functions are explained below.
Happy instancing.



Select all instances of the same reference object.

  • Ctrl: Selects nested instances.
  • Shift: Also select reference object.



Select all unconnected instances.

  • Shift: Adds to current selection



Creates new instances or copies existing ones.

  • Ctrl: Converts current object selection to instances and sets the last selected object as reference.
  • Shift: Moves all children into the new reference object.



Renames all selected instances according to their reference object.

  • Ctrl: Also renames nested instances.
  • Shift: Enumerates the selected instances.



Relinks selected instances. The last selected instance is converted to a new reference object.

  • Ctrl: Pops up a dialog to rename the new reference object.



Extends Cinema 4Ds Make editable. Converts render- and multi-instances.

  • Ctrl: Converts nested instances directly to the root object.
  • Shift: Removes children of the instance.
  • Alt: Don't inherit children of the reference object.



Swap a selected instance with its reference object and back. Allows to edit an instance in place.

  • Ctrl: Additionally swap children.



Replaces Cinema 4Ds Frame selected objects. Render- and multi-instances are also respected.



Replaces Cinema 4Ds Frame selected elements. Render- and multi-instances are also respected.



Open InstanceMan settings

Default instance mode: Set your desired instance mode for newly created instances.


Plugin website: https://www.roberthitzer.de/projects/instanceman/

GitHub: https://github.com/mp5gosu/InstanceMan

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