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  1. Hi all. Im hoping this will be quick as im sure for the people out there that may have already dealt with this problem they'll know what to do? Basically ive set up a small animation and im using RS to render it (im quite new to RS). It looks great in the render view IPR but when I render it out and save it it looks terrible and very dark so nothing like the IPR version. Does anybody know of how this can be resolved so the two can be matched/synced more closely? Thanks in advance for any insights. Lang
  2. Thank you Voytech thats a lot more like the effect im after, reapply appreciate you spending time on this 👍
  3. Im trying to find an example of exactly what im trying to achieve but cant find it specifically but know it can be done. I'll try and explain. Im after getting the frost effect to grow around the object or reveal itself but not all at the same time if that makes any sense? So that it kind of grows as the can or object turns. I was thinking that some sort of animating gradient would be basic but might be ok so that it grows slowly to reveal more and more of the texture. I guess if a material was an actual object it could be done with a falloff field but I dont know enough to know if that can be done with a material?
  4. Hi Cerbera. Im not seeing much in the way of views on this topic so just wondering if this is in the correct subject forum? Can I also add to the model question that in all honesty it doesn't really matter about the model as that is just a placeholder and it will probably be applied to something altogether different. Cheers.
  5. Hi Cerbera. Thanks for that. There should be a subD nurbs in there so should smooth out nicely. Its an old model that I did quite some time ago and have used a few times on other models so its ok, not the best but ok and does the job 👍
  6. Hi all Im trying to create a small animation where I have a frosted type of image/material grow around a can as it rotates slowly. I have followed a couple of tuts ive seen online that show how to use the alpha channel with the low clip etc to create a slowly introducing material but this hasnt quite worked for me. Ive also tried to use a vertex map to isolate the area i want it to create the frost effect in but I cant seem to get that to work either. I'm juts wondering if I really actually need something like X particles or should Cinema 4d be able to produce some reasonable effect? Any help would be really appreciated as im not very good with animation and keyframing in general so need all the advice i can get. Please download the file which is basic but keyframed. Cheers Lang can and frost ani.zip
  7. Thanks Cerbera. I did as you say and re did the cuts etc because I had to make some reasonable changes to the mesh. I cut it up and used selection tags to isolate the parts I just needed but when I went through exactly the same process as the first time its doing what you see now?? Cant work it out. I think I pretty much tried staring from a new UV tag too but that didn't help either. Have you got any suggestions that might help? The idea of terracing the parts into the missing sections is a bit of a no no as if you look closer its not just the bigger parts that are missing, its a bit if a mare. Lang
  8. You're right not sure what happened to my attachments. Let me try again. Hi Cerbera. Try this. uvprob.zip Heres a couple of screen shots I couldn't upload at the same time as the scene file. uvprob.zip
  9. Hi all I really hope there is an answer to this little problem im having with a certain UV's. I have modelled a simple packaging pouch and have UV unwrapped it already once to work with a clients image. They came back and have asked me to amend the model which is fair enough but now when I unwrap the model certain parts of the model are splitting away from the main area. Im attaching the scene file and a screen shot which shows the part i mean. Hopefully someone can help me with this little one. Cheers in advance Lang
  10. Thanks Cerbera. Did say its been a while but thanks for helping me out and refreshing my memory 😉
  11. To one and all. Not sure if im in the right dept here but here goes as been a while. Im having a little difficulty with the surface deformer which has never been my favourite to use. Basically im trying to attach a small plain object to a bottle model and it really doesn't want to play ball. Can somebody please help show me the error of my ways here and put me out of my misery. Ive tried to deal with it but its doing my head in so any help or input would be hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance. surface deformer issue.c4d.zip
  12. Ah thanks CBR I see you moved this post into the correct one for me. Do you know or have an answer to my query? Thanks
  13. Hi all. Happy new year. Am hoping someone out there can help out on this as i've been looking for the answer all day but haven't found a definitive one on the subject. There are multiple answers in relation to using deformers but what im trying to do here is just be able to to use a vertex map to define where the clones go on an object. Is this even possible? Im using R20 so if its now doable in the any version above then I will need to get that sorted. Thanks in advance Lang mograph_clone_vertexmap.c4d
  14. Anyone? Yeah you're probably right Bezo. Ive also put this request on the octane OTOY forum but havent got any answer there either.
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