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  1. I'm new to using xparticles and I created a water+foam sim and need to place into another scene file. Problem is I didn't set the scale correctly, and need to modify the whole sim in order to fit into the scene correctly. I can reposition and rescale the openvdbmesher for the water, but I can't find a way to modify the xpfoam particles. Right now I'm rendering them with redshift using a redshift object tag. Is there a way to be able to do this? Another way to assign custom objects to the foam particles that can then be cached? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the response KBAR! If you could sort it out that would be awesome. I have a cery basic understanding of how projection painting works, and can't quite put together how I can achieve what I'm trying to do with it. I'll try and do more research.
  3. My title probably makes no sense because I don't really know how to describe it. I'm sure you've all seen how the texture maps and the uv map for megascans come out as a bunch of puzzle pieces? I have a model where I'd like to do some work to the texture image, but it's basically impossible with it all split apart like that. Is there a way to re-unwrap the UV to make it all connected? I've attached the texture Thanks!
  4. I've just recently started exploring the included assets in the content browser, and have made several attempts to convert some of these materials to redshift. What I've noticed is that these c4d standard materials have the diffuse in the reflectance channel, and redshift doesn't seem to recognize that. So when I convert them to a redshift material, the diffuse is not brought over. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone. Interesting solve Mike, thanks for that. I ended up finding something that worked by playing with reflection roughness and transmission weight.
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