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  1. 1: yes 2:No 3:ToolPresets v1.0 - unsupported version ToolPresets v1.0 - unsupported version ToolPresets v1.0 - unsupported version
  2. Thank you Cerbera , Same here using preferences folder > plugins folder it does not appear anywhere
  3. yes that is my user folder but doesn't show up
  4. I installed it in my default plugins folder C:\Program Files\MAXON Cinema 4D R23\plugins but it doesn't show up in Extensions menu
  5. Wow, Thank you dest, That's what i'm looking for ❤
  6. Thank you Srek, I was wondering if you could give me some advice?
  7. Thank you SREK No i do not get any crash report, and i already have the most current studio driver, why i don't have the same issue on my old c4d versions ?
  8. Hi C4d r23 keeps crashing when i change viewport setting from Wireframe to Isoparms and vice versa. It happens sometimes even with the simplest mesh like cube or plane, the same issue is not existing in the older versions of cinema 4d my pc specs windows 10
  9. You are welcome I learned a lot from you , Cinema 4D has very powerful tools and it is used in many ways.
  10. Thank you dest is it hard to create a points to circle script ? all of PointsToCircle scripts don't work with R23
  11. Thank you soooo much CAIRYN, that's exactly what i was looking for ❤
  12. Hi, i'm trying to customize C4d Gui but i can't find any options to change the color of those buttons .. so i think it is icon / png or something like that.. but i don't know if i can edit them or not?
  13. Thank you dezo, sure i'll , i am trying to learn everything about zbrush to c4d workflow and everything is going well .
  14. Hi, I've stopped designing since 2009 and now i come back after 8 years of being away and I am really blown away by the changes/progress! I feel too lazy to do anything even though i purchased a new machine / AMD tr 1950x / 32Gb ram .... so i don't understand how to motivate myself :( well, maybe i must share some of my work even if it incomplete , I will update the topic if I make any progress or any test . sorry for my english Here some of my tests i did on last week, i spend most of my time trying to recover my skills Zbrush & C4D / physical render C4D - vray
  15. Thank you Havealot Yes that's what i'm looking for, i've seen this video some day ago , but it didn't work for me , maybe that because i don't understant field system enough, after Point Cache step i was not able to add time offset by using mograph effector, i hope if there another video for same purpose but as quick tips.
  16. Hi is there a way to add time offset to mograph/cloner + 1 alembic object i mean if i make animation for un object then i bake it as alembic then i want to use mograph / cloner whit different time offset , that's not possible because alembic object have no keyframe so what i can do for this issue ?
  17. Worked like a charm http://prntscr.com/lfvzyw Thank you so much Fastbee
  18. Thank you again Fastbee http://prntscr.com/lfpj0i i tried to use all Mitering options but nothing helps.
  19. Thank you Fastbee That what happend when i triangulate the back side http://prntscr.com/lfpaz9 Generally bevel tool do not work well when the mesh have a many edges in the corners i'll send my issue to MAXON, thank you again
  20. Hi i can't get outside bevel on 2 side always i get reverse bevel on the back side


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