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  1. Hey C4Ders, So, I have set up a scene with a beauty, shadow, and object buffer pass. I have a sky element, with white luminance as the main light, and then I have an infinite light, for casting shadows only. For some reason. The shadow pass always comes up pure white. The only way I can seem to get shadows is if I turn off "shadow caster" but then that lights my scene in a way I do not want. I would like my infinite light to ONLY cast shadows, and also be visible in the shadow pass. I've attached a scene file Thanks! car_Scene_02.zip
  2. So I can't seem to get this to work. It kind of works. I am trying to use the multi-shader to place the 13 icons i have in it, randomly, one on each individual cube. Is there a way to do that? My apologies, I just can't seem to get this right. Each tutorial I try, doesn't seem to give me what I want. Is there an easier way to do it in later versions of Cinema? Right now they are just bunched up in the center, *see example screenshot. Thanks @bezo
  3. @bezo Okay, update, I made the text "A solid object" and that allowed me to keep them as cubes, is there a way to texture each cube individually?
  4. @bezo Thank you, This is the right track I am on, however, when i try to move the cubes in z-space with a random effector, I am not getting the full dimensions of cubes, only planes. cubes2text__update.c4d
  5. @bezo Yes, this is also great! For some reason when I open it, the text is just a sold color. Could this be an R18 thing? since... i am still on that version.
  6. Oh this is good! Thank you! Is there a way to do "volume" which you're talking about, in order to get more of the exact bevel on the roundness of the letters? just curious if it's possible?
  7. Hello, I am trying to build build letters out of cubes, and then be able to break than p with a random effector. I will show what i have so far, and my hierarchy, it's not seeming to work exactly how i want it to. Best, Peter
  8. Cerbera! Sorry, I didn't get a notification for some reason for these comments. Thank you for the compliment and critique! The reason i also included the separated clothes is because i wasn't sure what path I was going to go down. I think I will stick to having the underlying body just in areas where there would be no clothes, as you suggest, as I am trying to do a short film all on my own, so trying to keep it simple where possible and not have to bring in clothing dynamics. One of my concerns would be the ears, they look, off to me, but maybe they are okay. I will post again with some textures later on! Thanks again! Kingcoma, ditto, i didn't get a notification and I don't know why... I normally do. Still debating on the clothing option, thank you for the topology critique, I am going to go back and revisit those areas, and probably post again with textures and further progress as well! Thank you for the detailed comment!
  9. Hey C4Ders, I didn't know what other topic to put this under, but I am in the process of making a character for a short film, and was just wondering if i could get some pointers/suggestions/critiques on my current WIP. Thanks in advance! Peter character_04.c4d
  10. Hello Arte! I don't know why i didn't receive a notification for this, bu this is perfect information! Thank you. I will try this!
  11. Thanks! I thought about that being an answer. So, if you zoom in closer to his head, and render it is pixelated.
  12. Hey! Thank you for the quick reply, I have attached all the current files and assets. Unfortunately, I had to save the photoshop file of the texture out as a jpg because it was too big. Thanks again all! Peter for_c4d_cafe.zip
  13. Hello C4Ders, So, I have a current character model I have been working on. I have laid out the UV maps appropriately, to the best of my knowledge, haha and on both the viewport model and the render, the textures appear pixelated. I have tried even using 4K textures and still the same thing. I am not able to share the project file currently, but I can share the UV and see if maybe that is the problem? Any input would be valuable! Best, Peter
  14. CBR thank you for that! Learning something new everyday haha. I also changed the steps per frame in the dynamics advanced tab, which helped.
  15. Yes, this is the basic idea. I have setup something similar here. I have included the scene file (i had to replace the leaf textures with colors, my textures were too big to include and upload here). My problem now is because they are "leaves" they are intersecting easily, i've tried giving them some depth by extruding, but did not work, any suggestions? Thanks! c4d_collected.zip
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