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  1. Hello I need some help debugging a python node in Xpresso. This is an old arrow rig from Oliver Vogel that I'm attempting to update for r23 and my project file is attached. The bit that I'm having trouble with is calculating the total length of a spline. It complies fine but I'm not getting the expected results. Please help! arrowTool_RS.c4d
  2. Hello and thanks for reading! I'm morphing between two objects using the inheritence effector and one object has more vertices (and therefore clones) then the other which is undesirable... I want: One location per particle per morph object Any leftover clones get animated off somehow I'm currently trying to accomplish this via a MoGraph Selection tag with a Random Field applied to it but its currently not quite working yet... I'm not sure if this is a viable solution for what I'm trying to do so am def open to other solutions. Please see attached file and any info is greatly appreciated! cheers- Unequal_CloneCount_Morph.c4d
  3. Hello All and thanks for reading. I have a sphere that I want to rotate at a constant speed but want to be able to animate it accelerating from and decelerating to a dead stop. The typical linking of time to Rot.H doesn't work because when I animate the math node it makes the sphere go backwards... Any ideas?
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