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  1. This is perfect - thanks very much!
  2. Thanks for the attempt Jed! As Cairyn mentioned, the blades are made of separate pieces, so that approach won't work in this case unfortunately.
  3. Hi, I have this rig that I'm struggling with - it is a folding blades rig, here is the concept: https://puu.sh/IqMPF/67d76c4443.png And here is my model: I just need to be able to fold/unfold it - any thoughts on how to rig this? Thanks, Raf - Attaching the project file. mast blades rig_0003.c4d
  4. Hello, I'm having a hard time with setting up a "per-object manipulation" rotation of joints using Xpresso: https://puu.sh/IgDzz/83f4dc997b.mp4 I want to be able to rotate these joints in the "per-object manipulation" mode by just rotating the "Controller" spline. Attaching the c4d file below. core4d_per-object manipulation_reference.c4d
  5. I went ahead and solved this with the Spline Wrap method. Thanks Cerbera!
  6. Hello, I have a Cab Track that I want to offset/loop along a spline: Usually I would take an instance of a track and offset it using a Cloner, but since this is one solid/connected mesh - that method will not work. What would be the best approach to rigging the tracks along a spline with an offset parameter?
  7. Okay, so I found that you can use your FBX mesh as a Target object inside the morph properties: This takes the pose of the FBX mesh.
  8. Hey Zeden, how would you merge an fbx mesh and record that in the morph tag? I was thinking, one would have to make polygonal adjustments to the base model by hand, trying to match fbx references one by one.
  9. Hello, I have a character model with facial morphs exported as FBX file - each morph is a separate mesh. What would be the best approach to rebuilding the morph targets in Cinema 4d?
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