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  1. For posterity, if any of you have this problem.. there is a MoGraph solution whereby you can use a radial cloner and a couple plane effectors to get the result needed for camera. It's a cheat, but works for me and probably most people who would need this effect. SplitFlap_Mograph_v005.c4d
  2. Hey Guys, I'm attempting to create the "split-flip" effect many know of as the train terminal or airport signs from back in the day that read out the flights/times/etc using slats with characters printed on them rotating around a motor. Surprisingly the only tutorial I've found that achieves what I'm looking for is in blender: It uses expressions plugged into the rotation of the slats, which are copied and pasted into the blender Y rot fields, via this table: http://www.otvinta.com/splitflap.html I'm trying desperately to port this into C4D in Xpresso, but I cannot get the expression to work in the Formula node. I modify the formula to include for "a" in the expression, the input of the formula node - it always goes yellow (error) and has no effect. Any insight on to how to get this ported into Cinema, or any other approach to this effect (preferably similar to the blender Implementation) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and Cheers
  3. @GregorCare to share how you were able to achieve the effect?
  4. Hey Cafe, I have what should be a simple task. I'm using XP along a follow spline modifier and a trail object to visualize airflow through a cooling system. The result when coupled with either a sweep nurbs or a spline mesher object are a bunch of streaks of geometry that follow the curves of my spline. The problem is that I need the streaks at the beginning of the system to be a blue color, and as they 'heat up' in certain areas I need them to be a reddish color. Simply applying a gradient adds the whole gradient to each streak, rather than to the system as a whole along the spline path. I need to be able texture the whole system with my gradient to visualize the various parts that the streaks should be cool/blue or hot/red. The color over age parameter in XP seems like a viable solution, but I can't seem to get the particle color to be represented by the individual sweep/spline mesher objects. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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