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  1. Thanks Mike A. I'll give it a go again but im pretty sure ive been down this road before. It seems to take some real extra effort to make it work correctly in RS. With all other render engines that ive used ive never had these problems as they mostly share this common feature of using the same rgb values for bumps etc, very frustrating. I love RS and its features but this really needs addressing by their developers for sure. Thanks for your input though its appreciated.
  2. Any ideas people? Ive also had another chance to look at this today and found that by setting the grey value to 72.5% seems to help but once again goes against all the information ive found online for using RS displacement. Ive found that RS is brilliant at some things and like octane great at giving you instant feedback and crisp textures but i hope the people who develop RS look into this at some stage as its just ridiculous that you cant setup and file with white, grey and black and expect it behave like a normal bump map should.
  3. Hi all Im trying to displace a very simple piece of text onto a plinth and im using redshift as the renderer. Ive been using it now for a little while and am getting used to its quirks compared to octane and physical but the one thing i have problem with every time is using the displacement feature. I have a simple file here that i hope someone with much better knowledge than me can help with. I have a simple piece of text in rgb with 50% grey for no disp. but black for displacing down. Ive seen on other forums including this one that when using a mid grey that you have to set the range different so it knows that grey is for nothing to happen. Only problem is when I do this it just doesn't work so does anybody out there that knows RS well can you please help me out here before I lose my mind!! Huge thanks in advance for this as im losing my hair rapidly trying to work this one out. re disp.zip
  4. Hi all This is now further to my last issue with Redshifts displacement node/tag. Hoping someone can tell me what is going on here with this as its driving me insane. Basically i have an image I need to use for displacing which is RGB and has equal 127 values for mid grey, black for downwards and white for upwards but this is what im getting. It looks like the displacement is having an effect around the edges or the tessellation/subdivision surface that when turned on is causing this to happen but because its 50% grey everywhere i don't need displacement there shouldn't be doing anything at all? Thanks for any help in advance here. disp issue.zip
  5. Yeah cheers Cerbera. I also use octane and prefer it when it comes to the simplicity of using bumps and displacements in this situ. That whole thing is done via the range setup where you put in you're supposed to put in a -.5 for black where 0 equals grey then+.5 would equal white but when i do this it still does all sorts of weird stuff. Its so annoying as should be so simple.
  6. Hi all I've got a bottle that I'm trying to displace certain things like the bottle crest base stipples etc and I'm using Redshift to setup and to hopefully render in. I've setup the displacement as 50% grey for no displacement and white for full disp, with no black being used to send disp downwards but when I apply this its moving the whole bottle outwards and going past my outer labels to cover them over. Ive always worked by the theory that using the black, white and grey is best for displacements to achieve up, down and nothing but in this instance its not working that way. I have checked online and by setting the values in the disp node to -1 it should know to see grey as nothing but it isnt. Is there something not quite right with how im setting this up? All or any advice would be highly welcome. Thanks for any help redshift_disp.zip
  7. Thanks Cerbera, super helpful as ever 👍
  8. Oh dear I think I should know this by now but believe me ive always got round the problem by using other methods but on this occasion I want to try and see if ive just been doing it wrong all this time. I need to project a spline of a label onto a bottle but because the label actually wraps around the bottle to some extent but but not the whole way when I use the project spline tool it tends to apply the part of the label thats facing the object directly rather than applying the spline around the shape. Am I doing something wrong with this method? Or is there a much simpler way to achieve this? Ive tried using all sorts of other settings but get no where. Thanks for any guidance on this no doubt simple matter for some. project splines prob.c4d
  9. Hi all Just getting used to using Redshift at the moment and have a little problem I hope someone with greater knowledge than I can help with. When I produce water droplets or condensation over a surface I seem to be getting what can only be described as a white halo effect where the material sits on the other surface. Ive used Octane and physical render up till now and know each has its particular settings that certain materials need to work correctly. HAs Redshift got something similar that im unaware of? Or is it a samples issue? Any help will be hugely appreciated. Lang bubble glow issue.zip
  10. Cheers Deck. You're absolutely right there, it would actually go further up the bottle and not where ive shown it but my query is the same. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks Cerbera. Strange really as I would've thought there would be a way round this other than having to warp, distort and scale in Illustrator or PS beforehand. Ive had to do plenty of this sort of thing and each time ive had to do just that which can be a real pain and time consuming. Just wondering if there is a 3rd party app that deals with this sort of thing? I had tried the bend deformer and a few others like the surface deformer, shrink. wrap etc and some come very close but not close enough.
  12. Thanks MIKE A. Yep seen that one too (brilliant btw) but what im trying to work out is whether i can take an existing cutter shape thats not your usual and deform it so that it wraps around the bottle correctly. What ive tried so far is using various deformer tool objects to get it right but cant make it work. What Athanasios shows is just how to get the UV for the shape, but what I need to do is the opposite, any other ideas anybody? Cheers
  13. Hi all This is something Ive been looking at for an age and usually end up taking the artwork and straightening up in photoshop or similar so i can apply it easily. What Im trying to do is take a cutter guide that is curved and apply to a bottle neck but when I do this with the cutter as it is shown in the screen shot it just bends round so that the sides are then slanted. Does anybody know of a way to apply this type of shape to another so that I dont have to fiddle with the cutter and artwork shape? Ive also looked at deformers to deal with it but havent much luck so not sure if this right way to go. All help appreciated. Lang Untitled 6.c4d
  14. Hi all. Im hoping this will be quick as im sure for the people out there that may have already dealt with this problem they'll know what to do? Basically ive set up a small animation and im using RS to render it (im quite new to RS). It looks great in the render view IPR but when I render it out and save it it looks terrible and very dark so nothing like the IPR version. Does anybody know of how this can be resolved so the two can be matched/synced more closely? Thanks in advance for any insights. Lang
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