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  1. hi guys, how we choose the source shape in falloff tabs in cinema r20. I cant find any source shape
  2. guys, this is the final. I tired so much with this "sh**". i hope the lighting is better than older version. I spent so much time in this, i want to make more stuff. So wait for more noobinesh. Thanks for all your time
  3. guys, i m so pissed off with the blur thing. i rendered a scene with psysical render and motion blur. Is it so bad???
  4. what if i set the frequency of vibrate very high at the rotation ??? And add some blur in after effects. The frame will be in distance, so there will be not visible i think. What do you think?
  5. so, i tried with keyframing the rotation to keep the flys direction to one point, but now i dont know how to make more of them, i tried the cloner but somehow i cannot achieve the same movement
  6. how to make a gif to show you something i am stucked on? like cebera's post above
  7. i am trying guys, but somehow , i cant point the flies direction to one point. i will do it form scratch, to see whats going on
  8. dude, i love u. Thanx, i ll try and keep you inform. (and a noob question. So, i already post this on vimeo. When i ll do it better, should i repost it or keep it as it is??)
  9. thamk you, guys. I had a real struggle with the flies flapping and as a model in general. I downloaded a free model, so it wasnt rigged or something like that. i didnt have the control. So what can i make to make the whole movement of flies more realistic?
  10. hi guys, this is my first render . i know it sucks, but what sections can i improve? https://vimeo.com/352964839
  11. So guys, thank you all for all your inspirational words. I 'll keep everything you said and i will be more active here . So as a beginner prepare to face many of my problems...
  12. thank you guys for your answers. I really thank you. DasFrodo i am really jealous of you, because of your age. think that i am 30 years old and sometimes i say to myself that i am too old to learn something new. But i love it and i want to be , why not, a professional at it. So guys, how will i understand which thinks i like the most. for example, i like very much open title sewuences. You know something abstract videos, with particles that blow your mind. I would like to do something like this.
  13. hi guys, i am learninig cinema almost 8 months now, but i feel like i dont know anything. Can you give me any advice on how is the best way to learn, because until now i watched tutorials on grayscalegorilla or youtube and thats all. I feel like i dont learn too much this way. I need someone to show me the proper way to learn and stay motivated alongside.
  14. hi guys, noob here. i just wanna know, how can i create a path for my emitting particles? i want them to follow a route. for example i want them to go in a circle. imagine like the ring of saturn
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