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  1. First of all let me say thanks for the robust, informative responses. I’ve just recently joined so this quite encouraging to see. I’m in the early stages of investigating C4D. I’ve been in need of updating my hardware for quite a while - like many Mac users, I was waiting for the release of the new Mac Pro. My first impression of the consumer reaction to this new machine was that there may be not be a real future for 3D in the MacOS environment (because of the limited choice of graphics cards as well as the processor speeds being offered). Then after readin
  2. Does anyone still use E-On Vue & Plant Factory in C4D? In the past year they have made an effort to update these products and I think they seem to work well on their own - not sure sure about in C4D. I tried the E-On products with Maya and I found that the 2 programs didn't work together as well as I had hoped. Secondly, are there plugins available (ie Forester) now that are better than what they have to offer?
  3. Hi - will be working in Cinema 4D after being in a Maya environment. Has anyone tried doing their character rigging and animating in Maya LT ($250/yr) and bringing it into C4D via FBX (etc)? Maybe not worth the price if the rigging/animating system on C4D is good enough. I'm guessing that Maya is better in this area but I wouldn't know by how much. Anyone care to comment? Cheers.


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